Frost Protection Cables

Frost protectors for Palms, Bananas and Tree Ferns over wintered in situ out of doors.

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For the real tropical plant enthusiast who would like to be certain of keeping their banana, palm or tree fern safe during winter outside, even in hard frost areas, we have a revolutionary solution for you! For many years heating cables that automatically maintain a temperature just above freezing have been used in water pipe protection. Used in USA East Coast cold winter homes to oil rigs they have become more commercially available over recent years for pipe and gutter protection. However we are really pleased to be able to offer you a range for garden use.

Assuming that you have a power connection reasonably close to the plant to be protected, the cable is wrapped around the base of the plant and around the trunk in a spiral. We first wrap the plant in a layer of hessian then the cable over the top and on the outside we protect it all with a layer of bubble wrap for waterproofing but leaving the top open. Note: it is important to leave the end of the cable which houses the thermostat inside the wrapping to prevent over heating.

Please note that the cables only have a 1 metre flex from the plug to the start of the heated section of the cable.

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