Top Selling Vegetables

Our Top 20 selling vegetable seeds in order of popularity!

Soya Bean Edamame

Soybean  Aprx 30 seeds 
This edible soybean, called Edamame, is grown mainly to harvest the young green-shelled beans for vegetable uses, but not for the matured soybean crops. Plants grow best in warm climates but poorly in cold conditions so a warm position will be needed. Harvesting is like peas, all at the same time, so a staggered sowing can be an advantage. Expect only 2 to 3 beans per pod. To cook Edamame, boil the pods in unsalted or salted water for 10 minutes and then shell the beans inside, simply by squeezing beans out of the pods, for eating. This is the Japanese way to enjoy Edamame and excellent for snacks and appetizers. The cooked or uncooked pods can be stored in the freezer for later uses and cooked with meat or mixed with other vegetables for various dishes.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights - Beta vulgaris

Swiss Chard or Rhubarb Chard  20 seeds җ җ
Swiss Chard Bright Lights is strictly a vegetable but with colour and form that looks striking in a mixed Tropical Border. Bright Lights includes a stunning colour range of Gold, Red, Pink and White. Excellent as a lettuce substitute if you pick the emerging young leaves, with the benefit of a crop source that lasts all summer and into the winter.

Carrot Purple Sun


Purple Core Carrot  Aprx 300 seeds  җ

Purple Sun, unlike other purple carrots has a striking strong purple colour from skin right through to the core. Antrhrocyanin is a flavanoid considered to have health benefits in humans, and Purple Sun is full of it, so it not only looks stunning but is also good for you.

Tomato Micro Tom

Small Bush Tomato 10 seeds
Tomato Micro Tom is a revolutionary bush variety that can even be produced in small 7-9cm pots, and produces a crop of around 40-plus cherry tomatoes per plant. Useful as a window sill plant, or for patio containers where space is limited.

Tomato Giant Belgium


Giant Beefsteak Tomato 10 seeds

Developed in the USA, this variety is distinctive for its fruit that averages 2 lbs., but has been known to grow to an enormous 5 lbs. Tomatoes are dark pink and solid meat with smooth blossom ends and a delicious sweet flavour. Some people even make wine from these very sweet tomatoes. Indeterminate. 90 days.

Carrot Special Colour Collection

Special Jungle Coloured Carrot Mix  Aprx 1250 seeds җ

We have put together five of what we consider to be the best selection of coloured carrots as a special pack for anyone wishing to try more than one variety. Each packet contains 250 seeds of each variety and separately labelled.

Carrot Atomic Red
Carrot Cosmic Purple
Carrot White Satin Organic
Carrot Yellowstone
                                            Carrot Flyaway

Amaranthus dubius

Callaloo aprox Aprx 50 seeds
Most leafy Amaranthus varieties are edible but as far as I can determine this one is the true "Callaloo" An erect herb up to 1.5m tall with a branched stem and oblong dark-green leaves. Its mainly used as a leafy vegetable like spinach and is the "Callaloo" used widely in the Caribbean. This annual herb may be harvested 30-50 days from sowing and planted out after all frosts have passed - best in a sunny warm position. We also sell many ornamental Amaranth in our annual seed section with stricking flower bracts or giant 6ft sized plants but they are not the true Callaloo of the Caribbean.

Oryza sativa

Japanese Rice - Koshihikari Aprx 40 seeds
Grow your own Paddy field? Oryza sativa is the premium rice of Japan, distinguished by its aroma, sweet flavour and sticky texture. Also, dried stalks are beautiful displayed in flower arrangements. Harvest time about 5 months and contrary to expectations it does not need to be waterlogged to grow well, just regular watering and heat! Worth a try for the novelty factor? Maturity: Approx. 160 days

Cymbopogan citratus - Lemon Grass

West Indian Lemon Grass  10 seeds
This is the type Lemon grass used for cooking - an excellent aromatic clumping tropical grass growing to 6' tall.  When the leaves are crushed the fragrance resembles the scent of lemon. The stem and leaves are used for cooking in the Asian kitchen but it is also used to make a refreshing tea and for perfume, oil and medicine. Easy to germinate in a controlled propagator.

Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant

The Worlds Largest Pumpkin!  5 seeds 
Have a go and see how big you can grow a pumpkin. Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant regularly produces 400 lb. pumpkins with a record weight of  over 1000 lbs.! I have even heard that in hot weather the vine can grow 3ft over night! You will need a big warm plot for one of these and some rich manure dug in. Note this variety is much larger than "Hundredweight" that has had a lot of publicity lately.

Melothria scabra

Mouse Melons or Cucamelon or Mexican Sour Gherkin 20 seeds 
Egg shaped inch-long green & white striped or mottled fruits resembling tiny watermelons. Melothria scabra is a fast-growing annual with lobed leaves from Mexico. Fruits have a tasty flavour and crunchy in texture, used in salads or stir fries and pickled in Mexico where they are known as Mexican Sour Gherkins.

Lepidium meyenii

Maca or Peruvian Ginseng 20 seeds җ җ җ
Lepidium meyenii is an herbaceous annual native to the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. It is grown for its fleshy tap root which is used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb. It is related to mustard, radish and turnip and fully hardy and often grown as a winter crop in mild areas. For centuries, ancient Peruvians have used Lepidium meyenii due to its great health benefits as it stimulates the glands in charge of regulating hormones, optimizing body functioning for long-term energy and well being.

Bean Climbing French Colour Collection

Our Jungle Special Mix of Colourful Climbing French Beans Aprx 125 seeds 

We have put together five of what we consider to be the best selection of coloured climbing beans as a special pack for anyone wishing to try more than one variety. Each packet contains 25 seeds of each variety and separately labelled. More information on each variety on the Bean pages.

Bean Barlotto Lingua Di Fuoco 2
Bean Cosse Violette
Bean Neckargold
Neckarkonigin Organic
Runner Bean Painted Lady 


Carrot Purple Haze F1

Purple Carrot  Aprx 300 seeds  җ
Carrot Purple Haze is an award winning purple carrot. The 10” to 12” smooth purple carrots taper to a point and reveal a bright orange centre when cut. Colourful and sweetly flavoured raw, their colour though will become diffused when cooked. Apparently this carrot was named after a Jimmy Hendrix song!

Beetroot Burpees Golden

Golden Beet  Aprx 100 seeds җ
Beetroot Burpees Golden plants produce a good yield of large bright golden beetroots. Best when harvested when small, but they will not become fibrous when large. They were a colour breakthrough when Burpee introduced them, excellent for those who want a beetroot with a sweeter, milder flavour, and for others who love the inviting gold colour. Smaller roots to 2" across. The light green leaves can also be steamed or used raw in mixed salads.

Acmella oleracea


Toothache Plant or "Electric Daisies" Aprx 25 seeds

Acmella oleracea is a native to the tropics of Brazil, where it is called Jambu, and is grown as an ornamental and as a medicinal plant in various parts of the world. A small, erect plant, it grows quickly and sends up gold flowers with a red centre. Both fresh and cooked leaves are sometimes used in stews but eating a whole flower bud results in a grassy taste, followed by an extremely strong tingling or numbing sensation. These buds are known as Buzz Buttons or electric buttons and the numbing effect helps toothache. Best grown as a tender annual in the uk. James Wong refers to this as Electric Daisies but it has been known for many years as the Toothache Plant because of the numbing effect in the mouth reducing any toothache pain.

Tomato Unusual Collection

A Special Jungle Mix of some of our Unusual Indoor Tomato Plants Aprx 25 seeds

We have put together five of our most unusual greenhouse vining tomato plants as a special pack for anyone wishing to try more than one variety. Each packet contains 5 seeds of each variety and separately labelled. More information on the Tomato pages.

Tomato Black Plum
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Orange Russian
Tomato Yellow Pear
Tomato White Beauty

Tomato Jersey Devil


Chili Pepper Shaped Greenhouse Tomato 10 seeds

This variety was made popular many years ago by a seed company that is no longer in business. It is a prolific variety with 4 to 6 inch long, tapered red fruits shaped like banana peppers. The tomatoes are very meaty and sweet with few seeds and great for sauces, salsas, or eating fresh. Colour is a gorgeous bright red and the yield is impressive. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Sweet Pepper Hybrid Mix



Bell Pepper  25 seeds


A rainbow mix of hybrid, vigorous sweet bell peppers in ivory, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, and chocolate. Each colour has its own distinctive flavour! Uniform harvest time and superb disease resistance.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

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Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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