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These are best started into growth immediately on arrival, in warm conditions and we do not recommend that you try to store them until the spring.

Please note that we normally only deliver these items within the UK and they all have additional shipping charges (30p per item) because of the extra weight. Please select Roots as the base shipping option for all rhizomes. Because of time constraints this rhizomes section is not currently available on our mirror site.

Hedychium Buttermilk

1 Rhizome җ

One of our Kahili seedlings raised a few years ago turned out with cream coloured flowers with an excellent scent and a more delicate flower structure than Kahili. It retains the large glossy leaves typical of Kahili so making an excellent conservatory ginger and not too tall at 3ft to 4ft and flowering on quite young plants. We have named it "Buttermilk"

Hedychium Dave Case


1 Rhizome

A tall plant to 7ft topped with a 10” spike of many pure orange medium sized flowers. It blooms from August through October. A Tom Wood hybrid.

Hedychium flavescens

1 Rhizome җ
Hedychium flavescens has tall strong stems to 7ft with more slender 4" leaves but very leafy growth giving an excellent tropical effect when not in flower. Often used for perfume because of it's strong heady scent. The flowers are pale yellow with slightly smaller flower heads than gardnerianum. A beautiful delicate flower and attractive plant that is well worth trying.

Hedychium Gold Flame


1 Rhizome җ

Hedychium Gold Flame is a vigorous plant with erect fragrant white flowers and burnt gold centres. Height to 5’. An outstanding butterfly type hybrid rapidly gaining popularity. Medium shade.

Hedychium griffithianum


1 Rhizome җ җ

This ginger is from the Himalaya area, and probably hardy in mild areas but best grown under cover to accommodate the late flowers. These are borne in attractive spidery white cluster with salmon filaments carrying a mild scent in the evenings. A delicate shorter thin leaved variety to 3ft.

Yacon rhizomes


1 Rhizome

Yacon is a non-frost hardy South American herbaceous perennial related to the Sunflower and grows rapidly to around 6ft tall with small yellow flowers. The delicious tubers the size of large potatoes are produced at the end of the growing season and have a crunchy crispness with a taste between sweet watermelon and an apple when eaten raw but can also be steamed or roasted. Yacon produces two types of underground tubers, the smaller ones clustered around the base of the stem can be eaten when young but are mainly used for propagation and these are the ones we supply. The large edible tubers contain a high proportion of inulin promoting a healthy gut and often used as a non fattening sugar alternative.



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