New Flower Seeds

New Flower Seed for 2015

As part of our customer service we are always looking for exciting or unusual new seeds on a regular basis, all of these  are consolidated into our website as they become available but we like to highlight them in this section. Although these new seeds appear within each category, the following is a growing and working list of all new items for the coming season.


This section will be regularly updated as new seeds come in.

Agave attenuata

New for 2015!

Foxtail Agave 20 seeds 

One of the most attractive and popular Agaves, this species from central Mexico has very wide, unarmed, fleshy and soft, pale green to blue green leaves with a felty texture, and forms a leaning or creeping trunk with age. A great plant for frost-free subtropics and for patio decoration in the summer but brought back under cover during winter. You can see it in abundance over the hill sides in Madeira with its long curling flower spikes.

Agave havardiana

New for 2015!

Harvards Century Plant 10 seeds җ

A particularly attractive, medium-sized Agave, native to western Texas, that forms a tight rosette of well armed, bluish-grey leaves. It can take heavy freezes with ease but needs a very well drained spot in full sun to survive in a sheltered spot outside in the UK.

Agave ovatifolia Giant Form

New for 2015!

Giant Whale's Tongue Century Plant 10 seeds җ җ

Agave ovatifolia is true dream of a plant originally discovered from north-eastern Mexico, where it grows in a small, rugged mountain area between 3700 and 7000 ft.  This giant form of Agave ovatifolia has much more attractive, larger black spines and will grow into a rather large, solitary plant with broad, lightly keeled, almost unreal, powdery greyish white leaves in a dense rosette that can reach to 10 ft. across. In cultivation it is well adapted to temperate climates. Best of all is that not only it can take drought and very severe freezes without damage, it will also hold up well in cold and damp winters if given excellent drainage, outperforming most other Agave in this respect. For any Agave aficionado, this is a must-grow plant!

Alchemilla mollis Robustica

New for 2015!

Ladys Mantle Aprx 50 Seeds җ җ җ

A robust and vigorous selection with stronger stems and uniform habit, for a more upright habit of this Lady's Mantle species. Alchemilla Mollis produces large pale green foliage clumps topped by sprays of tiny yellow flowers. Popular with flower arrangers because of the beautiful texture in the foliage. A native to Southern Europe it is mostly grown for its beautiful ornamental properties flowering from June to August and reaching a height of approximately 45cm.

Aloe vera

New for 2015!

Medicinal Aloe 10 seeds җ

The Aloe vera plant has been used for medicinal and beauty purposes for thousands of years. It is believed that it was one of the secrets of Cleopatra for keeping her skin soft. In the ancient Greek, aloe vera was used in many therapeutic remedies.

Aloe vera was popularised in the 18th and 19th century primarily as a laxative and today it is used to keep skin beautiful and to heal burns, sunburn, ulcerations, frostbite, radiation injuries, psoriasis, cuts, insect stings, poison ivy and other dermatologic problems. Easy to grow indoors but do not over water and also hardy enough to withstand light frosts.


Amaranthus Tricolor Yellow

New for 2015!

Amaranthus Yellow Aprx 200 seeds

Amaranthus Tricolor Yellow  is another striking variety, with bright yellow bracts creating a stunning display. Large plants to 3ft given a hot sunny position.

Amaryllis Dutch Hybrids

New for 2015!

Amaryllis Hybrids 10 seeds

Amaryllis or Hippeastrum are a favourite early spring house or conservatory plants grown for their exotic flowers. Bulbs can be expensive but why not try growing a range of colours from this Dutch hybrid selection of seeds. A bit of patience is required as they can take 3 years to reach flowering size but well worth the wait.

Arthropodium cirratum

New for 2015!

Renga Lily Pkt җ

A clump forming plant from New Zealand with grey green glaucous foliage. The leaves are soft and drooping and masses of starry white flowers appear in late Spring. Although nowadays it is usually grown as an ornamental, the rhizomes are edible when cooked, originally used by the Māori and can be harvested throughout the year. It will only tolerate light frosts so best grown in pots and kept under glass in winter.

Bauhinia monandra

New for 2015!

Pink Orchid Tree 5 seeds

Bauhinia monandra, the Pink Orchid Tree is a fast growing tropical shrub or small tree growing up to a height of 20 feet with a spreading habit. However it may be grown under glass with warmth and bright light and kept pruned to a small size so good for a warm conservatory. This very rare variety develops large pink orchid-like flowers with yellow edged red blotches to 6" across. The large leaves are also very exotic looking.


Bromelia pinguin

New for 2015!

Wild Pineapple 10 seeds

This tropical Bromeliad is native to Central America through to Mexico and the West Indies. It is very common in Jamaica, where it is planted as a fence around pasture lands, on account of its prickly leaves. The fruit, known as piñuela is dug out the protective "hair" removed, peeled like a banana, and eaten. They are said to be slightly tart. The leaves gradually change from a shiny green to a reddish colour as they age. The white or pinkish flowers are produced on a dense panicle that arises from the heart of the plant. The plant also yields a fibre for thread making called pinguin, which can be used as substitute for jute.

Calliandra eriophylia

New for 2015!

Pink Powder Puff Tree or Fairy Duster 10 seeds

Calliandra eriophylla, commonly known as Fairy Duster, is a low spreading 50cm shrub native to deserts and arid grasslands from to Mexico. The flowers, which appear late winter to late spring, have dense clusters of pale to deep pink stamens and are about 5 cm wide. Its small size lends itself to pot culture.


Cardiospermum halicacabum

New for 2015!

"Love in a Puff" 10 seeds

Cardiospermum halicacabum is a tender perennial vine growing to about 3m. Flowering is from Jul to August, and the seeds ripen from Aug to October forming the large ornamental seed pods that resemble balloons. The seed pods change colour over time from green to red as the plant matures. The Cardiospermum seeds are very unique with a hard shell of dark brown to black, and each seed has a perfect cream coloured heart. This fascinating climber needs dappled shade and a moist soil.


Carissa macrocarpa

New for 2015!

"Natal Plum" 5 seeds

Carissa macrocarpa (Natal Plum), is a spiny shrub native to South Africa, commonly found in the coastal bush of the Eastern Cape and Natal. It produces shiny, deep green leaves and snowy white flowers whose perfumed scent intensifies at night. The ornamental plum it produces are a round, crimson fruit that can be eaten out of hand or made into pies, jams, jellies, and sauces. A traditional food plant in Africa, this little-known fruit has potential to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable landcare. Worth trying as a pot grown plant on a warm conservatory if not for the fruit but for the perfumed flowers.

Caulokaempferia sikkimensis

New for 2015!

Orchid Ginger 10 seeds җ җ

Caulokaempferia sikkimensis, the Orchid Ginger, is a rare and unusual member of the family with medium-sized bright-green paddle-shaped foliage and an extremely beautiful small white and pink flower that arises directly from the soil. This ginger flowers late in the season in the UK, usually not appearing until September or even October before the first frosts start to cut back the leaves. An exciting and not especially hard to grow, it deserves to be more widely cultivated only requiring a warm sheltered south-facing aspect and a fertile but well drained humus-rich soil. Caulokaempferia can also be grown in a container and kept under glass in a cool greenhouse or conservatory keeping dry during the winter months. It relatively modest size compared to the taller more vigorously growing Hedychiums makes it a good choice for container growing with exotic foliage and a beautiful flower.


Chlorophytum comosum

New for 2015!

Spider Plant 10 seeds

Chlorophytum comosum, the spider plant  is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from few problems. The spider plant is so named because of its spider-like plants, or spiderettes, which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web.
Larger picture

Clerodendrum paniculatum

Back in Stock for 2015 but limited quantity!

Glory Bower 10 seeds

A most unusual shrub like plant that I first grew back in the 70's after acquiring seed from a retired Army Major. This rarely offered seed comes from the Philippines and it produces a tall fast growing soft shrub with large soft leaves and huge 19" columns of small scarlet flower clusters that last for weeks. The plant suckers easily and produces some new shoots from the base like many other Clerodendrums. Best in a sunny well ventilated but humid atmosphere to avoid mildew damage to the delicate flower clusters. More cool hardy than originally thought and easy to over winter in a heated conservatory or greenhouse.


Coccoloba uvifera

New for 2015!

Sea Grape 10 seeds

On sand dunes and beaches, seagrape usually grows as a diffuse, sprawling shrub but away from the constant salt and sand spray it can grow into a handsome vase-shaped tree. The shiny, evergreen leaves are leathery, rounded with heart-shaped bases and potentially useful as a warm conservatory foliage plant. The bright green leaves are often veined in red and are about 8" in diameter. The fragrant white flowers are very small and borne on 6-10" spikes. Female trees produce tiny "grape" like fruits.

Collinsia heterophylla

New for 2015!

Purple Chinese Houses aprx 200 seeds

In spring and early summer this rare Californian half hardy annual produces a great profusion of extremely lovely white and violet bi-colour snapdragon-like blooms, growing in perfect rings of widely spaced bands around the stems forming a kind of pagoda. Adored by bees and butterflies, it is also very easy to grow. Best in semi shade and reaching 10cm to 50cm depending on warmth and soil conditions. Can be raised in a greenhouse in early spring or direct sown outside in a prepared seed bed in April/May

Cucumis dipsaceus

New for 2015!

Hedgehog Cucumber 10 Seeds (Annual) 

The Hedgehog cucumber vine has small yellow flowers like any cucumber followed by pretty very hairy, yellow, ornamental fruits. This ancient medicinal cucumber is spiky looking, but yet soft and flexible a bit like "Velcro". It is used in Madagascar and Africa as a food and as a Medicinal plant for thousands of years. The small green fruits are said to be edible (please don't try!) but the ripe yellow fruit is extremely bitter and can be crushed and used as a "fish poison".

Cyathea dealbata

New for 2015!

Silver Tree Fern Pkt 

Cyathea dealbata, also known as the silver tree fern or silver fern is a species of medium-sized tree ferns, endemic and symbolic to New Zealand. It can grow to heights of 10 m or more with a dense crown of long (4m) fronds that have a silver-white colouration on the undersides. This distinctive silver colouration has made them useful for laying along tracks for night walking. Once established, it will tolerate drier conditions but it does best when sheltered from strong winds and frost in a well drained shady damp position. For the UK it needs to be kept pot grown (which will also contain its ultimate size) and brought under glass for winter.

Eremophila maculata

New for 2015!

"Spotted Emu Bush" 5 seeds җ җ

A dense dwarf frost resistant shrub requiring excellent drainage and an open dry position. The spotted pink flowers are borne singly from winter to late spring or early summer. Eremophila maculata grows to about 2m high and 2m wide. Many Eremophilas come from areas in Australia with less than 150mm annual rain. In most areas of Australia once established they never hand watered again.

Galphimia gracilis

New for 2015!

Thryallis 10 seeds 

Galphimia gracilis,or Thryallis, is a small tropical shrub from  the tropics producing a constant display of yellow flowers, with light green foliage. Easy to grow in heat but they do best in full sun.

Thryallis once established, like to be kept dry, requiring only light waterings and best in a very well drained compost when kept in a container. Allow the compost to almost dry out between watering. The flowers born on terminal spikes appear all year if kept warm.


Guaicum officinale

New for 2015!

Tree of Life 10 seeds

A small evergreen tree native to the West Indies that grows slowly to 30' in the wild but as a manageable shrub if pot grown making it a potential candidate for a warm glasshouse or conservatory. It forms a twisted trunk and produces blue flowers with five petals, followed by bright yellow-orange fruits with red flesh and black seeds. The wood called lignum vitae is one of the hardest known, almost impervious to water and has medicinal properties.
Larger picture

Halesia Carolina

New for 2015!

Carolina Silverbells 10 seeds n£]]

A beautiful spring flowering tree from the USA with clusters of white flowers emerging from the previous years wood to create a stunning display. Produces winged seeds and some striping on the young bark. Prefers acid, well drained soil conditions and partial shade similar to cornus species. Maximum height about 20ft and is often classed as a shrub rather than a tree. Seed needs stratification.


Ipomoea Split Second

New for 2015!

A fully double version of Ipomoea 10 seeds  җ

The best double-flowered Morning Glory we have ever seen, Split Second is a big, full, Peony-like bloom of rosy pink that looks nothing like its single cousins. This is the most exciting breakthrough in Morning Glories in a long time, and we're delighted to be able to offer it to you this season. Split Second flowers heavily from early summer until frost, thriving in blazing sun and any well-drained soil (but especially those on the dry side). The blooms are huge, very full, and delightfully twisted, with no two just alike. If you're looking for a vine with a beautiful difference, Split Second is the one you MUST try!


Love Seed Collection

New for 2015!

Love isn't just for Valentines Day!

This unusual pack of seeds just added to our ‘collection’ range brings together some lovely seed names that conjure up memories of those warm summer days with someone special.

Each seed packed separately with growing instructions.

  • Dicentra spectabilis 'Bleeding Heart'
  • Mina lobata 'Exotic Love'
  • Cardiospermum halicacabum 'Love in a puff'
  • Nigella Persian Jewels 'Love in a Mist'
  • Amaranthus caudatus 'Love lies Bleeding'
  • Eragrostis 'Purple Love Grass'

Manihot esculenta

New for 2015!

Yuca, Cassava, tapioca etc, 5 seeds

Cassava the worlds third largest source of carbohydrate is a shrubby perennial that grows to a height of 6-8 feet in the tropics. It has smooth erect stems and resembles the cannabis plant in appearance. The large compound, dark green, reddish veined attractive leaves are palmately divided into about seven leaflets. It is unlikely to produce any sort of sensible crop if pot grown in the UK and should be treated as a novelty. Also be aware that all parts of the plant including the edible tubers contain a small amount of alkaloids and correct preparation peeling and cooking is essential to remove the toxicity. Well worth growing both for its novelty value and ornamental appearance. Our seeds come from the "sweet" variety not the bitter form of Cassava.


Metrosideros fulgens

New for 2015!

'Scarlet Rata Vine' Pkt

Metrosideros fulgens or Scarlet Rata is a forest vine endemic to New Zealand. The scarlet rata is one of the better-known species of rata vines, because it flowers in the autumn or winter, and is often highly visible growing over road side trees. Its displays of large red flowers are quite spectacular given the right light.

The plant prefers warm moist habitats and in the wild grows up to 10m long or more. It climbs in the same way as ivy, sending out short adventitious roots to adhere to the trunks of host trees, penetrating and clinging to rough surfaces. It will tolerate a light frost but an interesting choice for a cool greenhouse or conservatory where it can be kept to size by pruning where it will take on more of a shrubby habit rather than a vine.

Larger picture

Mimosa nuttallii Pink Sparkles

New for 2015!

Hardy Sensitive Plant 20 seeds 

Pink Sparkles sensitive plant is a close relative to Mimosa pudica but a bit more winter hardy. Some seed suppliers are suggesting that it is winter hardy but that is not the case but able to survive cool winter conditions as a house plant or under glass better than Mimosa pudica. Fluffy pink flowers and touch sensitive leaves with a prostrate habit.


Mussaenda macrophylla

New for 2015!

Sweet Root 20 seeds

A native of Asia and Africa, this attractive tropical shrub has large white bracts typical of the family with tiny insignificant flowers. It will grow to 3m or 4m as a lax shrub and will need to be kept pruned if pot grown in a heated glass house.

Nasturtium Phoenix Mixed

New for 2015!

Flame Nasturtium 10 seeds

An exciting new break through in Nasturtiums, the flame like petals on Phoenix are quite unique. With a rich range of colours in yellow orange and red this easy to grow plant is much more compact than other nasturtiums so it can be grown in containers and flower beds without taking over its neighbours.

Nigella damascena Persian Jewels

New for 2015!

"Love in a mist"  Aprx 100 seeds җ

This pretty half hardy annual mix contains semi-double flowers in various shades of blue, mauve, purple, rose-pink and white. The delicate ferny foliage adds to the attraction bearing cornflower like blooms, followed by ornamental seed pods. 50cm.

Orlaya grandiflora

New for 2015!

Lace Flower Aprx 30 seeds җ җ җ

Orlaya grandiflora 'White Finch' is a very useful cut flower for bouquets or a vase. It makes an easy to grow, border plant with decorative snow-white lacy blooms which resemble lace-cap hydrangeas These appear throughout the summer above the fine, fern-like foliage. This gorgeous hardy annual has an extremely long flowering period and will often flower until the first frosts. Grows to about 70cm.


Passiflora laurifolia

New for 2015!

Water Melon Passion Fruit   10 seeds

Passiflora laurifolia the "water melon" passion fruit is a medium sized, ovoid fruit, usually with a deep orange skin and white-yellow, extremely juicy pulp (hence the common name). The water lemon has an excellent perfumed, mild taste, without the tartness of the common passion fruit. A not widely known, and very underrated passion fruit that's well worth the try if you have a heated glass house.

Passiflora quadrangularis Erotica

New for 2015!

Penis Granadilla  5 seeds

A somewhat bizarre form of Passiflora quadrangularis with distinctly phallus-shaped fruits!  It of course assumes you have enough heat, space and humidity to grow this vine large enough to fruit but an interesting talking point? As a bonus it produces the normal lovely passion flowers of this species once mature.


Phygelius aequalis

New for 2015!

"Yellow Cape Fuchsia" 10 seeds җ җ

The Cape Fuchsia is native to South Africa, but surprisingly quite a hardy perennial. Plants make a bushy, upright mound of green foliage, bearing showy clusters of fuchsia-like flowers beginning in mid-summer and continuing into the autumn. Aequalis has bright yellow blooms that attract hummingbirds in its native habitat. These adapt well to containers, and in cold winter areas may be wintered indoors. Plants form a woody base and should be pruned back to 6 inches or so each spring. We managed to grow these quite happily against a south facing wall in Oxfordshire for many years.

Phygelius capensis

New for 2015!

"Cape Fuchsia" 10 seeds җ җ

The Cape Fuchsia is native to South Africa, but surprisingly quite a hardy perennial. Plants make a bushy, upright mound of green foliage, bearing showy clusters of fuchsia-like firecracker flowers beginning in mid-summer and continuing into the autumn. Capensis has brilliant orange-red blooms with a yellow throat that attracts hummingbirds in its native habitat. These adapt well to containers, and in cold winter areas may be wintered indoors. Plants form a woody base and should be pruned back to 6 inches or so each spring. We managed to grow these quite happily against a south facing wall in Oxfordshire for many years.

Physalis alkekengi var franchetii

New for 2015!

Chinese Lanterns Aprx 50 seeds җ җ җ 

This is a large strain of Chinese lanterns produce tiny, creamy-white flowers from July to August followed by bright orange-scarlet berries enclosed by large papery, red lanterns. Perfect for providing autumn interest in well-drained areas of the garden. The papery lanterns make wonderful dried flower arrangements. To prevent them from becoming invasive like mint, leave space around them to manage the plants or keep in containers. We just dig them out from where we don't need them but no big problem to control. Good for sunny well drained positions.

Prestonia mollis

New for 2015!

"Babeiro" 10 seeds

An evergreen tropical climbing vine from South America up to 10ft with shiny dark green leaves and attractive greenish yellow flowers with long tube and windmill-like arranged petals in axillary clusters. Needs all year round warmth so best in a heated glass house with minimum winter temperatures of 15C and not over watered in winter.

Rheum nobile

New for 2015!

Sikkim Rhubarb 5 seeds җ җ җ 

Rheum nobile or Sikkim rhubarb, is a giant herbaceous plant native to the Himalaya. It is an extraordinary species of rhubarb At 1–2 m tall standing out from the crowd in its rather bleak natural habitat. Excellent for a cool and moist location with its attractive cream coloured bracts and broad foliage. One of the most architecturally striking of all Asian mountain plants and very rare in cultivation.

Ricinus Mixed Collection

New for 2015!

Ricinus Collection җ

Each packet contains 5 seeds of each of the following and individually packed:-

Ricinus comm Blue Giant
Ricinus comm carmencita 'pink'
Ricinus comm carmencita 'red'
Ricinus communis Zanzibarensis
Ricinus New Zealand Purple 5


Ruellia brittoniana

Pink Mexican Petunia 10 seeds
A useful conservatory semi hardy sub shrub to 3ft tall. It produces masses of attractive 2" bright pink flowers in summer. Strap like dark green leaves similar to oleander.

Salvia hormonium Oxford Blue (Clary)

New for 2015!

Blue Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this one has bright blue bracts ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Salvia hormonium Pink Sundae (Clary)

New for 2015!

Pink Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this one has bright pink bracts and ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Salvia hormonium White Swan (Clary)

New for 2015!

White Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this variety has white bracts with green veining and ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Senna corymbosa

New for 2015!

Syn Cassia corymbosa or Buttercup Bush 10 seeds җ

Senna Corymbosa is often referred to as Cassia Corymbosa or Buttercup Bush and is originally from South America. This plant is very attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds. It has beautiful golden yellow flowers that bloom abundantly from late spring until late autumn among pinnate bright green foliage. This is the hardiest of the Cassia family and can withstand a few degrees of frost but grows vigorously above 15C.  As it is extremely tolerant of heat and drought it makes an ideal cold conservatory plant growing to 1 or 2 metres tall but needs regular watering to avoid drying out. Cut hard back to overwinter.

Solanum capsicoides

New for 2015!

Devil Plant 10 seeds

A frost tender perennial 2ft to 4ft. It is native to eastern Brazil but naturalized in other tropical regions. This plant is often used in colder but frost free regions as a rootstock for perennial eggplants where it can increase the crop some 10 fold. Also a very ornamental pot plant where it produces lots of bright orange fruits. In autumn the leafless branches with ripe fruits can be used in dry bouquets as the fruits will not dry out, rot or fall off. Easy to grow but for the UK best sown early in the year to produce summer fruits.

Solanum caripense

New for 2015!

Tzimbalo 10 seeds

This herby shrub is commonly cultivated in South America for its apricot-sized, purple and cream striped fruits that are reminiscent of a pleasantly tart melon. Easy to grow from seeds, it fruits within a few months.

Tibouchina semidecandra

New for 2015!

Brazilian Spider Flower Pkt

A fairly hardy shrub able to take a few degrees of frost. Tibouchina have soft hairy leaves with spectacular flowers and the centre stamens look like a jungle spider - hence the name. I use mine as bedding for the late summer flowers and pot culture. The seed of Tibouchina is tiny, similar to gloxinia seed, so please don't expect a large packet!


Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving