Bean Runner Guiness Record


Huge Scarlet Flowered Runner Bean  Aprx 50 Seeds

A red flowered variety that produces extra long pods, averaging around 45cm in length. If the clusters are pruned to one pod per cluster at an early stage then it is possible for the pod to reach 50cm in length. Excellent plant vigour. Resistant to virus races 1 and 2.

Bean Runner Hestia


Scarlet and White Flowered Dwarf Runner Bean  Aprx 30 Seeds

Runner Bean Hestia has all the benefits of modern, stringless beans but on dwarf bushy plants, the pods are held above the ground to avoid disease and remain clean, perfect when no support is available. Suitable for container culture, roof top gardening, small gardens or growing in the flower border where the attractive bicoloured red and white flowers add to the attraction.

Bean Runner Moonlight

White Flowered Runner Bean 50 seeds
Runner Bean Moonlight is a recent development in runner beans, this variety features all the benefits of a good quality, white flowered variety coupled with some attributes of French beans. The result is a runner bean with good flavour and texture, plus the potential for self pollination. The pods are normally 30cm long.

Bean Runner Painted Lady


Scarlet and White Flowered Runner Bean  Aprx 50 Seeds

Runner bean 'Painted Lady' is an old variety, mainly grown for its pretty red and white flowers and its large crop of tender, well-flavoured beans.  Ideal for a splash of colour in a flower border against a wall or fence as well as a useful crop.

Bean Runner Scarlet Empire


Scarlet Flowered Runner Bean  Aprx 50 Seeds

A modern and much improved version of Scarlet Emperor, Runner Scarlet Bean Empire produces smooth, narrow, and stringless pods, which typically measure 30cm by 2.5cm. Excellent vigour with a long cropping period. Resistant to all relevant viruses. New varieties of Runner Bean have improved setting in hot conditions and with stringless forms these might even tempt me back to growing them again instead of climbing French Beans!

Bean Runner White Lady

Runner Bean White Flowered Aprx 50 Seeds
Runner Bean White Lady is a new modern variety with white flowers and excellent flavour. The mid green pods are slender, smooth and fleshy reaching about 30cm long. Another stringless variety with improved setting in hot weather.

Beans Dried Special Mix

Our Jungle Special Mix of Dried Beans Aprx 125 seeds 

We have put together five varieties of dried bean for you to try growing, apart from the pea bean they are all dwarf growing types best started off under glass and planted out in June. The Pea Bean is a climber so will need some support. Leave the beans to fully dry in the sun before harvesting and you will have a very healthy crop of dried beans.

Dried Beans are high in soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol, high in potassium and contain good quantities of magnesium along with other vital nutrients which help regulate blood pressure. Dried Beans are high in protein and carbohydrates, low in fats and calories. This combination with the soluble fiber make beans a great diet food and helps to reduce hunger.

Black Eyed Beans (Black Eyed Peas)
Black Turtle Beans
Cannellini Beans
Pinto Beans
Pea Beans


Broad Bean Aquadulce

Hardy Broad Bean  Aprx 50 seeds җ җ
Broad Bean Aquadulce is the BEST Broad bean for autumn planting. It establishes itself quickly and is able to produce a very early crop of large pods filled with good quality, tender white beans.  Sow any time from early autumn to early winter when the ground is in a suitable condition.

Broad Bean Imperial Green Longpod

Broad Bean  Aprx 50 seeds җ җ
Broad Bean Imperial Green Longpod is always popular with high yields of large pods containing 5 to 8 green beans. A fairly hardy bean that grows to about 3ft and can be sown from February to March but watch out for severe late winter weather. In cold areas try starting these beans off in pots in a greenhouse for planting out in early April for an earlier crop.

Broad Bean Red Epicure


 Red Broad Bean Aprx 25 seeds җ җ

An unusual Broad Bean to try for something really different. The mahogony red beans retain their striking colour if lightly steamed rather than boiled, and have an excellent taste. A colourful addition to the dinner plate!

Broad Bean Red Flowered


Broad Bean Red Flowers Aprx 50 seeds җ җ

A heritage seed with deep red attractive flowers followed by small pods of tasty beans on 3ft tall plants. An excellent choice for growing among a flower border where space for vegetables is limited. The beans are smaller than normal Broad Beans but are produced in abundance and of excellent flavour. As an added bonus the flowers are scented!

Broad Bean The Sutton

Broad Bean  Aprx 50 seeds җ җ

Broad Bean The Sutton is a dwarf variety to 18" that we have been growing for many years. A hardy type suitable for an autumn or spring sowing and very useful for exposed positions. Good yields of 6 to 8 white beans per pod.

Pea Bean Dried


Heritage Climbing French Bean.  Aprx 50 Seeds

Climbing Bean Habit

Another heirloom Bean, the Pea Bean has a striking brown and white colour pattern like the Orca Bean. This is a bean that has a long 400 year history in the UK, and although it was almost lost to cultivation for a long period, surviving only in out of the way places and gardens it is now becoming available again. It is a climbing French Bean that can be harvested as green beans when very young and tender like French beans, or they can be left on the plant until the pods and beans are dry. These can then be shelled to reveal the quite fascinating beans that can be kept dried.

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus


Winged Bean  10 seeds

Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, the winged bean is a strong growing, twining perennial legume to 6ft with large beautiful pale blue flowers. The plant is thought to have originated along the east coast of Africa and is used for leafy green potherbs, fresh pods, dried beans, edible tubers, animal fodder and forage, green manure, and cover crops; the winged beans are the ultimate multi-purpose crop. Young seedpods cooked for a few minutes taste like French beans but the roots and foliage can also be used and the flowers taste a bit like mushrooms - am all purpose tropical plant not at all frost hardy though.

Soya Bean Edamame

Soybean  Aprx 30 seeds 
This edible soybean, called Edamame, is grown mainly to harvest the young green-shelled beans for vegetable uses, but not for the matured soybean crops. Plants grow best in warm climates but poorly in cold conditions so a warm position will be needed. Harvesting is like peas, all at the same time, so a staggered sowing can be an advantage. Expect only 2 to 3 beans per pod. To cook Edamame, boil the pods in unsalted or salted water for 10 minutes and then shell the beans inside, simply by squeezing beans out of the pods, for eating. This is the Japanese way to enjoy Edamame and excellent for snacks and appetizers. The cooked or uncooked pods can be stored in the freezer for later uses and cooked with meat or mixed with other vegetables for various dishes.

Soya Bean Pripyat


Hardy Soybean for UK planting  Aprx 100 seeds 

Pripyat is a new variety especially bred for cooler climates and intended for a matured soybean crop. Harvesting is like peas, all at the same time, so a staggered sowing can be an advantage. Expect only 2 to 3 beans per pod. Leave to mature into dry hard beans for storing, or pick while still green and cook like broad beans.

Soybean in comparison to other legumes is far superior in terms of health benefits.

  • Low in fat with no cholesterol
  • Contains essential heart friendly omega-3 fats
  • An excellent source of fibre
  • Is a good source of enriched Calcium and Vitamin B12
  • Is a complete protein, containing all the amino acids essential to human nutrition
  • Provides important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium
  • Rich in probiotics
  • Contains isoflavones which are beneficial in reducing risk of various cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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