Hibiscus Species

Exotic Hibiscus for Gardens and Conservatories

I have always been fascinated and enthralled by tropical Hibiscus flowers and the plants are becoming more popular as hardy strains become available. We have a number of Hibiscus family seeds on offer but they are contained within different sections of this Web site under annuals or conservatory etc. I have therefore copied our full range into this new section for easier reference.

Abelmoschus manihot

Hibiscus Manihot - 10 seeds
Abelmoschus is a spectacular annual shrub like plant best treated as an annual in the UK. Huge 6” hibiscus like yellow blooms with a maroon central blotch. They do need heat to get going but a 6ft Abelmoschus plant with side shoots covered in these gorgeous blooms is achievable in a single season from seed. Very fast growing in heat, the large, attractive leaves can be used in salads, stir-fries, soups or other dishes.  A single leaf can cover a slice of bread in a sandwich and is used like lettuce.  The leaves are tender when raw but turn slimy if overcooked.  They are very high in nutrition.

Abelmoschus Moschatus Pacific Strain

Musk Mallow - 10 seeds
Abelmoschus Moschatus Pacific Strain is a cultivated dwarf form of Abelmoschus used for unusual bedding in a warm, sunny position. They form neat exotic spreading bushes 12” to 18” of deep green foliage covered with numerous white-centred, orange/salmon, Hibiscus-like blooms, each 3 to 4 inches across.

Hibiscus acetosella Mahogony Splendor

False Roselle 10 seeds
Hibiscus acetosella is a specimen flowering shrub from tropical Africa to 5ft with striking burgundy/black maple like foliage.  Blooms late in the season though, so best grown outside in a warm position for the foliage and then brought inside for its late Autumn carmine flowers.

Hibiscus cannabinus

Hibiscus cannabinus - Indian Hemp 15 seeds
Hibiscus cannabinus is an unusual member of the hibiscus family grown for cash crop paper making. They germinate in 24 hours in heat and can reach 18ft tall in 9 months of growth, but more likely 6ft to 8ft in a UK Summer. Useful for a fast growing foliage plant in a tropical border with pale lemon yellow flowers. We have a new strain now with palmate leaves and larger 4” flowers.

Hibiscus coccineus


Swamp Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ

Now here is an interesting one for you to try out in a tropical border. Hibiscus coccineus is a large red flowered Hibiscus able to take between -5°C to -10°C but not making so large a plant after recovery. It comes from the swamps of Florida and Louisiana, but I usually over winter them in a frost free polytunnel and then use the plants for tropical bedding rewarding me with huge red flowers on 6ft plants worthy of any tropical bedding. Pretty delicate light green hemp type foliage. It naturally dies back to the ground during winter then regrowing up to 10ft in its natural habitat.

Hibiscus Disco Belle Mixed Colours

Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ җ
Another outstanding seed grown hardy Hibiscus.  Hibiscus Disco Belle  has blossoms up to 9” in diameter in white, deep red and pink mostly with red centres June-Oct on shorter plants than Galaxy. Strong, very upright habit growing to 3ft when established and frost hardy to -10°C. These hibiscus die back to the ground each year and the old growth is best pruned as new shoots emerge from the base in spring.

Hibiscus ferrugineus


Shrub Hibiscus 10 seeds 

Hibiscus ferrugineus is a shrub native to Madagascar and South Africa, with heart-shaped leaves and bright pink flowers. Likes dry conditions and a good option as a conservatory pot plant.

Hibiscus Galaxy

Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ
An outstanding seed grown Hibiscus, Hibiscus Galaxy is a very large flowering mixture of Rose Mallow with exceptional colour display on tall 6ft plants. Blossoms up to 10” in diameter of clear colours from white to deep red and all shades in between mostly with red centres June-Oct. Strong, very upright habit growing to 6ft and frost hardy to -10°C when established, we were totally overawed by them in our seed trials.

Hibiscus moscheutos

Swamp Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ җ
This is the wild form of the swamp hibiscus with large pink flowers with red centers with blossoms up to 6” in diameter  June-Oct. Strong, very upright habit growing to 3ft when established and frost hardy to -10°C. These hibiscus die back to the ground each year and the old growth is best pruned as new shoots emerge from the base in spring.

Hibiscus mutabilis

Confederate Rose 10 seeds
Hibiscus mutabilis becomes a large shrub or small multistemmed tree that grows to 15 ft in a warm climate and a native of China. Hibiscus mutabilis will need a warm glasshouse in the UK to over winter but is spectacular when in full bloom starting in late summer and on into autumn. The flowers open pure white and change colour over a three-day period until they are deep pink. The most notable characteristic of this flowering shrub is that flowers of three distinct colours appear on the bush simultaneously as the blooms colour cycle independent of one another.

Hibiscus sabdariffa

"The other Cranberry"  10 seeds 
Originally native from India to Malaysia, Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as ‘Red Sorell’, is now widely distributed and cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions round the globe. The attractive red or purple seed pods are edible and have an invigorating, astringent flavour. In the Caribbean, the calyx-covered fruits are brewed in water to make a refreshing, cranberry-coloured tea. They are also used in salads, jellies (such as Jamaica’s famous rosella jam), sauces, soups, beverages, chutneys, pickles, tarts, puddings, syrups, and wine. Powdered dried red sorrel is added to commercial herb teas such as Red Zinger for flavour and colour.

Hibiscus syriacus mixed

Rose of Sharon  20 seeds җ җ җ
Hibiscus syriacus is a hardy deciduous shrub to 10 feet tall (3 m) that can be trained to have a single trunk. Alternate, coarsely toothed, smooth leaves, often with 3 lobes, up to 3 inches long. 3" flowers cover the shrub in late summer creating a fantastic display of colour. Slow growing and expensive to buy as plants. The colours will vary from white, red or blue in our Jungle Seed Mix.

Hibiscus tiliacius

Beach Hibiscus 10 seeds 
Hibiscus tiliacius is a tropical evergreen shrub, or small spreading tree that can reach up to about 15 foot tall and wide but much smaller if pot grown and kept pruned. The large 10cm flowers open up and start out yellow and then as the day progresses they turn to orange. The flowers and young leaves are edible but the plant likes a well drained compost and a sunny location. Easy to grow from seeds and should make a good conservatory plant with its handsome large leaves.



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