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New Low Cost High Power Lighting Technology 

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Supplementary lighting for tropical plants in our dark winters can be quite important for healthy growth. Our range of lighting systems cater for greenhouse bench propagation and seed raising as well as additional more powerful lighting for conservatories or greenhouse tropical displays. We normally only offer the blue (daylight) broad spectrum light bulbs that are evenly balanced between the blue to red spectrum which we find perfect for growing our tropical plants under.

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Cable Lamp Hanger

Ceramic Lamp Holder plus Cable and Plug  for ES40 large screw CFL bulb fittings

The CFL Lamp Hanger is an easy solution used to ‘hang’ CFL's alongside or in-between your plants to provide efficient and very effective supplementary lighting. CFL's do not generate excessive heat and if you should touch them they won’t burn your hands. Did you know that CFL's can provide enough gentle heat to propagate without a heated Propagator? If you set the reflector at a height to give the required temperature for the seeds, which for most conditions is a height of 4" to 10" above the propagator lids. This can achieve a temperature of 20°C to 25°C depending on the temperature outside of the propagator. As a bonus, the germinating seedlings have an excellent light source during winter.

CFL Light Spectrum

Light Spectrum Analysis for CFL Grow Light Bulbs

Note that the CFL Blue (Daylight 6400K) bulbs provide an approximate daylight equivalent light spectrum but with slightly more output at the Blue/Violet end which helps to increase vegetative growth production. The Red Bulbs (2700K) are normally only used to promote flowering plant colour.

 Red Bulbs                       Blue Bulbs        


Easy Roll Reflector Hangers

Pair of Easy Roll Hangers

Easy roll hangers make life easy when it comes to hanging your reflectors. Simply lift the reflector gently and it will automatically lock into place. Adjustable tension and a maxium load of 10kg per pair of easy roll hangers. The Easy Roll features an inertia clutch and automatic locking system allowing you to adjust the position of the reflectors to any height.


Grow Light L15

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Ideal for small propagators.
Bio Green Grow Light 15W (Kit including bulb)

Why not give your plants the best possible growing conditions by providing them with a Growlight for all year round light even in the darkest days of winter! The L15 uses a special low wattage bulb (15W) that provides a red spectrum light source supplementing normal daylight for your tender tropical plants in their early stages.

The L15 light kit from BioGreen can be used to supplement natural daylight in a variety of different situations from window sill to greenhouse. The kit is designed to hang directly above your growing plants being easily suspended from the ceiling or other support and make full use of available space. Light is reflected directly onto your plants none is wasted. Supplied with UK three pin plugs or can be permanently wired.


Grow Light L15 Spare Daylight Bulb

New for 2013!
L15 Grow Light Spare Bulb 14W

The BioGreen standard L15 bulb has a broad but red spectrum bias for flowering type plants. This spare bulb from Jungle Seeds fits the L15 unit and is rated at 14W (70 watt tungsten equivalent 870 lumens) with a 6500K full "Daylight" spectrum for vegetative growth.


GT Sunblaster T5 HO plus Nano

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2ft 24W CFL 6400k spectrum white strip light plus fitting plus the new Nano reflector.

T5 lighting has revolutionised the area of propagation and raising plants under lights for small areas and complement the larger CFL lamps that we sell. The Sun Blaster is low cost solution based on a single T5 tube in a stand alone fitting that is ready to plug in and use. This 2ft lamp strip light solution is ideal for placing directly over small propagators on your bookshelf, windowsill or in the greenhouse. A link lead is also supplied so that two or more lamps can be simply connected together powered from a single mains socket. The unit now comes with a clip on "Nano" reflector to direct the light to where you need it most.


60 watt LED Grow Lamp Bundle

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High Intensity Red/Blue LED Grow Lamp Bundle

LED lights are becoming more cost effective now and this multi light LED spot lamp has both red and blue lights configured to enhance the plants absorption frequencies. It is approximately 60 watt (58 x 1 watt led) and equivalent to a 125 watt CFL bulb lumins output and equivalent light output to a 300 watt tungsten bulb but without the heat. In addition they have an expected life of 50,000 hours compared to 10,000 hours for CFL and 1000 hours of a tungsten bulb. It has a standard ES 27 screw fitting and we supply the bulb with a 1.8m cable with plug and socket. The switched lamp socket can be hung by the clip assembly or simply clipped on to a suitable shelf or hanging support.

I would suggest that the lamp be mounted no more than 2ft above the plants and it will then cover an effective area of about 1/2 a square metre. The lamp is in an attractive spotlight form and does not require any shade or reflector. The output colour is quite amazing but covers the full light spectrum needed by your plants for both growth and flowering stages.