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Bio Green Frostprotection Cable 10m 100W


Frost Protection Cable 10M (100 watts)

A thermostatic temperature controlled medium wattage electric Frost Protection Warming Cable to prevent thick trunks and stems of tender plants from freezing. The integral thermostat situated at the end of the cable is set to come on below 5°C You will need a suitable RCD for any outside electric appliance and we take no responsibility for incorrect use. We suggest that the thermostat end of the cable be placed inside the protected plant cover to monitor protected area temperature and to avoid over heating. Avoid cable cross over and associated hot spots.

Bio Green Heatmats Inclusive of Thermostat


BioGreen Heat Mats - Sahara Range

These BioGreen versatile heatmats are aluminium encapsulated and easily roll up when not in use. They substitute for both spring propagation and heating and winter protection. If you have had problems in keeping your favourite tropical plant alive in a cool greenhouse during the winter (e.g. Papaya or Plumeria) this may be a solution, acting as a heated bench. The mat is best placed on to an insulation layer, then covered in a sheet of plastic or glass. With the remote thermostat placed in your propagator media or underneath potted plant trays, the temperature is accurately controlled saving running costs in warmer weather. For pictures of sample seed tray layouts with different mat sizes please click here.

Heatmat main features

  • Encourage root formation and seed germination
  • Ideal for growing on from cuttings and seed
  • Even heat distribution
  • Suitable as surface heating on the potting bench
  • Ensure warm soil for over-wintering containerised  plants in a small area
  • CE-approved
  • Includes thermostat and soil sensor
  • Spray-water-proof
  • Made in Germany

Bio Green Soil Warming Cables


Bio Green Soil Warming Range

Build your own propagator with these Bio Green soil warming cables or use as under soil heating in your greenhouse. Soil warming cables are mains operated, fully insulated, safe and easy to use (full instructions supplied). Soil Warming Cables are recommended for areas of 0.5 sq.m.(25W), 1.0 sq.m.(50W), 1.2 sq.m.(75W), 1.5 sq.m(100W)., and 4.0 sq.m.(320W), respectively. We recommend that you use a digital thermostat with these Soil Warming Cables for accurate temperature control and ease of connection. (Please note that the moulded plug on the heating cable must NOT be removed if attempting to wire these heating cables to a non plug in thermostat)

A soil warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings on a greenhouse bench. A simple frame can be constructed from wood to form the propagating area required, which is them lined with polythene. The cable is laid onto a 5cm of horticultural sharp sand and covered with a further 5cm of sand. Alternatively the cable can be laid out on to an insulating material like polystyrene sheet and covered over with tin foil then a layer of polythene and then some felt matting to hold moisture under the seedtrays.

The cable is normally laid in runs 3" to 4" apart. This layout will allow you to raise the soil temperature by 11-13 C, above the greenhouse ambient. Higher temperatures can be achieved by laying the cable runs as close together as 5cm. In this case a thermostat should be used to precisely control the soil temperature to avoid over heating.

Please note that the Biogreen cables have a non heated lead flex of 1 metre as part of their cable length ie a 4.3m cable has 3.3m of heated cable and a 6m cable has 5m of heated cable etc.

Bio Green Thermo 2 Thermostat

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13A mains Digital Thermostat

A German made quality Greenhouse or Conservatory digital thermostat for accurate control of your growing temperatures. Useful for accurately controlling greenhouse heaters or any other heating/cooling device that has a 13 amp mains plug.  This thermostat removes any need for wiring expertise for the home gardener and will control any device up to 3 Kw. Unlike the Thermo 1 this unit also has a cool setting to turn on a fan as temperatures rise in the summer. Easy to operate, you set the required temperature using push buttons, with temperatures clearly shown on the large digital display.

  • Temperature range 0-40ºC (32-104ºF).
  • Temperature is measured by an encapsulated thermistor / sensor on the end of a 2.5 metre cable.
  • Maximum operating load is 3000w

Bio Green Plant Jackets



Heavy duty Fleece Jackets

Protect your plants from severe winter weather by simply pulling the specially designed fleece jacket over your plant for partial protection. Ideal for semi hardy palms, cordylines, and brugmansias in mild areas during   extra cold nights. The jackets are made of a heavy material giving significantly more frost protection than normal Fleece.
• Protects your plant from frost & wind
• Drawstring ends for tying round base or container
• Extra strong material 70g/sqm