Clerodendrum paniculatum


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Glory Bower 10 seeds

A most unusual shrub like plant that I first grew back in the 70's after acquiring seed from a retired Army Major. This rarely offered seed comes from the Philippines and it produces a tall fast growing soft shrub with large soft leaves and huge 19" columns of small scarlet flower clusters that last for weeks. The plant suckers easily and produces some new shoots from the base like many other Clerodendrums. Best in a sunny well ventilated but humid atmosphere to avoid mildew damage to the delicate flower clusters. More cool hardy than originally thought and easy to over winter in a heated conservatory or greenhouse.

Colvillea racemosa


Colville's Glory 10 seeds

Related to the Poinciana this tree has huge racemes of golden flowers. A large tree though from 10m to 20m and really only suitable for the tropics preferring hot dry conditions like its native habitat in Madagascar. Pretty foliage though if grown as a novelty in a warm greenhouse.

Cyperus alternifoliius

Umbrella Grass Pkt
Cyperus alternifoliius is a useful grass like plant for indoor use given plenty of light. Like it's sister the Papyrus it needs plenty of water to do well. Grows to about 2ft and easy from seed. A tough plant that only needs an occasional light trim of dead leaf stalks.

Cyperus papyrus

Egyptian Paper Reed Pkt
Cyperus papyrus or Egyptian papyrus reed produces the original paper made from the crushed and pulped stems. Easy to grow reaching 6ft to 7ft when mature. In the first year it makes a more manageable 3ft and is easy to grow from seed. Remember that it is a water reed and ideally will need to be left standing with the pot in tray of water. A decorative plant that we often grow as part of our summer bedding in a tropical border.



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