Cucurbita F1 Celebration


Squash Hybrid 10 seeds

Celebration is a unique light yellow acorn squash with bright orange streaks and attractive flecking. The 1½ lb. fruit offer exceptional eating quality and flavour. Plants have intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Cucurbita Hunter F1 Butternut


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Squash Hybrid 10 seeds

Bred in the UK this early Squash Butternut should be ready in August from a May sowing. It has an open plant habit allowing natural sunlight to ripen the fruits and they will produce 4 to 5, 800g fruits per plant. 95 days to maturity. Stores well with a sweet flavour. Hunter is an improved form of variety Harrier.

Cucurbita Kabocha

Squash  10 seeds
Kabocha Squash make an excellent vegetable and are easy to grow, use either just diced and cooked, or stuffed with a mincemeat filling. Kabocha has a very sweet nutty flavour and is a particular favourite of ours.

Cucurbita Pink Jumbo Banana Squash


Hybrid Pink Squash/Pumpkin 10 seeds

Well known longish banana variety with a pinkish skin weighing 5-12 kg when mature Apart from being an interesting decoration element, these squashes are delicious.  They are fine flavoured with a dry, sweet, orange flesh. This variety grows well on warm and permeable soil.  Start sowing from April in small pots under glass before planting out after all frosts. Trailing variety needing some space.

Cucurbita Table Gold


Winter Squash  10 seeds

Golden coloured acorn-shaped fruits that have a rich golden flesh and a gorgeous sweet nutty taste. Extremely reliable in habit and high yielding the fruit can be used like a courgette during the summer. Try them with butter and honey or a touch of cinnamon. Fruits weigh 1 to 2 lbs and if left to mature can be stored and used in the winter for baking or stuffing.

Cucurbita Uchiki Kuri

Squash  10 seeds 
Uchiki Kuri Squash make an excellent vegetable and are easy to grow, use either just diced and cooked, or stuffed with a mincemeat filling. For a fabulous red colour display as well as a delicious vegetable with a sweet creamy flesh try this one.

Cucurbiter Small Wonder


Spaghetti Squash 10 seeds

A savoury, ultra-healthy alternative to pasta, Small Wonder Hybrid solves the problem of having to eat an entire monster-sized squash! Small Wonder comes in "small serving" size, with just enough tasty strands to satisfy one to two hungry people. An attractive golden-orange oval fruit with a pleasantly chunky shape and creamy yellow flesh. It is well "stranded" -- just slice it in half, steam, and fluff up the "noodles" for a delicious dinner! Just like its pasta counterpart, spaghetti squash is excellent with tomato- and cream-based sauces, as well as on its own with a little salt and butter or a squeeze of lemon juice.

A trailing variety reaching 4' to 6' long, with a vining habit and superior productivity. Small Wonder grows best in full sunshine and rich, well-drained soil. Pick the fruit when it's 5" or 6" long and weighs about 3 pounds.

Cyclanthera pedata


Achocha, Caigua or Stuffing Cucumber 10 seeds 

Achocha is a slender tropical vine from South America from the cucumber family. It produces a pale green, semi-flattened fruit resembling a cucumber that is 4" to 6" long. However unlike a cucumber, the inside of the ripe fruit is hollow and eaten much like bell peppers - either raw or cooked (after the seeds are removed). They are also prepared as stuffed peppers; stuffed with meat, fish or cheese and then baked - earning it's name "Stuffing Cucumber". Research conducted in Peru has reported that caigua can lower cholesterol levels in humans by up to 20% and is becoming popular in the USA as a health food.

Marrow Long Green Trailing


Exhibition Giant Marrow 10 seeds 

A strong growing strain which will develop extra large dark green exhibition quality fruit. High yielding trailing plant. Ideal for winter storage. Needs space!

Melon Banana

Heritage Banana Melon 10 seeds
Banana Melon is a heritage stumpy "banana" shaped melon, hence the name but it does not taste of bananas. Fruits are about 2ft long with a smooth yellow skin and salmon pink flesh. Not very aromatic until it is cut open or it naturally opens when fully ripe and then it has a very strong sweet exotic pineapple scent. Excellent sweet spicy flavour and 80 days from seed sowing to fruit in warm conditions in a greenhouse or polytunnel. I went to find the Melon Banana after a customer told me he used to grow it but could not find a seed source any more.

Melothria scabra

Mouse Melons or Cucamelon or Mexican Sour Gherkin 20 seeds 
Egg shaped inch-long green & white striped or mottled fruits resembling tiny watermelons. Melothria scabra is a fast-growing annual with lobed leaves from Mexico. Fruits have a tasty flavour and crunchy in texture, used in salads or stir fries and pickled in Mexico where they are known as Mexican Sour Gherkins.

