Pot plants

One of my favourite plants from seed are tender pot plants that can be grown from in the greenhouse and brought to flowering age ready for spectacular display indoors or in a conservatory. Many a time I have used these as gifts for friends at dinner parties and for many other occasions where something nurtured by one's own hand rather than purchased from a corner store had more meaning. With the right selection you can have beautiful flowering plants all year round.

Adenium obesum mixed

Desert Rose mixed shades 10 seeds
Adenium obesum are succulents that come from dry arid conditions on the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. They develop large fat trunks even after 2 or 3 months from seed called a caudex, for water storage. They start to flower when quite small only 25cm tall and make excellent house or conservatory plants well adapted to dry atmosphere conditions.

Browallia speciosa Blue Lady

Amethyst Flower 15 seeds
Browallia speciosa is a delightful conservatory or house pot plant that remains compact and uniform and covered with star shaped deep blue flowers. Excellent pot plants that after 6 months slow growth will flower all year round even brightening up our dull winters.

Calceolaria Dainty Mixed

Slipper Plant  20seeds 
Calceolaria has pouch like flowers that smother the plants in brilliant colours of red, yellow and pinks creating a stunning annual display for a cool environment like an unheated conservatory in winter. They can be grown at any time of year but more commonly used for winter flowering from autumn sown seeds.  Dainty is a compact dwarf varietythat brings fresh, bright colours into the darkest time of the year. For weeks on end, the compact plants with their dense cover of bright flowers are a source of delight that brightens anyone's home.

Crossandra infundibuliformis

Firecracker Plant   10 seeds
Crossandra infundibuliformis is another excellent long lasting house plant with glossy dark green leaves contrasting vividly with bright orange/red flowers. Easy to raise from seed flowering in about 3 to 4 months. Keep warm over winter.

Cuphea ignea

Cigar Plant 10 seeds
Cuphea ignea or the cigar plant is native to Mexico and the islands of the West Indies. A sub shrub that grows to about 3ft in height with a similar spread. The leaves are lance shaped or narrowly elliptical and dark green with brilliant orange flowers that inspire this tropical perennial’s common names like cigar flower and cigarette plant. Pinch back the stem tips occasionally to maintain a dense compact shape, easy from seed and a delightful pot plant

Eustoma grandiflorum - Lisianthus

Lisianthus Echo series 15 seeds
The Echo series of Eustoma grandiflorum is the world’s first 100% all double-flowering cut flower type Lisianthus. Echo is a Group 1, early-flowering, spray type Lisianthus with the strong stems necessary to support the luxurious satiny double blooms on stem lengths of 32 inches. Colours include blue, blue picotee, lavender, light blue, rose, pink picotee, white and yellow.

Geranium F1 Bulls Eye Mixed


New for 2020!

Zonal Geranium (Pelagonium) 10 seeds

Geranium Bulls Eye series features stable, dark chocolate almost black foliage ringed in green. Colours include Light Pink, Red, Salmon Scarlet, and Cherry. Also good for containers and borders 35-40cm

Geranium F1 Horizon Mixed

Geranium (Pelagonium) 10 seeds
Seed grown hybrid geraniums have come a long way over the last few years and are often indistinguishable from cutting grown hybrids, early to flower, good branching habit and zonal foliage. Geranium F1 Horizon range is an excellent example of a superb colour range and most with zonal foliage all with a compact habit and ideal for pot plants or bedding. I remember the first geraniums I grew from seed many years ago when they first came on to the market and I would have given my right arm for this or the Maverick selection!

Geranium F1 Maverick Mixed

Geranium (Pelagonium) 10 seeds
The Geranium Maverick series bred for volume commercial use is one of the best seed grown geraniums, easy to grow and very uniform to flower on strong zonal foliage. Large 15cm shatter resistant flower heads in a wide range of colours make them very suitable for bedding out or for Pot/Patio use.

Gerbera F1 Living Revolution

Transvaal Daisy 6 seeds 
Gerbera jamesonii cut flowers or pot plants give fantastic colour and beauty to any room.  For best results though the plants need a liberal amount of sun and water. Half day of direct sun and half day of partial shade and remaining slightly moist at all times is ideal. Healthy Gerberas are rarely bothered by pests but fungus and stem rot is a common problem with over watered plants. Remove old leaves regularly to prevent fungus infections. .Living Revolution is an F1 hybrid earlier flowering with short compact leaves, large flowers and medium to long flower stems.

Gloxinia Avanti Mixed

Gloxinia  15 seeds
Gloxinia Avanti  Mixed includes a good colour range from purpley-blue, pink, white and some picotee white and purple or white and pink flowers. Gloxinias enjoy bright light but not direct sun. Because the leaves are velvety they do not like getting wet.

Gloxinia Empress Mixed

Gloxinia  25 seeds 
Gloxinias are one of the most beautiful houseplants you can grow. Each flower is velvety and bell shaped with blossoms of at least 3-inches in diameter! Gloxinia Empress has one of the widest colour ranges that we have found with pink, red, purple, white, lavender, including both spotted and bicolour forms. Gloxinias enjoy bright light but not direct sun. Because the leaves are velvety they do not like getting wet. Gloxinias die back in the autumn and as the plant begins to fade, water less frequently and then stop watering all together. The tuberous stem needs about 2 to 4 months of dry soil combined with a dark place to re invigorate. When new leaves appear bring the plant back inside the house and resume watering. Place it in a sunny location to grow again. Another plant I grew in my youth to give away to girl friends or their mothers! They all nicknamed them “Peter’s Gladutias”!

Impatiens Balsamina

Balsam   Pkt
Impatiens Balsamina are unusual impatiens with columns of beautiful camellia type flowers in a wide range of colours on dwarf 12" to 15" plants that make very attractive pot plants. I have grown these on and off for many years and in my opinion should be more popular.

Impatiens New Guinea Divine Mixed

New Guinea Busy Lizzie  10 seeds

Impatiens New Guinea Divine  is a new series that features plants with a greater branching habit that produces lots of flowers all season long. This branching habit also creates nicely shaped, mounded hanging baskets. Foliage ranges from green to bronze-green, providing an excellent contrast with the blooms.

Please Note that the New Guinea Impatiens are not susceptible to the downy mildew disease currently attacking ordinary varieties!

Primula malacoides Prima Mixed

German Primrose  Pkt
Primula malacoides Prima  is an exciting winter flowering new hybrid, large dense flowers umbels borne on compact uniform plants in carmine and white shades. It is early flowering so should be sown mid-July to Late August. A lovely tender Primula suitable for cool glass house growing and one of my favourites from a past life when I used to grow all of these primulas for pot display.

Primula Obconica F1 Libre

German Primrose   Pkt
Primula Obconica is a hardy flowering tender pot plant that will give you an almost continuous display of flowers for many years in delicate pastel shades of pink, blue and white. Easy to grow from seed but with some plants the leaves may be touch sensitive for some people creating an allergic skin reaction. This strain is “primine-free” though eliminating the problem.  A really excellent tough house plant capable of withstanding some abuse!

Rehmannia elata

Chinese Foxglove   Pkt җ
Rehmannia elata forms a bold rosette of slightly oval, serrated leaves which anchor the flowers, forming a spike to 50cm of rose coloured bells that are similar to foxglove. Flowers all summer long but in bursts, this gesneriad is not that hardy in the UK and best grown as a cool greenhouse pot plant if you are in a cold area. Used in Chinese herbal medicine.

Salpiglossis grandiflora

Painted Lady Mix  Pkt  
Salpiglossis grandiflora or Painted Tongue was a favourite of the Victorians who loved its rich, jewel tones in gold, red, pink, blue and many other colours and patterns, even herringbone. This annual reaches up to 2-feet tall making a spectacular pot plant if pinched out to encourage a bushy habit. It prefers a cool house position and can be used as a cut flower.

Schizanthus Angel Wings

Poor Mans Orchid Mix   Pkt
Schizanthus are very showy annuals also called "Butterfly Flower" or "Poor Man's Orchid." This truly lovely plant hails originally from the South American country of Chile. Although not a well-known flowering annual, you're sure to fall in love with it when you see its remarkable flowers. Schizanthus can be slow to germinate but you will be rewarded with a dazzling display of vibrant colours in reds, pinks, blues and lavenders all with a central golden eye. This strain is more compact and less lax in habit than most, and ideal for pot growing.

Solanum Thurino

Winter Cherry 10 seeds

This member of the Solanum family, has green berries in summer which mature at different rates, so you get green, ivory and tomato looking red fruits at the same time. Used widely as a house plant and virtually indestructible the fruits are toxic although not life threatening. Keep away from any frosts and this little pot grown plant will reward you with its colourful fruits for many years.

Streptocarpus hybrids

Dragon Hybrids Mixed  15 seeds 
Streptocarpus are a close relative of the Saintpaulia, Their native habitat is the southern African continent and Madagascar. Like the African violet, modern Streptocarpus hybrids have come a long way from their species ancestors and we offer a modern small leaf Dragon Mix hybrid for you to try. I have not been without a plant for 30 years or more and a great favourite of mine.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving