Ginger Lilies
A fascinating group of plants that I have been growing for about 30 years, in particular the Hedychiums. The strong rhizomatic root systems throw annual shoots to 6ft, topped by a dense head of flowers in late summer which look and smell gorgeous. Some are fully hardy and others, given a warm south facing wall with a protective mulch in winter, will survive reasonable frosts. The more tender varieties may not reach flowering maturity outside cultivated this way though. The alternative is to dig them up and keep in a frost free greenhouse or conservatory, starting into growth in early spring. To flower well they will need at least a 12 litre pot when mature.

Alpinia pupurator

Torch Ginger 10 seeds 

Alpinia pupurator - a small ginger to about 3ft tall seen all over tropical regions with its pink flowers and extensively used as a cut flower. However you will need very warm conditions to raise this plant to flowering size with at least a minimum of 20C at night all year round and plenty of sun in the summer with humid conditions.
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Alpinia zerumbet

Pink Porcelain Lily 10 seeds җ

Alpinia zerumbet is a fairly hardy ginger that will take some frost at the roots. Unfortunately the attractive fragrant flowers only form as terminal inflorescences on the previous year's growth so a frost free environment over winter is essential for flowers. The plant reaches about 6ft tall and is fast growing with attractive tropical leaves.


Caulokaempferia sikkimensis

New for 2015!

Orchid Ginger 10 seeds җ җ

Caulokaempferia sikkimensis, the Orchid Ginger, is a rare and unusual member of the family with medium-sized bright-green paddle-shaped foliage and an extremely beautiful small white and pink flower that arises directly from the soil. This ginger flowers late in the season in the UK, usually not appearing until September or even October before the first frosts start to cut back the leaves. An exciting and not especially hard to grow, it deserves to be more widely cultivated only requiring a warm sheltered south-facing aspect and a fertile but well drained humus-rich soil. Caulokaempferia can also be grown in a container and kept under glass in a cool greenhouse or conservatory keeping dry during the winter months. It relatively modest size compared to the taller more vigorously growing Hedychiums makes it a good choice for container growing with exotic foliage and a beautiful flower.


Cautleya gracilis

Himalayan Ginger 10 seeds җ җ җ

Cautleya gracilis is a hardy himalayan ginger suitable for undergrowth planting in leaf mould litter. Winter dormant emerging with 2ft stems in the spring bearing clusters of yellow bracts and flowers, spreading via the underground rhizomes.

Cautleya lutea

Himalayan Ginger 10 seeds җ җ җ
Cautleya lutea is a pretty hardy ginger suitable for undergrowth planting in leaf mould litter. Winter dormant emerging with 2ft stems in the spring bearing clusters of red bracts and yellow flowers, spreading via the underground rhizomes.

Cautleya spicata

Himalayan Ginger 10 seeds җ җ җ
Another hardy ginger suitable for undergrowth planting in leaf mould litter, Cautleya spicata is winter dormant, emerging with 2ft stems in the spring bearing clusters of maroon bracts and yellow flowers.
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Costus barbatus

Spiral Ginger 10 seeds
A very beautiful and spectacular rare perennial ginger from South America Costus barbatus has spiral arranged leaves. Grows up 4’ to 7’ tall and has large green leaves. It has yellow or red flower inflorescences to 12” tall that remain in flower all summer. Can tolerate cool conditions over winter and very fast growing but the flowers are produced on the previous years growth. We also sell plants in 3 litre and 5 litre pots.
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Costus guaniensis

Rare seed not previously available

Spiral Ginger 10 seeds

Fast growing like other spiral gingers to 9 ft. Costus guaniensis produces red flower bract in a dense mass of white and yellow flowers that are tinged pink. Its numerous spiraling stems and beautiful flowers make this a handsome houseplant specimen if raised in a large container.


Costus scaber

Spiral Ginger 10 seeds
This member of the Costus family is native to tropical America and quite a stunning. Costus scaber is a small ginger with spiralling, leafy shoots holding terminal, bright red inflorescences that later open their bracts to reveal nicely contrasting, white fruits. It is easily grown in the tropical garden or in pots in a warm greenhouse.
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Costus speciosa

Crepe Ginger 10 seeds җ җ
Costus speciosa is a tall spiral type ginger very similar to the Costus barbatus plants that we sell but this one has large 4" white crepe type flowers that emerge from the central cone. A tough fairly hardy ginger at the root level and easy to grow with attractive tropical leaves. New shoots emerge from the root stock at regular intervals and in the tropics it would create a 3ft wide 8ft tall clump in a year! Smaller to 6ft in pots, we think, but at the moment this is new to us as well. It is suggested that this plant is hardy to -15C at the root level. Our seed comes from India and is from hardy stock and I cannot wait to trial this plant outside!
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Etlingera elatoir Mixed

Torch Ginger 10 seeds

Syn Nicolai elatoir - A huge, very tropical ginger used for flower arranging throughout much of the tropics. With 14ft leaf stems it is a challenge for the UK but what a flower!  The flower stalks grow separately from the leaves directly out of the root stock to around 3 or 4ft. So if the large leaf stems are kept pruned the plant is manageable in a heated conservatory or greenhouse.

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Etlingera venusta

Malay Rose 10 seeds
To raise one of these spectacular gingers to flowering size you will need a tropical greenhouse or conservatory. The flowers are long lasting and used as a cut flower in the Tropics. Etlingera venusta or Malay rose has arching 6-8 foot leaves and lovely porcelain pink and white basal inflorescences from 1-2 feet tall.  The pink and white "petals" are actually bracts, which later reveal small true flowers inside.


Hedychium Assam Orange

Freshly Harvested Seed Now In Stock!

Hardy Ginger 10 Seeds җ җ җ

We normally manage to collect a sensible amount of fresh seed each autumn of Hedychium Assam Orange from our own plants. Its a useful hardy ginger and a sport of Hedychium Densifolium a smaller ginger, hardy in all parts of the UK at the root level. Treat it as a clumping border perennial plant. Each year it will throw 3ft spikes topped by orange flower spikes about 4” long in August/September.
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Hedychium coccineum

Red Ginger Lily 10 seeds җ җ
A red flowered form of the Hedychium, fairly hardy and robust with good flowers but not scented. (A parent of Hedychium tara which is a much improved hybrid and scented)

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Hedychium coronarium

Butterfly Ginger 10 seeds җ
Hedychium coronarium the white butterfly ginger like most of the hedychiums has a beautiful fragrance. This one smells of Gardenias and is used in the perfume industry. Fairly root hardy growing to 5ft with the flowers on terminal spikes in late summer. Prefers partial shade but can take full sun with ample moisture. Probably best over wintered in a frost free area, either dormant or preferably kept growing into the following year.

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Hedychium ellipticum

Shaving Brush Ginger 10 seeds җ
Hedychium ellipticum also comes from Himalaya suggesting that it might take a slight frost. Attractive typical Hedychium foliage bearing magnificent terminal inflorescences, densely packed with white flowers and long orange filaments. A very unusual ginger that needs semi shade to prevent leaf scorch and to see the flowers at their best.
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Hedychium flavescens

Yellow Ginger 10 seeds җ
Hedychium flavescens has strong stems with more slender 4" leaves but very soft slightly hairy leafy growth giving an excellent tropical effect when not in flower. Often used for perfume because of it's strong heady scent. The flowers are pale cream/yellow with slightly smaller flower heads than gardnerianum. A beautiful delicate flower and attractive plant that is well worth trying.
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Hedychium gardnerianum

Kahili Ginger 10 seeds җ
Hedychium gardnerianum is a spectacular plant and in a large clump with several flowers the effect is stunning with a scent almost overpowering. Flower heads are about a foot tall and some 6" across, yellow with red stamens on top of 5ft stems. I have not met anybody who hasn't fallen in love with this plant when shown a specimen in full flower.
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Hedychium Mixed

Hedychium Mixed Pkt җ
A good helping from most of the Hedychium varieties we sell. 
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Hedychium spicatum

Spiked Ginger Lily 10 seeds җ җ җ
Hedychium spicatum, one of the hardiest, although not the most spectacular of Hedychiums, is one of the most floriferous for the open garden with slightly scented flowers. Short to 3ft to 4ft which makes it a worth while plant for the herbaceous border. Large clusters of white flowers with orange filaments that are larger than Forestii with spikes to 12” tall.


Hedychium stenopetalum

Hybrid Ginger 10 seeds җ
Potentially one of the tallest of all Hedychium species growing anything up to 3 to 4m tall with big, bold leaves. Hedychium stenopetalum has 18” spikes of ghost white flowers with a faint greenish-yellow tint to the base of the labellum and have prominent white or off-white stamens. Needs protection from heavy frosts.


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