Momordica charantia

Bangkok Hybrid large fruited Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd (5 seeds Pr Pkt)

This tropical, annual vine has a bitter taste and is used in, soup, curry, and salads. (If you don’t like the bitter taste, parboil with salt and rinse 2-3 times before cooking.) The Thais believe that Momordica charantia is very good for the kidneys and blood. Grow under glass or in a polytunnel like a cucumber vine. This new large fruited hybrid has early to medium fruit maturity on vigorous plants. The fruits (8” to 15” long) are set mostly on the lateral vines similar to Gourd plants.

Momordica cochinchinensis

Gac Fruit  5 large seeds

Momordica cochinchinensis or Gac Fruit is one of these so called wonder fruits from Southeast Asian that has been traditionally used as both food and medicine in the regions in which it grows. It is a relative of the bitter gourd but Gac has been shown to be especially high in lycopene content. Relative to mass, it contains up to 70 times the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes. It has also been found to contain up to 10 times the amount of beta-carotene of carrots or sweet potatoes. There has also been recent research that suggests that gac contains a protein that may inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. You will need both male and female vines to cross pollinate for fruit which may prove a bit of a challenge in the UK even under glass.

Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant

The Worlds Largest Pumpkin!  5 seeds 
Have a go and see how big you can grow a pumpkin. Pumpkin Dill's Atlantic Giant regularly produces 400 lb. pumpkins with a record weight of  over 1000 lbs.! I have even heard that in hot weather the vine can grow 3ft over night! You will need a big warm plot for one of these and some rich manure dug in. Note this variety is much larger than "Hundredweight" that has had a lot of publicity lately.

Pumpkin F1 Jack O'Lantern

Halloween Pumpkin  10 seeds
Perfect for Halloween with the right size, skin colour and quality, Pumpkin F1 Jack O'Lantern is also good for eating. You can expect pumpkins to weigh about 5kg to 7kg. Why not let the kids have a go at growing them for Halloween?

Pumpkin Freaky Tom

Halloween Pumpkin  5 seeds

This is an unusual heavily warted pumpkin bred especially for Halloween. Pumpkin Freaky Tom's fruit is about 12" high and 10" across weighing 5 to 6 kilos. Perfect for carving and it also stores well. The kids will just love this one!

Pumpkin Polar Bear


Large White Pumpkin  5 seeds

Pumpkin Polar Bear is an extra-large white pumpkin, with fruit typically over 15Kg in size. Excellent white colour that is retained well after harvest. Vine habit like all Pumpkins with an upright shape to ribbed fruit. Best grown with one fruit per plant though for the largest results. Good for "Ghost" Halloween carving!

Pumpkin Snowman

White Pumpkin  10 seeds
Pumpkin Snowman is a unique white coloured pumpkin capable of 3kg to 4kg weight and perfect for decoration with its smooth uniform skin. Medium to late maturity and popular with interior design enthusiasts.

Snake Gourd - non hybrid

Trichosanthes Cucumerina or Snake Gourd 10 seeds
The Snake Gourd is by nature one of the tastier gourds as compared to bottle gourd and bitter gourds. It is an annual climber like other gourds with lobed, rich green leaves. It has lacy white flowers that bloom in summer evenings followed by white striped slender fruit that turns orange when ripe. This species is commonly grown for its use as a vegetable in stir fries, curries or use as a medicine.

Watermelon Sugar Baby

Water Melon 10 seeds
Watermelon 'Sugar Baby' has smaller round fruits about 20cm in diameter averaging 4kg in weight. The skin turns almost black when ripe with a sweet red flesh. Because the fruit is smaller it tends to take less time to ripen so a good choice to try in our climate under glass or in a polytunnel.

Watermelon Petite Yellow

Water Melon 10 seeds
The crisp yellow flesh of Watermelon Petite Yellow is sweet and delicious with a thin rind, few seeds and early fruiting. Fruit averages 2 to 3 lbs and matures in 75 days but best tried under glass. We think it is one of the best varieties to try and grow in the UK.

Wax Gourd

Oblong Tong Winter Melon 10 seeds
Wax Gourd, also called White Gourd and Tong Qwa, is a fast-growing, long-season, warm-climate vegetable. The plant grows like the pumpkin over the ground and can grow up to 50 pounds. Fruits can be stored in a cool place for months and used later in the winter season, Tong Qwa means "Winter Melon" in Chinese. In the UK best grown under glass or planted out in a very warm sunny position after starting off earlier in pots in heat.



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Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

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Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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