New Flower Seeds

New Flower Seed for 2017

As part of our customer service we are always looking for exciting or unusual new seeds on a regular basis, all of these  are consolidated into our website as they become available but we like to highlight them in this section. Although these new seeds appear within each category, the following is a growing and working list of all new items for the coming season.


This section will be regularly updated as new seeds come in.

Alocasia portei


New for 2017!

Giant Elephants Ear 5 seeds

Alocasia portei has quite different leaves to most alocasias - very heavily scallopped and almost fringed.  It is a very large alocasia with leaves that can get to over 1 metre long. Alocasia portei is one of the parents of Alocasia x 'Portora'.

Canarina canariensis


Back In Stock for 2017!

Canary Bell Flower 10 seeds

Canarina canariensis is a rare member of the Campanula family from the Canary Islands. This tuberous plant makes glossy, orangey-red striped blossoms throughout winter given a frost free location. Best at temperatures below 25°C in the summer when it becomes dormant to help protect against drought conditions with underground tubers like a dahlia.

In late summer, long, scrambling shoots appear, with arrow-shaped, jagged-edged leaves. The 5' to 9' long shoots meander up through other plants or along the ground.  The striking, 2" bell-shaped flowers appear in late fall or winter. The foliage then dies down to the tubers in the spring, until growth resumes in the autumn. Useful for winter flowering in a cool semi shaded conservatory when it can be pot grown and trained up a trellis.  

Ensete lecongkietii


New for 2017! (Limited Qty)

"Orphon Banana" 5 seeds

Ensete lecongkietii is a recently discovered species from Vietnam, similar to Ensete superbum but more compact
Its squat fruits produce small, smooth 'Musella like' seeds. Worth a try grown as a patio pot plant?

Eucomis comosa


New for 2017!

Pineapple Flower 10 seeds

A native of South Africa, where it grows wild, Eucomis comosa is a member of the lily family. It is known as the pineapple plant because it wears what looks like a ruff above a fat column of striking starry-green flowers. The large leaves are also lush and tropical-looking worth including in any exotic scheme. Like all South African summer-rainfall bulbs, it is easy to keep if allowed to remain dormant in winter. Should start flowering after a couple of years from seed.

Hedychium Assam Orange


Fresh Seed now Available

Hardy Ginger 10 Seeds җ җ җ

We normally manage to collect a sensible amount of fresh seed each autumn of Hedychium Assam Orange from our own plants. Its a useful hardy ginger and a sport of Hedychium Densifolium a smaller ginger, hardy in all parts of the UK at the root level. Treat it as a clumping border perennial plant. Each year it will throw 3ft spikes topped by orange flower spikes about 4” long in August/September.

Hedychium Wardii


New for 2017!

Yellow Ginger 5 Seeds җ

We have been growing Hedychium Wardii for many years but for the first time this year our stock plants have produced some large plump scarlet seeds. Only a few but a unique offering while stocks last!

Hollyhock Spring Celebrities


New for 2017!

Compact Annual/Bienniel Hardy Hollyhock 15 seeds җ җ җ

A completely new dimension in annual compact flowering Hollyhocks, these unique, bushy, dwarf plants produce stout stems which become clothed in beautiful, anemone-centred, frilly blooms, in a surprising array of colours including rose, red, lemon, lilac, pink, purple, and white. Ideal for planting in the middle of borders, or in large containers for an impressive patio feature. As a bonus the flowers are edible and because this plant reaches only 24 to 28 inches and the flowering stems are quite stout and strong, you need never worry about staking or tying the blooms!

Lunaria annua Chedglow


New for 2017!

Purple Honesty 20 seeds

Lunaria Chedglow is a hardy biennial flowering from April to early May with dark purple leaves, stems seedpods and purple flowers growing to 3ft. Like normal Honesty the decorative seed heads persist with translucent discs that can be used in dried flower arrangements. Best to remove any seedlings with green stems.

Nepenthes madagascariensis


New for 2017!

Madagascan Pitcher Plant 10 seeds

One of two Nepenthes native to Madagasca it grows slnder shoots to about 1 m tall, with thick, leathery leaves that sport vase-like, yellow or reddish pitchers on wiry stalks. These pitchers fill with rain water and attract insects, mostly ants, that are trapped, drowned and finally digested by the plant as a supplement to the poor nutrient situation in its habitat. Grown under glass it prefers to be dry between watering and a good compost is sphagnum moss.



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Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

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Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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