Our Exciting Range of Brassica Varieties

Borecole F1 Redbor

Ornamental Kale Aprx 50 seeds җ җ җ
Borecole Redbor is a very bright coloured red/purple borecole, with frilly leaves. It can be harvested at the baby leaf stage or left to mature. Highly attractive, it can also be used as a foliage plant in the winter flower garden as seen on Gardeners World. They prefer a fertile, well drained soil, and can be planted out to follow beans, peas, lettuce and onions etc. Harvest from Nov to Apr picking the centre of the plant first as this will encourage side shoots to grow for further picking. Good winter hardiness.

Broccoli Purple Sprouting Early


Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ

A popular amateur variety, for harvesting in February and March. Spears can be harvested over several weeks. One of our favourite early crops from the vegetable patch.

Broccoli Purple Sprouting Mixed

Mixed variety Purple Sprouting Broccoli  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Mixed is an unusual selection of four top quality varieties to provide continuous cropping of purple spears from mid Feb to mid May. One of our favourite early crops from the vegetable patch.

Brussel F1 Maximus

F1 Hybrid Sweet Variety Aprx 25 seeds җ җ җ
One of the best early season brussel sprouts. Brussel Maximus is superbly flavoured, smooth tight buttons that hold well on the plant for pickings from late September up to Christmas. Maturing time approximately 30-36 weeks from time of sowing. Said to be one of the sweetest sprouts to come on to the market. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

Brussel Petit Posy


"Flower Sprout"  20 seeds җ җ җ

An interesting combination of a Brussel sprout and kale, producing attractive 'kale florets' on a sprout like stalk. Supplied as a combination of green, purple and bi-coloured (green/purple) varieties. Grow as per mid season Brussels sprouts. According to the suppliers these taste sweeter than normal sprouts and make an attractive display on the plate if steamed - leaving them as whole florets.

Brussel Sprouts Red Ball

Purple Brussel Sprouts  Aprx 100 seeds җ җ җ
Brussel Sprouts Red Ball is an unusual purple or red Brussel Sprout with a slightly milder taste than the green type and the red colour is enhanced with the first light frosts. The colouring is similar to the red cabbage colour if you are familiar with these. Excellent for the Christmas table!

Cabbage F1 Rodima


Red Late Summer Cabbage Aprx 25 Seeds җ

Cabbage Rodima is a top quality late summer commercial variety from Rijk Zwaan now available for everyone to grow. Intense, very red tight heads and a short internal stalk. Very good flavour and excellent standing ability.

Cabbage Kalibos

Red Pointed Cabbage җ
Cabbage Kalibos - a stunning red pointed cabbage to 2kg for summer and autumn production. A perfect salad cabbage as it is sweet and crisp but loses the fabulous colour with cooking.

Cabbage Katarina F1


Mini Cabbage Aprx 40 seeds җ

This new AAS winner has a perfect smaller head size (4”) and shape to be grown successfully in containers on patios, decks or in-ground beds, possibly in an ornamental edible border.  It matures as much as 1-3 weeks earlier than the other cabbage comparison varieties so harvest and enjoy early in the year. Once the main head was removed, the plant continued to grow smaller side heads as well. It is particularly attractive as the taste is less bitter and sweeter than conventional varieties.

Cabbage Robinsons Champion


Mammoth Autumn Cabbage Aprx 30 seeds җ җ

This cabbage produces huge round heads in the autumn. Excellent for cooking and coleslaw being full of flavour. Matures from September onwards and is frost hardy. Seeds may be sown during Spring or Autumn to produce giant specimens.

Cabbage Sherwood F1

White Cabbage Aprx 100 seeds җ
An extremely versatile summer hybrid cabbage with solid dark green heads and a short internal core noted for having a good sweet flavour. Cabbage Sherwood  crops August to October with good holding ability. Plant out May - June.

Cabbage Tropic Giant Hybrid


Giant Ball Head Cabbage 20 seeds

Cabbage Tropic Giant lives up to its name with the absolute biggest heads of cabbage you will probably ever see, let alone grow! This is the one that wins prizes at shows bringing cries of astonishment from gardening friends. Fully one foot across and weighing around 15 pounds, these whopping heads are flattish and round, with pale green leaves well packed. Be sure to leave extra growing space between these plants, and fertilize well.

Cabbage is a cool-season crop, sown in early spring for early-summer harvest or in mid- to late summer for autumn harvest.  Start indoors or direct-sow, spacing plants 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart. Before planting, prepare the soil well with fertilizer, and add a dose of ammonium nitrate about a month into the growth season. Harvest the heads when they are firm and brightly coloured. Plants may form smaller side-heads after the main head is harvested.

Calabrese F1 Kabuki

Calabrese Aprx 50 seeds
A versatile variety maturing after 65-70 days. Grows to half the height of normal calabrese crops making it ideal for production under fleece or in smaller spaces. Very domed heads with tight beads. Its open habit also helps reduce incidence of botrytis and mildew. Calabrese F1 Kabuki is also suitable for baby head production.

Calabrese F1 Marathon

Summer Broccoli  Aprx 100 seeds
Calabrese F1 Marathon is one of the best selling Calabrese varieties around with deep green well formed heads, suitable for sowing early and late as well as for a main crop. Tolerant to downy mildew.

Cauliflower Colour Collection

Our Special Selection of Coloured Tasty Cauliflowers  Aprx 50 seeds җ

We have put together five of what we consider to be the best selection of coloured cauliflowers as a special pack for anyone wishing to try more than one variety. Each packet contains 10 seeds of each variety and separately labelled. More information on each variety on this page. Dont' forget cauliflowers need a rich well manured soil to do well.

Cauliflower F1 Freedom
Cauliflower Graffiti F1
Cauliflower Sunset F1
Cauliflower Trevi F1
Cauliflower Navona F1

Cauliflower F1 Freedom

Cauliflower Aprx 40 Seeds җ
Cauliflower F1 Freedom is a CMS bred version of the popular variety Cauliflower F1 Fremont. This is one of the best varieties currently available for UK production. Suitable for all work including standard and mini vegetable production. Approximately 70-80 days from transplant to harvest.

Cauliflower Graffiti F1

Purple Cauliflower  20 seeds  җ
This stunning purple coloured cauliflower is a great improvement on the older purple types. The colour intensifies with exposure to light, so this eliminates the need to protect the curds. A sweet distinct flavour and stunning as a raw crudite, stir-fried or steamed. The purple colour is due to Anthocyanins - a good source of antioxidants. Cauliflower Graffiti earned the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Cauliflower Lazio F1


Romanesco Cauliflower  25 seeds җ

A Romanesco cauliflower variety developed to extend the cropping period; will go through to late December in milder areas. Has a semi-erect habit, with good vigour and high mildew resistance. Typical maturity is 125-135 days from transplant. A good variety to follow F1 Navona.

Cauliflower Nautilus F1

White Cauliflower  30 seeds җ
Cauliflower Nautilus - a high quality variety with extra white deep curds. Also a vigorous hybrid even in cooler climates and useful for extended autumn crops. Sow Feb for cutting July to November. Remember the trick with cauliflowers is a really rich heavily manured vegetable plot as they will not do well on poor soil.

Cauliflower Navona F1

Romanesco Cauliflower  25 seeds җ
Cauliflower Navona  is a Romanesco cauliflower producing a uniform crop of dark green, turreted curds with no bracts. It is a vigorous variety with good holding properties and was recently featured in the RHS magazine.

Cauliflower Sunset F1

Orange Cauliflower  20 seeds җ
One of the first orange varieties to become available, Cauliflower Sunset performs best when used for September and October harvesting. Colour most pronounced when used for ‘baby’ selection, but the colour is still vibrant in full size heads. Small, compact cauliflower plant.

Cauliflower Trevi F1

Green Cauliflower   25 seeds җ
A superb, attractive and unusual lime green cauliflower produced on strong, uniform plants with a semi-prostrate habit. Cauliflower Trevi  is excellent for crudites and a good contrast if mixed with Cauliflower Graffiti on the table.

Chinese Cabbage F1 Scarvita


Red Chinese Cabbage  Aprx 25 seeds

A new type of Chinese Cabbage with outer leaves dark green through to red, while the heart leaves are an intense red-pink colour. Ideal for salads and stir fries. Best suited to autumn production. Harvest approximately 60-65 days from planting.

Chinese Mustard (Brassica juncea)

Indian Mustard   Aprx 400 seeds җ җ җ
Brassica juncea Red Giant is a Japanese leafy mustard. with high yields of red to dark purple tinted leaves that can be harvested as baby or full leaf. Lovely mixed with other salad leaves as it has a very mild mustard flavour or used in stir frys and is highly prized in Oriental cooking. On mature plants the large savoy leaves are deep purplish red with white mid ribs. Plants are very vigorous and grow best in mild/cool climates. Seed sown from April to autumn in succession to provide a continuous crop, to prevent the plants from bolting delay sowing until June. Sow in shallow drills.

Choy Sum Gunsho

Chinese Flower Cabbage  Pkt
Very popular in South China and Hong Kong, Choy Sum is used in various stir-fry dishes. Whole plants are harvested prior to the flower buds beginning to blossom. Prefers cool conditions and ideal for an English summer crop, after the risk of frost has passed. A quick maturing crop with both heat and cold resistance, good for both summer and autumn crops.

Kailaan Kichi


Chinese Broccoli  Aprx 100 seeds җ

Chinese Kale or Kailaan as it is known, is a chinese broccoli which would make for an interesting substitute to standard brocolli with your dinner. It is slightly tangier in flavour than regular broccoli. This is a white flowered variety and the name is Cantonese for Chinese Kale. The flowers, leaves and stem can be eaten but the stem usually needs the skin peeled off. It is fast growing, approximately 60 days from transplanting and  can be sown all through the growing season. Kichi is a uniform variety with large blue green waxy leaves. With excellent stem and bud eating quality. Later maturing type with good holding ability. Some tolerance to Downy Mildew. Normally harvested when just coming into flower June to December - takes a light frost.

Kohl Rabi F1 Korfu

Turnip Cabbage  Aprx 50 seeds
A high-yielding F1 hybrid white kohl rabi. Maturity is approximately 50 days after transplanting. The very uniform bulbs are round to slightly squashed and up to 4” across.

Kohlrabi F1 Ballot

Turnip Cabbage  Aprx 50 seeds
Kohlrabi Ballot an F1 hybrid is an early cropping variety for spring or autumn cropping with bluish stems, producing good quality purple bulbs resistant to cracking with excellent crisp white flesh.

Pak Choi F1 Red Lady

Red Chinese Cabbage  Aprx 200 seeds
Pak Choi F1 Red Lady is a red leaved hybrid pak choi which adds colour to Winter salads if grown under glass. It has dark purple red upper leaves with contrasting green stem and undersides and a mild flavour. Vigorous upright plant habit and easy to cut, it can also be grown to maturity to make attractive purple red heads for bunching or bags.

Pak Choi Joi Choi F1 (Brassica rapa chinensis)

Chinese Cabbage  Aprx 200 seeds

Pak Choi deliciously spicy, pure white celery-like stalks are topped by green leaves. Each plant will have 10-14 stalks 8” to 10” long. Excellent raw or cooked.  Pak Choi can be grown all year round, however, it grows best in the spring and the autumn and must be grown in fertile moist soil. Sow outside March - August, for continuous summer salads. If you want to grow some onto maturity, use thinnings for salads, until the plants have been thinned to about 9" and you will produce some nice plants for cooking ie: stir-fry or steaming. Sow under protection Feb - early April for spring crop and August - early October for autumn/winter crop.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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