Our Selection Of Cucurbita from Courgette to Pumpkin

Courgette Collection


5 varieties of Courgette or Zuchini 25 seeds

A mixed collection of courgettes for something different. Pack Contains 5 seeds each of :-

Courgette F1 Midnight
Courgette F1 Sunstripe
Courgette F1 Zephyr
Courgette Piccolo
Courgette Eight Ball

Courgette Eight Ball

Ball shaped Courgette or Zuchini 10 seeds
Courgette Eight Ball is a hybrid courgette variety producing dark green, uniform, round fruits. More even cropping with higher yields than open pollinated round varieties. Its bush habit makes it suitable for smaller areas or container growing.

Courgette F1 Alfresco


Hybrid Zuchini 10 seeds

A new hybrid courgette with exceptional yields of pale green to white fruits that have a high dry flesh content and less of the watery taste resulting in a superb eating quality.

Courgette F1 Atena


Golden Zuchini  10 seeds

Courgette F1 Atena is a modern prolific hybrid with bright golden fruits, why not add a real dash of colour to both the vegetable garden and the table. Pick young as courgettes or for pickling or leave to large marrows, which are excellent for stuffing with a mincemeat filling and baking in the oven. For a continuous crop pick regularly.

Courgette F1 Cavili


Hybrid Zuchini 6 seeds

Not widely available Cavili is an early parthenocarpic (virgin fruit) variety that can even be used for open field production. The glossy 6” pale green skinned fruits have a fabulous flavour with high yields possible even under bad weather conditions and ideal for outdoor cultivation. Courgette Cavili needs no pollination by insects and matures early in just 50 – 60 days!

Courgette F1 Midnight


Spineless Zucchini 10 seeds

A high yielding modern hybrid with dark green, glossy fruits produced on a very compact plant. Completely spineless making it easy to pick and excellent for growing in large pots.

Courgette F1 Royal Flush


Baby Courgette  10 seeds

Bush type non running courgette specially bred to produce masses of dark green ‘baby’ fruits over a long period. Can be also left to produce larger fruits but best harvested small. Ideal for pots and containers. Like all courgettes they can be harvested with the flower still attached or the large flowers can be harvested separately.

Courgette F1 Sunstripe


Yellow Spineless Zucchini 10 seeds

Another spineless variety with a bushy habit producing vibrant yellow fruits with distinctive white stripes. The leaves also feature some golden yellow markings.

Courgette F1 Zephyr


Hybrid Courgette 10 seeds

An unusual variety with pale yellow fruits that have a striking green tip. Best picked before getting too large which also helps continued cropping.

Courgette One Ball Yellow

Hybrid Zuchini 10 seeds
A bright yellow,round courgette. Courgette One Ball Yellow has an attractive appearance with good all round cooking quality. The tennis ball sized fruit are quick to mature with a scrumptious creamy flesh that can be sliced and fried, or baked whole and stuffed.

Courgette Tromboncino


Climbing Courgette 10 seeds

A very unusual heirloom courgette that has long pale green fruits with a bulbous end. Best picked small for eating but if left can grow to over a metre in length! With its somewhat rude shape it will really make a talking point in your vegetable garden or allotment. To display the unusual fruits at their best try growing it up a frame like a gourd plant.

Cucumber Bianco Lungo

White Wonder Cucumber 10 seeds

This heirloom plant from Italy produces heavy yields of unusual 40cm long slightly rounded shiny white skinned cucumbers. Cucumber Bianco Lungo is an excellent slicing cucumber which can also be used to make dill pickles. The skin has lots of small protuberances giving it a rustic look and best peeled before eating but with firm flesh and few seeds it makes good eating. Can be grown outside running over the ground or trained up a frame.

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1

Outdoor Ridge Cucumber 10 seeds
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green is one of the easiest and most reliable cucumbers you can grow. Its straightforward, easygoing nature means you can grow it outside and still expect generous harvests of fat, firm ridge cucumbers from early in the season until the first frosts. The flavour is delicate and sweet, without any bitterness and with a mouth wateringly crisp, fresh texture.

Cucumber Crystal Lemon

Sweet round Lemon coloured Cucumber 10 seeds
A versatile round yellow sweet cucumber with a good flavour, and it doesn't have much of the chemical that makes other cucumbers bitter and hard to digest. Though Cucumber Crystal Lemon is often served raw, it's also a good pickling cucumber. Plants are very easy to grow and do well in areas that have short summers, as fruits mature faster and need less heat to ripen than most cucumbers, pick at about 2" diameter. 10 seeds

Cucumber F1 Carmen

Indoor Cucumber  5 seeds 
A unique all female variety with resistance to all known strains of powdery mildew, scab and leaf-spot. Cucumber F1 Carmen fruits are bitter free and produced in abundance with 50 or more per plant. Easy to train and day length sensitive. For maximum yield plant  March to April.

Cucumber F1 Pony


Baby Cucumber 6 seeds 

A prolific producer of 'snack sized' seedless fruits, typically up to 10cm in length and weighing up to 100 grams. The fruits have a smooth skin, with excellent flavour and texture. Most productive when used for heated indoor production but can also be used for outdoor production during the summer. Ideal for containers, disease resistant and parthenocarpic,  ie does not need pollination.

Cucumber La Diva


Mini Cucumber 10 seeds 

Cucumber La Diva produces mini cucumbers about 6'' long which are bitter free and seedless. The flesh is tender crisp and sweet and the plants, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, have a good disease resistance.

Cucumber Mini White

Mini White Cucumber 10 seeds

Cucumber Miniature White produces high yields of small white cucumbers. One of the best white cucumbers on the market as it has no bitterness and excellent for salads, pickles, or gourmet dishes. Impress your neighbours by growing some white cucumbers!

Cucumis anguria


West Indian Gherkin Cucumber or bur cucumber 12 seeds

This relative of the cucumber produces wonderful 5cm oblong spined fruits produced in quantity on 6ft tall climbing/scambling plants. The baby gherkins are good to eat fresh or pickled and taste exactly like a good cucumber with no bitterness. The spines are harmlessly soft and totally edible, so no need to rub them off. Best grown under cover though as these are a tropical plant and very popular.

Cucumis melo Golden Sweet

Oriental Melon  10 seeds
Cucumis melo is an unusual small Oriental melon, with oblong-shaped melons 3-4 inches long, these fruits have a smooth, golden skin and a very crisp, sweet white flesh.  Plant grows vigorously in warm climates. This melon is very prolific and is very popular in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Sow seeds in seed pots in spring and transplant to a greenhouse border or warm frame when large enough. The plant begins to set fruits 40 days after transplanting.

Cucumis metuliferus

Horned Melon  10 seeds
Cucumis metuliferus, or ‘horned melon’ is a fast growing annual vine related to the cucumber family that is best planted in a greenhouse as our summers are not really warm enough for it. Prized by some for its slightly bitter papaya and watermelon flavour. Beware though the fruits have thorns and the leaves have very small spines. Best grown for its novelty value.

Cucumis sativas Suhyo

Oriental Cucumber Suhyo  10 seeds
Cucumis Suhyo is a long-time favourite cucumber in Japan, that produces long slender cucumbers, 1” x 18”. The cucumber skin is dark green and has small spines. The flesh is firm, crisp and delicious. A very productive variety.

Cucurbita Buttercup

Squash  10 seeds 
Squash make an excellent vegetable and are easy to grow, use either just diced and cooked, or stuffed with a mincemeat filling. Cucurbita Buttercup a late autumn variety, is said to be the smoothest, best flavoured squash yet produced, up to 3 or 4 lbs. each.

Cucurbita Crown Prince

Squash  10 seeds
Cucurbita Crown prince is a winter Squash with a sweet nutty flavour and pale grey skin.

Cucurbita Delicata

Hybrid Squash 10 seeds
Specially selected strain of the much-loved Squash Delicata, (sweet potato) was bred for the UK market. Pretty elongated fruit, with white/ green stripes and a yellow flesh that has a delicate and sumptuously nutty flavour. It is a compact vine, ideal for small gardens with good disease resistance.