New Vegetable Seeds

New Vegetable Seeds for 2014

As part of our customer service we are always looking for exciting or unusual new seeds on a regular basis, all of these  are consolidated into our website as they become available but we like to highlight them in this section. Although these new seeds appear within each category, the following is a growing and working list of all new items for the 2014 season.


This section will be regularly updated as new seeds come in.

Bean Rob Red Splashed

New for 2014!

Purple Splashed Climbing French Bean  Aprx 25 seeds

A climbing French bean with cream splashed purple pods. Tender when cooked young and older pods may be shelled like dried beans. A good flavoured bean and a colourful addition to the kitchen garden.


Beetroot Mammoth Long

New for 2014!

Exhibition Beetroot  Aprx 50 seeds җ

Very long smooth good quality roots. Dark red flesh with a sweet flavour. This Beetroot has won many prizes on the show bench for a number of years.

Broad Bean Red Flowered

New for 2014!

Broad Bean Red Flowers Aprx 25 seeds җ җ

A heritage seed with deep red attractive flowers followed by small pods of tasty beans on 3ft tall plants. An excellent choice for growing among a flower border where space for vegetables is limited. The beans are smaller than normal Broad Beans but are produced in abundance and of excellent flavour. As an added bonus the flowers are scented!

Brussel Petit Posy

New for 2014!

"Flower Sprout"  Aprx 40 seeds җ җ җ

An interesting combination of a Brussel sprout and kale, producing attractive 'kale florets' on a sprout like stalk. Supplied as a combination of green, purple and bi-coloured (green/purple) varieties. Grow as per mid season Brussels sprouts. According to the suppliers these taste sweeter than normal sprouts and make an attractive display on the plate if steamed - leaving them as whole florets.

Cabbage Robinsons Champion

New for 2014!

Mammoth Autumn Cabbage Aprx 30 seeds җ җ

This cabbage produces huge round heads in the autumn. Excellent for cooking and coleslaw being full of flavour. Matures from September onwards and is frost hardy. Seeds may be sown during Spring or Autumn to produce giant specimens.

Capsicum Asian Mix

New for 2014!

Hot Chili Peppers from Asia 20 seeds


A collection of chilli peppers with a distinctive regional theme. Each mix contains at least eight different pepper varieties that originate from their respective named regions.Please note that these mixes are mixed for us by our supplier, based upon the availability at the time of harvest and so we cannot guarantee that the contents will be the same from one season to the next.

Carrot Eskimo

New for 2014!

Late Autumn & Winter Carrot Aprx 500 seeds җ җ

A late maincrop type with very strong roots, giving excellent resistance to breakage and splitting. Good colour and excellent flavour. Strong tops for lifting. Intermediate resistance to cavity spot and very good resistance to frost damage down to -7C.

Celery Mammoth Pink

New for 2014!

Pink Trench Celery   Aprx 100 seeds  җ

Developed for the vegetable exhibitor, this will produce fine specimens of solid celery with pink hues. An excellent flavoured large trench celery.

Courgette Bambino

New fot 2014!

Baby Courgette  10 seeds

Bush type non running courgette that produces masses of dark green ‘baby’ fruits over a long period. The use of courgette flowers is popular in many restaurants, and this variety can be harvested with the flower on, or the flower can be detached and used separately.

Courgette Collection

New for 2014!

5 varieties of Courgette or Zuchini 25 seeds

A mixed collection of courgettes for something different. Pack Contains 5 seeds each of :-

Courgette F1 Midnight
Courgette F1 Siesta
Courgette F1 Zephyr
Courgette Piccolo
Courgette Eight Ball


Crotalaria longirostrata

New for 2014!

Chipilin Aprx 20 seeds.

Chipilin is a popular tropical perennial legume native to Mexico and Central America  grown as a leafy vegetable.   The leaves were used as a food source by the Aztecs of Mexico and Mayas in Central America.  Leaves and tender stems are boiled in water and prepared much like spinach.   It can also be combined with beans, chopped meat or scrambled eggs.

Marrow Long Green Trailing

New for 2014!

Exhibition Giant Marrow 10 seeds 

A strong growing strain which will develop extra large dark green exhibition quality fruit. High yielding trailing plant. Ideal for winter storage. Needs space!

Mini Vegetable Collection

A pack of 12 mixed mini vegetables suitable for pots and containers, the contents are packaged and labelled separately with specific sowing instructions.

These seeds are suitable for anyone with a patio, balcony. or roof garden for growing in pots and containers. A useful pack for the budget conscious at less than 59p per item. The mix has been carefully chosen by us for ease of growth and hardiness for direct sowing outside apart from the Tomato that will need a head start indoors. The packet contains:-

  • Tomato Tumbling Tom
  • Radish Pink Beauty
  • Carrot Paris Market Atlas
  • Beetroot F1 Pablo
  • Dwarf French Bean Hildora
  • Dwarf French Bean Stanley
  • Onion White Lisbon
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Courgette Bambino
  • Lettuce Little Gem
  • Cabbage F1 Micro

Onion Green Bunching Gallop

New for 2014!

Japanese Bunching Onion (Allium fistulosum) Aprx 100 Seeds җ җ

This Japanese bunching onion is a hybrid perennial producing large clumps of hollow leaves up to 2ft tall. It is an excellent evergreen substitute for spring onions, sow seed in March in drills ½in deep and 1ft apart. Thin the seedlings to 9in and remove leaves as required. The clumps will increase in size each year but quality deteriorates over time, so lift and divide them every 3 years.

Pea Shiraz

New for 2014!

Mangetout Pea   Aprx 100 seeds җ

This attractive bi coloured purple/pink flowered, purple podded Mangetout Pea 'Shiraz' produces striking flat, purple pods that are best harvested young. They can be eaten raw, steamed or used in stir fries. The colour will fade to dark green though when the pods are cooked - like purple podded french beans but some colour is retained if lightly steamed or stir fried. Height to about 3ft or more with a spread of 1ft and the plants are very attractive with purple flowers and purple pods.

Pennyroyal Mint

New for 2014!

Pudding Grass Aprx 500 seeds җ җ җ

This species of Mint is a native of most parts of Europe, one of its popular names is 'Pudding Grass,' formerly used in stuffings using pepper and honey. It is the smallest of the Mints with the flowers held in whorled clusters. Like most of its near relatives, Pennyroyal is highly aromatic, perhaps even more so than any other Mint. An infusion of the leaves, known as Pennyroyal Tea, is an old-fashioned remedy for colds and menstrual derangements.

Radish Sakurajima Mammoth

New for 2014!

Giant Japanese Radish Aprx 50 seeds

his mammoth, round, white radish has a mild, sweet flavour. Harvest when roots reach 10" diameter. Grown in Japan as the "Largest Radish in the World," it sometimes reaches 100 pounds. Used for pickling and cooking, this giant originated in the very southern tip of Japan. Not easy to grow without bolting as they need 12 daylight hours and 12 hours of dark so best to sow Feb for an early crop under glass in pots or again in August. Similar to the daikon radish they need 90 days to maturity.

Radish White Icicle

New for 2014!

Long White Radish Aprx 500 seeds 

Radish White Icicle has crisp tender roots with a sweet nutty flavour. 10-15cm (4-6")  Ready about three weeks after sowing.

Sweet Pepper "Big Bertha"

New for 2014!

Sweet Bell Pepper  10 seeds


The largest elongated bell pepper available. The plant grows to 30 inches and this improved variety sets large 12" fruit and is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Excellent in cooler areas as well as a warm sheltered outside location. 72 days.

Sweet Pepper Mohawk F1

New for 2014!

Orange Bell Pepper  10 seeds


A compact (50cm) prolific sweet orange bell pepper with a spreading cascading habit making it ideal for hanging baskets or patio containers.

Tomato F1 Big Green

New for 2014!

Vining Medium Green Tomato  10 seeds

A vigorous and high yielding variety that produces very large, round fruits, which can easily weigh 300 grams or more. Excellent flavour and good shelf life performance. Bright green fruits that remain green even when mature (not sure yet how you know they are ripe!) Popular in Italy for the fantastic flavour when cooked. Resistant to Va, Vd, Fol (1&2) and ToMV.


Tomato Giant Belgium

New for 2014!

Giant Beefsteak Tomato 10 seeds

Developed in the USA, this variety is distinctive for its fruit that averages 2 lbs., but has been known to grow to an enormous 5 lbs. Tomatoes are dark pink and solid meat with smooth blossom ends and a delicious sweet flavour. Some people even make wine from these very sweet tomatoes. Indeterminate. 90 days.

Tomato Jersey Devil

New for 2014!

Chili Pepper Shaped Greenhouse Tomato 10 seeds

This variety was made popular many years ago by a seed company that is no longer in business. It is a prolific variety with 4 to 6 inch long, tapered red fruits shaped like banana peppers. The tomatoes are very meaty and sweet with few seeds and great for sauces, salsas, or eating fresh. Colour is a gorgeous bright red and the yield is impressive. Indeterminate. 80 days.

Tomato Sweet Aperitif

New for 2014!

Bush Tomato 20 seeds

Indoor/outdoor multi branching open pollinated variety produced a heavy yield of gorgeously sweet cherry fruits. Trusses hold up to 30 bite sized fruits each with a high sugar content and just the right amount of acidity to taste delicious. Can be grown as a 6ft trained vine but its natural inclination is for a bushy habit.


Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving