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There are a number of specialist chili pepper suppliers around but with so many varieties that it makes it difficult to know what to choose. We include here a small but interesting range that should be sufficient for most tastes plus some interesting Sweet Peppers if Chilis are not your thing!

Capsicum Asian Mix

New for 2015!

Hot Chili Peppers from Asia 20 seeds


A collection of chilli peppers with a distinctive regional theme. Each mix contains at least eight different pepper varieties that originate from their respective named regions.Please note that these mixes are mixed for us by our supplier, based upon the availability at the time of harvest and so we cannot guarantee that the contents will be the same from one season to the next.
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Capsicum annum Anaheim

Anaheim Chili Pepper 20 seeds


Capsicum annum Anaheim is a versatile medium-hot pepper used fresh, canned, fried, or dried. Long 6" pendant bright red fruits are borne abundantly on productive, vigorous plants.

Capsicum annum Black Hungarian

Black Hungarian Chili  20 seeds 


Capsicum annum Black Hungarian has Jalapeno shaped Black fruits ripening to red, mildly hot and with a delicious flavour. The tall 3ft plants have purple veined green leaves and beautiful large purple flowers that make this variety also very ornamental.

Capsicum annum Bolivian Rainbow

Ornamental Pepper 10 seeds
Capsicum Bolivian Rainbow is a beautiful ornamental pepper with purple foliage and flowers, it bears a profusion of fruit in a rainbow of colours on tall 2ft to 3 ft. plants. The small cone-shaped, 1" fruits start out purple, but turn yellow to orange, and finally to red, with all colour stages on the plant at once! The very hot peppers are edible, but are mainly grown for their striking appearance.

Capsicum annum frutescens

Bird's Eye or Piri Piri Chili 10 seeds


The African Bird's eye chili, a relative of the tabasco pepper, is among the most pungent varieties of pepper in the world. One plant can produce around 200 small green to red, upward facing very hot chilis. The leaves are small but quite bushy making an attractive ornamental plant for pots.
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Capsicum annum Habanaro Hot Chocolate

Jamaican Hot Chocolate  10 seeds 


Capsicum annum Habanaro Hot Chocolate produces shiny, habanero-type peppers are deep chocolate-brown when ripe and ribbed or wrinkled, resembling large dates or prunes. Fruits are 1/2" to 2" long and with an extremely hot Caribbean flavour that is strong and smoky. This strain originated from a pepper found in a market in Jamaica.
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Capsicum annum Habanero

Habanero Chili  20 seeds


Capsicum annum Habanero is an extremely hot Chili pepper 100 times hotter than jalapino and used in sauces etc. Small lantern shaped red fruits, Habanero types hold the record for the hottest cultivated peppers.

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Capsicum annum Jalapino

Chili Pepper Jalapeno  20 seeds
Capsicum annum Jalapino is a standard type of chilli with 3" fruits having thick walls and continuous fruit setting, used for hot pepper eating contests in the USA. Fruits ripen from green to red. A very hot pepper. Used on nachos and chopped in Mexican sauces giving them an excellent flavour.

Capsicum annum Numex Big Jim

Numex Big Jim  20 seeds

Mild Hot!

Released by Dr. Nakayama, this New Mexico cultivar is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest pepper.  It produces 12" long, thick, smooth, red fleshy fruits.  Because of the large pods, the cultivar is a favourite of home gardeners and cooks for making chile rellenos.  Pungency though is variable from plant to plant and the young green peppers are so mild that they can be used as a green sweet pepper for cooking. We found that given a normal summer and a sheltered position outside the large plants produce masses of fruit and is a very versatile Chilli.
Capsicum PurpleJalapeno

Capsicum annum Purple Jalapeno

Chili Purple Jalapeno  20 seeds


Capsicum annum Purple Jalapeno is a large, Jalapeno pepper that turns deep-purple before maturing to red. Full Jalapeno flavour and heat; great for salsa and other Mexican foods. Plants are both productive and ornamental.

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Capsicum annum Purple Tiger

Chili Pepper Purple Tiger  20 seeds


Capsicum annum Purple Tiger - a very attractive hot pepper also ideal as an ornamental that produces hot purple fruits turning from purple to tri colour before maturing red. Foliage is tri coloured (green, purple and white) making it an ideal pot plant.
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Capsicum annum Rocoto

Manzano Pepper - Mixed Colours  20 seeds
Capsicum annum Rocoto produces very hot peppers to 2" long and 1" wide, often resembling miniature bell peppers. Rocoto peppers have distinctive black seeds and in our mix peppers mature green to yellow, orange or red.
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Capsicum annum Tabasco

Tabasco Pepper  20 seeds


The well known Chili used for making Tabasco sauce. fruits measure 3cm by 1cm in upright pods ripening from green/yellow to orange/yellow. Capsicum annum Tabasco is extremely hot!
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Capsicum annum Tepin

Tepin Wild Pepper   20 seeds


Capsicum annum Tepin is believed to be one of the Worlds hottest peppers, this one is a wild perennial of unique flavour. Fruits are bright red, small and round. Plants fruit best in second year and should be brought indoors to over winter. Germination may be slow and erratic.

Capsicum annum Willy Chilli

Capsicum annum Willy Chilli 5 seeds


An outrageous chilli sometimes referred to as "Peters Penis" so how could I ignore this one! Follow our growing instructions and you will have 15 to 20 of these rude looking peppers ready to pick and eat on each plant! These very hot delicious chillies are similar to Tabasco in heat and are perfect in home made curry and salsa dishes. Willy Chilli Seeds are a must have if you have a sense of humour and can be picked green or wait until ripe for bright red fruit.



Capsicum Cayenne Red Organic

Cayenne Pepper   20 seeds


Capsicum Cayenne Red Organic is a hot cayenne variety, with thick flesh and waxy skin tapering to a point with very long thin fruits. Fruits are pendent setting and ripen green to bright red with good ornamental value.

Sweet Pepper "Big Bertha"

Sweet Bell Pepper  10 seeds


The largest elongated bell pepper available. The plant grows to 30 inches and this improved variety sets large 12" fruit and is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Excellent in cooler areas as well as a warm sheltered outside location. 72 days.

Sweet Pepper "Bounty"

Sweet Banana Type Pepper  20 seeds


Sweet Pepper "Bounty" is a great hybrid version of the Sweet Banana type that lives up to its name in that it puts out an incredible harvest of huge banana peppers that measure nearly a foot long. Peppers are typically 9 to 10 inches and 2 inches across, and turn from light yellow to orange and finally red. Lovely sweet flavour for eating fresh or cooked.

Sweet Pepper Bendigo F1

Organic Bell Pepper  10 seeds


Sweet Pepper Bendigo  - a red/green pepper with a strong open habit that produces evenly throughout the season. Sets easily with some good disease resistance.

Sweet Pepper F1 Diablo

Sweet Ox-horn Red Pepper  20 seeds


High yielding Ox-horn variety, producing long pointed fruits that typically mature at around 16cm in length. The skin is smooth, while the flesh is thick, crunchy and sweet. Sweet Pepper Diablo won an RHS Award of Garden Merit and is resistant to TMV maturing from green to an intense red.
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Sweet Pepper Hybrid Mix


Bell Pepper  30 seeds


A rainbow mix of hybrid, vigorous sweet bell peppers in ivory, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, and chocolate. Each colour has its own distinctive flavour! Uniform harvest time and superb disease resistance.

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Sweet Pepper Lilac Bell

Lilac Bell Pepper  10 seeds


Sweet Pepper Tequila is a unique lavender coloured sweet pepper that matures from green to lavender to purple to pale orange then dark red. The large 3-4 lobed fruits are 4.5" by 3.5" and what a fantastic colour to add to your salad plate if harvested at the lavender stage!


Sweet Pepper Mohawk F1

Orange Bell Pepper  10 seeds


A compact (50cm) prolific sweet orange bell pepper with a spreading cascading habit making it ideal for hanging baskets or patio containers.


Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving