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Exotic Annuals for Quick Results

Traditional and unusual varieties to bring an exotic dimension to your summer planting. Our selection of annuals including cottage garden and tropical species that can be grown from seed for spectacular summer displays. Most of the ones included here are annuals but some are perennials  best grown as annuals in our climate. 

Ricinus Blue Giant



Giant Castor Oil Plant 10 seeds

We believe this to be a form of Zanzibarensis. From our trials the produced tall plants to 10ft in a year with attractive blue/grey leaves and stems. The seed capsules are also a grey green.

Ricinus Carmencita Pink

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Ricinus Carmencita Pink 10 seeds 

Ricinus Carmencita Pink - widely grown annual Mediterranean plants producing large attractive purplish leaves on red stems with clusters of red flowers and seed heads between the leaves. I grow it regularly as summer bedding, after witnessing it displayed to perfection in a Portuguese garden. An early spring sowing will produce 5’ plants by September. BEWARE that all parts of this plant are poisonous, in particular the seeds. Some of you may remember the umbrella stabbing of a spy many years ago in London using an almost untraceable deadly poison? This was Ricin, chemically extracted from the seeds of this plant!

Carmencita Pink is an award winning form with clear pink seed heads and green leaves with a grey/pink blush, often used at Wisley for bedding. Carmencita Red is the best red form.

Ricinus Carmencita Red

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Ricinus Carmencita Red 10 seeds 

Ricinus Carmencita Red, a superb selected form of Ricinus with brighter red seed heads and deep red/bronze  shiny leaves. An outstanding plant. Please note that this plant only produces strong leaf colour when in full sun and as it matures above 2ft.

Ricinus communis zanzibarensis

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Ricinus communis zanzibarensis 10 seeds

Ricinus communis zanzibarensis has huge green leaves and is capable of reaching 10ft in one season, supporting 2ft wide leaves. Great for an unusual green jungle back drop. We now supply a mixed colour form, some with plain green stems and some with a hint of pink similar to a giant form of Carmencita Pink but without the Carmencita pink flowers.

Ricinus impala

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Ricinus impala 15 seeds

Ricinus impala is a widely available form with good red fruit colouring and slightly taller, growing to 6ft from an early spring sowing and creamy yellow flowers. Some variability in the bronze/purple leaf colouration though compared with Communis Red.

Ricinus Mixed Collection


Ricinus Collection җ

Each packet contains 5 seeds of each of the following and individually packed:-

Ricinus comm Blue Giant
Ricinus comm carmencita 'pink'
Ricinus comm carmencita 'red'
Ricinus communis Zanzibarensis
Ricinus New Zealand Purple 5

Ricinus New Zealand Purple



Ricinus NZ Purple 10 seeds

Ricinus New Zealand Purple is a fabulous new Ricinus with deep maroon to purple metallic leaves, stems and fruit. A tall, majestic plant to 7ft with stunning foliage and a must have for any tropical border. We now have sensible quantities for sale. Please note that the seeds need a little more heat than other Ricinus to get them started.

Rudbeckia Autumn Colours


Black Eyed Susan,  Aprx 30 Seeds җ җ

An attractive mixture of ‘Autumn’ shades with bronze petals, red rings and rusty red centres. An excellent bedding plant for mixed borders and on its own. 60cm.

Rudbeckia hirta Cherokee Sunset

Gloriosa Daisy,  Aprx 30 Seeds җ җ
Rudbeckia hirta Cherokee Sunset is a new double rudbeckia with unique flower shape and colours making it a great addition to your late summer garden. Ideal for borders or as cut flowers. Height to 60cm and a superb colour range of autumn reds and golds. Rudbeckia hirta are actually short lived perennials but best grown as an annual.

Rudbeckia hirta Cherry Brandy

Gloriosa Daisy Aprx 30 Seeds  җ җ
A fantastic new colour addition for Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy has deep maroon red flowers complemented by a dark red centre. The flowers are 4" across and produced all summer, even in poor soils. A recent introduction and not one to be missed. Rudbeckia hirta are actually short lived perennials but best grown as an annual.

