Outdoor and indoor, traditional and unusual varieties to chose from.

Tomatoes are really good for you with numerous health benefits. They should be consumed regularly, primarily for the cancer-preventing benefits of lycopene.  Once called the wolf peach and considered a dangerous food, this round red fruit is now renowned as one of the most potent cancer-fighting foods. The French even believed tomatoes to be an aphrodisiac, thus another common name "love apple".

If like us you are after the best flavours we have marked our best choices with

Tomato Ailsa Craig


Vining Greenhouse or Outdoor Tomato Aprx 100 seeds

Ailsa Craig has been known for its flavour for many years. it produces medium sized fruit of a good colour which ripen early in the season and well known by gardeners (My father has been growing it for decades and swears by it for a reliable crop).  Can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors. Height: 6ft + and spread 18".

Tomato Alicante


Vining Greenhouse or Outdoor Tomato Aprx 100 seeds

Tomato Alicante is probably the most popular amateur grown tomato. It produces early greenback free fruit of excellent quality and is suitable for cold glasshouse or outdoor culture in a warm position.

Tomato Aunt Gertie's Gold

Yellow Beafsteak Tomato Vining Type 10 seeds
Tomato Aunt Gertie's Gold is not only said to be one of the best-tasting yellow tomatoes, but also one of the best-tasting tomatoes of any colour. Fruit is typically about 1 lb. with a beautiful golden colour. While this Heirloom variety from Virginia can produce irregular shaped fruit their delicious taste is absolutely wonderful. The large plants have potato-leaved foliage. 

Tomato Big Pink Hybrid

Pink Beefsteak Vining Tomato 10 seeds

Originally bred for sandwiches, burgers or salads, this flavour packed tomato is a must. However you slice it, this large semi beef steak tomato, with its rosy smooth skin, is an excellent choice. The fruits have a good acid-to-sugar ratio resulting in flavour that is reminiscent of heirlooms. However, these hybrid plants are easier to grow and yield early harvests of delicious, crack-resistant beefsteak tomatoes. Indeterminate best under glass.

Tomato Black Cherry

Vining Greenhouse Black Cherry Tomato  10 seeds
Tomato Black Cherry is the first truly round black cherry tomato on the market with classic black tomato flavour, sweet yet rich and complex.

Tomato Black Opal


Vining Greenhouse Dark Chocolate Cherry Tomato  10 seeds

Tomato Black Opal is a new dark chocolate cherry tomato with an astonishingly good flavour and a Brix value of 9. It has good disease  resistance to late Blight and can be grown under glass or outside in a warm sheltered location. A heavy cropper producing 150+  fruits per plant with an average weight of 30gms.

Tomato Black Plum

Vining Heirloom Greenhouse Tomato  25 seeds
Tomato Black Plum has small elongated to oval fruits that are deep mahogany with a very tasty sweet fruity flavour. Excellent as a snacking tomato or in salads and good crops of 50gm fruits can be expected under glass on 6ft plants. We found this tomato kept on the vine well with excellent flavour.

Tomato Black Russian

Vining Russian Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds
Tomato Black Russian - compact plants bearing plenty of 100gm rich dark mahogany/brown tomatoes. Black tomatoes have a delicious blend of sugar and acid with a distinctive complex flavour. This one is reputed to have the best taste out of black tomatoes with medium sized fruit.

Tomato Black Tula

Vining Russian Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds
Tomato Black Tula is a Russian heirloom tomato with large mahogany red fruits that possess a unique, exceptional sweet taste with spicy and smoky undertones that are enhanced when dried. Heavy producer and early, Black Tula is a must for black tomato fans and those liking complex flavours in their tomatoes.

Tomato Bosque Blue Bumblebee


Vining Medium Blue Tomato  10 seeds

An unusual vining tomato for growing under glass or outside in a sheltered location that produces bright blue unripe tomatoes that ripen to a deep purple mahogany colour but with a yellow base - hence the name! The taste is ok and quite an unusual novelty and a great talking point with neighbours!

Tomato Brandy Boy F1


Hybrid Brandywine Tomato  10 seeds

One of the all-time classic tomatoes is now even better. Brandy Boy captures all the rich flavour of the beloved Brandywine heirloom tomatoes, with a more shapely form, tidier growth habit, improved disease resistance and bigger, earlier yields. This new hybrid produces loads of large pink fruits up to 15cm across. The fruits ripen evenly and share Brandywine's heirloom texture, thin skin and exceptional sweet tangy taste.

Tomato Brandywine


Legendary Amish Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds

Brandywine is famous for its very exceptional rich, succulent flavour. Large Red fruits can grow to over 1lb with a creamy flesh. Tall growing vining indeterminate type with potato leaved foliage. An Amish heirloom since 1885

Tomato Brandywine Collection


Legendary Amish Heirloom Tomatoes  20 seeds

Our collection of four Brandywine tomatoes famous for their very exceptional rich, succulent flavour. Large fruits can grow to over 1lb with a creamy flesh. Tall growing vining indeterminate types most with potato leaved foliage. An Amish heirloom since 1885

Packet includes 5 seeds each of Brandywine, Brandywine Sudduth's, Yellow Brandywine and Brandywine Red Landis.

Tomato Brandywine Black


New for 2021!

Black Heirloom Beefsteak Tomato  10 seeds

One of the best heirloom beefsteak varieties, Black Brandywine combines the rich flavour of the classic Brandywine series with a great black-skinned colour and sweet earthy flavour typical of the darker skinned tomatoes.
Strong potato leaf vining variety 

Tomato Brandywine Red Landis


Amish Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds

This strain of Brandywine strain came from Pennsylvania with medium sized fruits of 8oz and round smooth fruit packed with flavour.  Tall growing vining indeterminate type with normal tomato leaved foliage. An Amish heirloom since 1885

Tomato Brandywine Sudduth's Strain


Original Amish Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds

This is known as the original pink Brandywine strain famous for its very exceptional rich, succulent flavour. Large Pink/Red fruits can grow to over 1lb with a creamy flesh. Many gardeners consider this strain the best Brandywine with superior taste and smoothness. Tall growing vining indeterminate type with potato leaved foliage. An Amish heirloom since 1885

Tomato Brandywine Yellow


Yellow Amish Heirloom Tomato  10 seeds

A special strain of deep golden yellow Brandywine that came from Ohio with large fruits of over 1lb and with the same characteristic Brandywine flavour.  Tall growing vining indeterminate type with large potato leaved foliage.

Tomato Buffalosun


New for 2021!

Orange Beefsteak Striped Tomato  10 seeds

A very productive yellow beefsteak with a red flame through the flesh. Exceptional flavour and good late blight resistance so good for growing outside or under cover. The unique yellow with red/orange flame colouration is beautiful on the outside and results in a nicely marbled interior.  Good tasting sweet, tender flesh gives the look of an heirloom without the mushiness often associated with heirlooms

Tomato F1 Big Boy

Vining Beef Steak Tomato  15 seeds
The best part of this large, crack-free tomato is its absolutely superb flavour. Tomato Big Boy produces bright red, firm, meaty fruits often weighing 1/2kg or more, and smooth, blemish-resistant skins. If you fancy trying to grow beefsteak tomatoes you have to try this one first. Best grown under glass

Tomato F1 Big Green


Vining Medium Green Tomato  10 seeds

A vigorous and high yielding variety that produces very large, round fruits, which can easily weigh 300 grams or more. Excellent flavour and good shelf life performance. Bright green fruits that remain green even when mature (not sure yet how you know they are ripe!) Popular in Italy for the fantastic flavour when cooked. Resistant to Va, Vd, Fol (1&2) and ToMV.

Tomato F1 Cocktail Crush

Vining Greenhouse or Outdoor Tomato 10 seeds

Tomato Cocktail Crush is a new UK bred, very blight resistant variety from Burpee. It will produces a heavy crop of cocktail sized tomatoes, around the 35g - 45g weight, with a sweet flavour, and a slightly acidic tang. Suitable for growing in unheated greenhouses, outdoors or in containers. Well worth a try if you have struggled with growing tomatoes previously.

Tomato F1 Floridity

Vining Small Plum Tomato  10 seeds
Chef Raymond Blanc set up a small-fruited tomato tasting panel in 2007 and top of the league was Tomato Floridity. A mini-plum type with a striking tomato aroma. Floridity has a long cropping season and being of medium height, should grow and crop well in a fairly large pot or planted. This remains my wifes favourite salad tomato despite many other variety trials but best grown under glass.

Tomato F1 Gigantomo


Giant Beefsteak Tomato 10 seeds

A huge beefsteak tomato and the largest new variety on the market. A modern disease resistant cultivar that's said to also have a reasonable flavour. Fruits weigh as much as 3lbs each so make sure the plants are staked well!

Tomato F1 Honeycomb

Indoor Vining Tomato 10 seeds

An exquisitely flavoured golden-orange tomato. The cherry sized fruit are elegantly arranged on long trusses and have an exceptional flavour with a high level of sweetness. Trials noticed a delightful after taste described as being somewhat like honey. Resistant to Fol (0,1,2), ToMV, Pi, Pst, Xcv plus some blight resistance.

Tomato F1 Indigo Blue Berries


Vining Cherry Blue Tomato  10 seeds

An intermediate blue tomato that has very high Anthocyanin levels changing the fruits skin to a beautiful deep purple colour. The unripe cherry fruits are amethyst purple and ripen to almost black, with a brick red blossom end and delicious plum-like flavour. Cherry sized fruits typically weigh 12-16 grams each.