Tropical Climbers J to Z

Tropical Vines

Nothing is quite like a stunning tropical climber or tropical vine amongst summer bedding or growing up a warm house wall. They always bring happy memories of holidays in the Caribbean and their sheer exuberance and rampant growth can be surprising even in our luke warm summers. Not many are really hardy, although Passiflora Caerulea is root hardy and the vine stems can stand up to -10˚C given a protected wall. Similarly Campsis Radicans can just about tolerate -10˚C given similar protection. Another alternative is to grow fast growing perennial tropical climbers as annuals, and if sown early can become quite a show piece. If you are lucky enough to have a heated conservatory or greenhouse the range of tropical climbers you can try growing is simply stunning.

Macfadyena unguis-cati

Cat Claw Ivy  10 seeds  җ
Macfadyena unguis-cati or Cat Claw vine is a strong growing evergreen climbing vine from Central America that loses some leaves in cold weather and hardy to -5°C maybe -10°C. Large solitary, bright yellow, funnel-shaped flowers contrasting with the glossy green leaves in early summer makes an impressive show. Bignoniaceae family. This is an excellent alternative to growing Allamanda for cooler climates but beware it is extremely invasive in warmer climates to 30 metres, self clinging to any building, wall etc.

Mandevilla sauveolens

Chilean Jasmine  10 seeds  җ
Mandevilla sauveolens - a beautiful scented climber with dark green leaves and white trumpet shaped flowers like a larger version of jasmine. My father has been growing a beautiful specimen on an outside wall in London for about 20 years, which he prunes back each year after flowering.

Mina lobata Exotic Love

Firecracker Vine  10 seeds 
A member of the Ipomoea family Mina lobata Exotic Love produces sprays of red/yellow flowers. I find this an excellent plant grown through other shrubs that look tired with no flowers at the end of the summer. Give it plenty of sun and water and it will produce a spectacular display

Mina lobata Jungle Queen

Hybrid Firecracker Vine  10 seeds 
Mina lobata Jungle Queen has brighter contrasting coloured flowers is free flowering and ideal for baskets withstanding hot dry conditions. A member of the Ipomoea family with sprays of red/yellow flowers. I find this an excellent plant also grown through other shrubs that look tired with no flowers at the end of the summer. Give it plenty of sun and water and it will produce a spectacular display. To 5ft if trained up a frame.

Mucuna Pruriens

Velvet Bean  10 seeds 
A fast growing tropical vine to 60 ft. with large leaves and purple flowers in huge clusters. Mucuna Pruriens produces 3 inch velvety pods filled with marbled beans. The seeds, pods and young leaves are edible, but require special treatment to render them non-toxic. A valuable soil improver, and cattle forage. The plant is also used for its rare medicinal properties and forms the basis of over 200 formulations.

Pandorea jasminoides

Pandorea  15 seeds  
Pandorea jasminoides is an interesting conservatory climber which has a very similar habit and leaves to jasmine, the difference is the large 2" to 3" flowers of pale pink. My stock plants exhibit strong growth and continues to grow in cool conditions.

Pandorea Pandorana

Wonga Wonga Vine  10 seeds җ
Wonga Wonga Vine - what a great name for this evergreen climber from Australia with handsome fern like foliage. Pandorea Pandorana can be grown outside in mild areas or makes a spectacular conservatory climber. The tubular bell shaped flowers are creamy white with purple spotted markings and are borne in large clusters from late winter to early spring. Young growth is rich bronze in colour and matures into large glossy deep green leaves. Plant in a good rich free draining soil in full sun. Hardy to about minus 5°C once established.

Passiflora caerulea

Hardy Passion Flower  15 seeds җ җ
Passiflora caerulea is quite a popular plant easily grown from seed if you want to give it a try. I think the flowers are beautiful and it makes a rampant climber covered most of the summer in cold blue flowers that contrast well with the dark green leaves. These are followed by yellow fruits that are not edible but nevertheless look attractive as autumn approaches. Prefers a warm wall if possible.

Passiflora coactilis


Tacsonia Passion Flower  10 seeds  

Passiflora coactilis is a fast growing rare evergreen climber from the Tacsonia group. Flowers are long, pink and attractive. It comes fom the Andes up to an altitude of 3600 meters so resistant to lower temperatures up to a minimum of -5°C. Well worth a try for a cold conservatory.

Passiflora coccinea


Scarlet Passion Flower  10 seeds  

A fast growing vine, bearing striped, 2 cm passion fruits with edible pulp. Its beautiful dark red flowers share similarities with those of Passiflora vitifolia but less expensive to source.

Passiflora edulis

Edible Passion Fruit   10 seeds
Passiflora edulis is the best and hardiest variety if you want your own Passion fruits to eat; the flowers although attractive are not spectacular. The vine is vigorous with deeply lobed large leaves and very suitable for conservatory growth. I am giving my own plants a trial this year inside and out, just to see how they fair through a reasonable summer and from a mid spring sowing.

Passiflora foetida


"Running Pop"  10 seeds

An annual Passiflora that grows quickly over hedges and bushes in tropical conditions. The stems are thin and wiry supporting small 5cm pretty white passion flowers with a pink centre. The unusual fruits look a bit like love in a mist seed pods, turning red when ripe.

Passiflora incarnata

Maypops 10 seeds җ җ
Passiflora incarnata, or Maypop, is a deciduous vine and the cold hardiest of the Passion flower family reaching 13 feet in length with deeply lobed leaves and large purple fringed flowers. They are hardy in the USA to zones 6-9 but best in the UK grown in a cool greenhouse to prevent winter root rot. Move the plants to a cool frost free glass house for the winter gradually withholding water until all foliage dies off, when the plant should be trimmed back. When new growth starts in the spring, repot and resume watering.

Passiflora ligularis

Sweet Granadilla  10 seeds
Ranking close to Passiflora edulis in popular appeal and potential, Passiflora ligularis or sweet granadilla is a vigorous, strong grower vine. The pale purple blue flowers have a sweet and musky odour, followed by (if you're lucky!) long, green, purple blushed fruits. Has to be worth a try?

Passiflora maliformis


Sweet Calabash  10 seeds 

Passiflora maliformis a native of the Carribean is cultivated for its beautiful fragrant flowers and delicious aromatic sweet yellowish fruit. It is a woody climber than can reach 10 m length in its native habitat but can be grown as a container plant. It climbs by tendrills sprouting from the leaf axils and the leaves are ovate not lobed. Like Alata it is best having a restricted root run or it just keeps growing without any flowers!

Passiflora mollisima

The Banana Passion  10 seeds
This pretty coral pink passion flower from mountain regions is of the vine leaf type, with strong growth if given a warm sunny wall. It grows well in our UK summers disliking high temperatures unlike most of its cousins. The name derives from its long yellow fruits like a squat banana which also taste delicious, don’t get too excited though, you are unlikely to get it to fruit in the UK. Passiflora mollisima will make 20’ to 30’ given ample root room and water but it needs a good flower feed with reduced nitrogen content, or it will just make leafy growth.

Passiflora quadrangularis

Purple Granadilla   10 seeds
Passiflora quadrangularis is my all time favourite passion flower with large leaves and huge purple flowers with a very heavy scent that just has to be appreciated with your own nose. I have never managed to get any of my plants to set fruit (the giant granadilla which is said to be delicious) but who cares, the flowers are magnificent. Really only suitable for the conservatory but beware, when looked after it will become very rampant!

Petrea volubilis


Sandpaper Vine 10 seeds  

An interesting vine from Mexico both for its leaves as well as the flowers. It is sometimes called Sandpaper Vine because of the Sandpaper textured leaves or the Purple Wreath, or Blue Bird Vine.  It is hardy down to 5C but not much colder.  It will take heavy drought and blooms in the late summer with long lasting foot long tresses of purple flowers. Needs acid conditions to do well. Good conservatory semi climber or lax shrub.

Prestonia mollis


"Babeiro" 10 seeds

An evergreen tropical climbing vine from South America up to 10ft with shiny dark green leaves and attractive greenish yellow flowers with long tube and windmill-like arranged petals in axillary clusters. Needs all year round warmth so best in a heated glass house with minimum winter temperatures of 15C and not over watered in winter.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Purple Bells  10 seeds
Rhodochiton atrosanguineum or purple bells is an exciting tender perennial climber for baskets or a shady trellis. To 10' producing masses of bell-shaped maroon-purple pendent flowers. The 2" heart-shaped leaves edged in purple add to the attraction of this lovely vine. It blooms best in bright shade throughout the summer. Treat as an annual or protect from frost in winter to keep for another year.

Solandra longiflora

Chalice Vine 5 seeds
A fast growing very large tropical climber, only suitable for large conservatories, that bears massive yellow flowers the size of tea plates. An excellent specimen of Solandra  can be seen at Wisley in their tropical House. The large yellow cup shaped flower gives the plant its common name Chalice Vine. Seed is very rare to find hence I can only spare 5 seeds per order collected from my own hybrid vine.

Sollya heterophylla

Blue Bell Creeper  20 Seeds җ җ
Sollya heterophylla is a lovely delicate twining climber, hardy and adaptable, tolerating light frosts, partial shade or full sun and can stand seasonal dry periods once established. While preferring lighter soils, the plants will establish in heavier soils provided drainage is good. Excellent as a conservatory or pot plant and it can be trained as a small shrub producing the delicate bright blue flowers most of the summer.

Stephanotis floribunda


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Madagascar Jasmine   10 seeds  

Stephanotis floribunda is one of my favourite tropical climbers with pristine waxy white flowers that smell absolutely gorgeous. It is a simple leathery tough leaved vine that likes heat and not drying out at the roots. Not so easy from seed as cuttings but well worth trying out. A large plant grown over a climbing framework in a heated conservatory will permeate your house with an exquisite heavy perfume in the evenings.

Tecoma stans

Trumpet Bush  10 seeds 
Tecoma stans is a member of the Bignonia  family which is more of a scrambling shrub than a climber but with typical Bignonia terminal racemes of flowers. Stans has bright yellow 2” funnel shaped flowers in panicles to 6” long. From Argentina and Guatemala it will need a minimum of 10°C in winter. If you can grow this one it should be a real eye catcher. I have wanted to grow it for years but could not find a seed source and  we are excited to be able to now offer seed of this rare plant.

Thunbergia Alata African Sunset

Black Eyed Susan  10 seeds 
Thunbergia Alata African Sunset is an exciting new F1 vigorous selection of the popular Black Eyed Susan trailing annual for baskets or bedding. Colours range from deep brick red to cream with pink, orange and yellow shades in between some with picotee edges or striped.