Rudbeckia hirta Prairie Sun

Gloriosa Daisy  Aprx 30 Seeds җ җ
Rudbeckia hirta Prairie Sun is one of the finest new varieties to arrive with very large clear yellow flowers with a green to lime centre. A superb tall bedding plant to 80cm with a great display of 20cm 5" flower heads on strong stems. Rudbeckia hirta are actually short lived perennials but best grown as an annual.

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard


Green Black Eyed Susan,  Aprx 30 Seeds җ җ

An unusual cut flower with strong stems, extremely long lasting in water. Bright green sepals with dark almost black cones. 1.5m.

Salvia farinacea Evolution

Annual Violet Sage Aprx 50 seeds
Salvia farinacea Evolution has the same growth habit as the common ‘Victoria’ variety but is the first Salvia with very deep violet flower spikes which hold their colour. These 6-7” well branched flower spikes are excellent for cut flowers and dried arrangements.  Hardy down to frost level  but best grown as an annual or cold greenhouse pot plant. 45cm

Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen

Annual Sage 20 Seeds
Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen is a unique bi-colour Sage with dense sapphire blue spikes with a white splash on each flower. A densely branching habit and excellent performance throughout the summer until first frost. 45cm

Salvia hispanica


"Chia" aprox 1000 seeds

A native of South America this attractive annual (perennial in frost free areas) has flowers of purple to white growing 3ft to 5ft tall. Its grown commercially for the seeds which are used as a health food eaten cooked, raw or as a drink  and classed as one of the new wonder foods favoured by the Aztecs. The seeds are packed with omega 3 , calcium, fibre, iron, vitamin C and an excellent source of dietary fibre.

One of the most important Chia seeds health benefits is that they help in improving the function of the brain - we could all do with some of that!

Salvia hormonium (Clary)

Mixed Clary Monach Series Aprx 200 Seeds
Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers with bright bracts in pink, blue and white shades. 70cm

Salvia hormonium Oxford Blue (Clary)


New for 2015!

Blue Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this one has bright blue bracts ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Salvia hormonium Pink Sundae (Clary)


New for 2015!

Pink Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this one has bright pink bracts and ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Salvia hormonium White Swan (Clary)


New for 2015!

White Clary Aprx 200 Seeds

Salvia hormonium (Clary) produces compact habit plants to 2ft and easy to grow by sowing directly where to flower. Excellent for dried flowers this variety has white bracts with green veining and ideal for colour themed borders. 70cm

Salvia patens

Blue Angel 20 seeds
Salvia patens is a popular clump forming Salvia with large intense rich sky blue tubular flowers in mid Summer to mid Autumn. Ideal for Summer pots and containers, it is also a perennial in mild areas to about -10c but can be treated as an annual and grown the same way as Salvia splendens. 70cm

Salvia splendens Salsa

Annual Salvia Aprx 50 seeds

Salvia splendens Salsa - a day length neutral Salvia 25cm tall that will flower in 3 months from sowing. Excellent garden or pot performance in full sun or partial shade. We offer the classic scarlet but also a mixed packet of 10 individual colours in shades of purple, red, white, rose, salmon etc.

Scabiosa Dwarf Double Mixed

Annual Scabious Aprx 75 seeds
Scabiosa Dwarf Double Mixed is best sown where they are to flower in spring, this variety has fully double flowers in an excellent colour range on relatively compact plants. Colours of maroon, carmine, scarlet, pink, rose and white. They prefer a light, well drained soil and an open sunny position thinned out to 25cm apart.

Solanum Laciniatum

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Kangaroo Apple Pkt
Solanum Laciniatum - a tall growing shrub like plant belonging to the Solanum family. It has blue flowers very similar to Solanum jasminoides but larger to 3” across. The pinnate foliage is fairly attractive and since the plant can achieve 8ft from seed in its first year, it makes a bold statement at the back of any tropical border.

Sorghum bicolor

Broom Corn 15 seeds
Sorghum bicolor, a member of the corn family with wide strapping leaves and tall seed heads, is an important source of grain in many parts of the world. The stems of some are used for making molasses or syrup, while other types are grown for making brooms or as ornamentals. Seeds can be cooked like rice or popped, and the stems of some varieties can be chewed like sugar cane. Horticultural selections have been made for color and height, and all are easily grown as an annual. The attractive coloured seed heads can be used for fresh or dried arrangements. Many of the available selections are very tall and are a dramatic backdrop for other plants. Our exciting mix contains tall and medium strains, black and white seeded, popping corn, coloured uprights of gold, red, black, maroon, pink and cream with large seed heads for drying. Plus white african to over 8ft useful for syrup and a selection of red strains. I cannot guarantee you will get all of these in packet of 15 seeds but certainly an exciting selection that makes a real impact for the back of any tropical border.

Stocks - Cinderella series

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Stocks Aprx 50 seeds
Stocks - Cinderella series are popular bedding plants with a delicious scent. The 90 day Cinderella range has a very high % of double flowers in a good colour range and uniform habit. The few single flowering plants can be removed by discarding the dark green seedlings.

Sweet Pea Incense Mixed

Scented Sweet Pea 25 seeds җ
Sweet Pea Incense Mixed comprises of a selection of the world's most fragrant sweet peas. Carefully selected for a stunning colour blend. Don't forget that a late Autumn to Winter seed sowing is best for these lovely climbing plants.

Sweet Pea Mammoth Mixed

Giant Sweet Pea 25 seeds җ
Sweet Pea Mammoth Mixed are large strong growing plants with long stems excellent for cutting in a lovely mixed colour blend. Dont forget that a late Autumn to Winter seed sowing is best for these lovely climbing plants.

Sweet Pea Spencer Waved Mixed

Large Flowered Sweet Pea 25 seeds җ
Sweet Pea Spencer Waved Mixed is a very popular large flowered variety with an excellent colour mix selected from individual colours. Dont forget that a late Autumn to Winter seed sowing is best for these lovely climbing plants.

Sweet William F1 Noverna

Noverna Mixed 25 seeds
This 18” tall Sweet William F1 Noverna variety takes the ever popular annual Sweet William to a new dimension. You can grow ‘Noverna’ for a fabulous display of big, bold, clustered perfumed flower heads from spring to autumn in bedding displays, patio containers or as long lasting cut flowers. It will flower within 12-14 weeks from sowing with no vernalisation (chilling period).

Tithonia speciosa Torch

Mexican Sunflower Aprx 50 seeds
Tithonia speciosa Torch develops into tall 5’ to 6’ tall sturdy plants with velvety dark green leaves and fiery, red-orange blooms will turn any sunny spot into a Mexican fiesta. Perfect for use as a quick summer screen they also attract butterflies. Heat and drought tolerant and will grow in any soil as long as it is in full sun.

Tithonia speciosa Yellow Torch

Yellow Mexican Sunflower Aprx 50 seeds
Tithonia speciosa Yellow Torch also develops into tall 5’ to 6’ tall sturdy plants with velvety dark green leaves and bright yellow blooms will turn any sunny spot into a Mexican fiesta. Perfect for use as a quick summer screen they also attract butterflies. Heat and drought tolerant and will grow in any soil as long as it is in full sun.

Trachelium caeruleum Devotion Mixed

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Blue Throatwort Mixed 10 seeds
Trachelium caeruleum or blue throatwort is a member of the Campanula family and native to the West and Central Mediterranean region. A tender perennial  usually grown as annual it is used extensively for the cut flower trade, with a 2 week vase life. The Devotion series is a choice cultivar to 30" with a good colour range.  Seed sown in March and planted out in full sun after frosts will flower all summer. Attracts butterflies. Can also be grown in pots to produce specatular flower heads and if you have a cold greenhouse they can be overwintered for large clumping plants the following year.

Verbena bonariensis

Purpletop Vervain Aprx 100 seeds җ
Verbena bonariensis is a tender perennial flower that adds height and wispiness to the garden and flower arrangements but in the UK probably best grown as an annual from an early sowing. It is a tall plant that has small delicate, vibrant metallic purple flowers that are held high on 1.5m thin, ridgid but square stems. It adds impact to borders and in a vase when used in numbers. To try and overwinter outside provide a protective mulch around them in the autumn with leaf mould or compost.

Verbena Obsession Mixed


Verbena Aprx 50 Seeds

Blue, Burgundy, Light Blue and Red all with a Pure White Eye

Verbena Obsession Mixed is wonderful for middle and late summer flowering in borders, beds window boxes and containers. This selection provides clusters of brilliant flowers all with a white eye on compact spreading plants. The trailing habit also provides colourful blooms for containers. Superior heat and mildew tolerance. and Obsession is earlier than most other seed raised verbenas on the market.

Verbena Quartz Mixed

Annual Verbena 25 seeds
Verbena Quartz a new colourful Verbena with larger florets and umbels with a spreading mounded habit. They are strong garden performers with good uniformity and proven Mildew tolerance. Our mix contains Red, White and Blue shades.

Wildflower Cornfield Mix

A Superb Mix of Wildflowers Seen in Cornfields 2g җ җ җ
Wildflower Cornfield Mix needs sowing ratesof  approximately 2g per sq metre (aprox 2000 seeds). If you have a suitable patch of spare ground or you are sowing some fresh grass and you would like to add some colour in the first year try this mix. Taller than Rhapsody to 3ft but again a wonderful attraction for wildlife.

Wildflower Pollinator Collection


Bee and Butterfly Mix 3g Aprx 2000 sds җ җ җ

With the recent decline in bee population it’s important that we provide plants to attract  bees to help pollinate our peas, beans, berry fruits and fruiting trees. Our collection of hardy flowering annuals can be sown amongst your vegetables.  Includes  Borage, Escholtzia, Clarkia, Love in a mist, Mignonette, Phacelia, Baby Blue Eyes, Cornflowers, White campion, and Forget me not. Our collection of flowering hardy perennials if you can spare some space includes Red Clover, Birds Foot Trefoil, White Clover, Red Campion, White Campion, Kidney Vetch, Field Scabious, Yellow Melilot and Phacelia.Each packet of annuals is enough for about 2sq metres and 3sq metres for the perennials. These flowers are rich in nectar and attract bees and butterflies in abundance.

Xeranthemum lumina Double Mixed

Everlasting flower Aprx 200 seeds n b
Xeranthemum lumina Double Mixed is one of the prettiest annual everlasting flowers; they are simply charming in borders with an abundance of 1" to 2" wide, dainty blossoms in four distinct colours of white, rose, crimson and purple. The attractive double paper like blooms are held on strong stems of silver-green foliage and have a papery feel. They are excellent for cutting, and if dried are useful for winter decoration to brighten up those dull days. They will even do well in poor soil but need a sunny position and branch out to 70cm tall.

Zinnia Benarys Giant Mix

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Giant Hybrid Zinnia Aprx 45 seeds
Zinnia Benarys Giant Mix produces fully double giant 4" to 5" flowers on long stems excellent for cutting. A winning tall variety growing to 3ft or 4ft with large dahlia like flowers and a proven superb variety. Colours include crimson, yellow, purple, rose, lilac, orange and white.

Zinnia Big Red Hybrid

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Giant Red Hybrid Zinnia 15 seeds
Zinnia Big Red begins flowering just 7 weeks from sowing with huge 6" flowers. The plants are vigorous and upright, reaching 3 feet tall in a full sun position and keep coming long after other Zinnias have given up the ghost. The waxy petals, which arise in many layers in a dense, Dahlia-flowered form have a waxy texture that holds its shape and shakes off rain and moisture.

Zinnia Magellan Hybrids

Larger picture
Giant Hybrid Zinnia 25 seeds
Zinnia Magellan Hybrids are probably the largest blooms available on a dwarf Zinnia, in an excellent colour mix of Cherry, Coral, Ivory, Orange, Pink, Scarlet, and Yellow. The huge fully double blooms are 4" to 5" across on short compact 15" bushy plants, ideal for bedding or pots. The trick to growing zinnia from seed is to prick them out at the first 2 leaf stage and not later! This colourful Zinnia is one of the best on the market today and the best dwarf variety.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving