Pea Family

For the best taste in Peas you can't beat growing your own and they taste even better steamed!

Cajanus cajan


Pigeon Pea 20 seeds

The pigeon pea originated in India then through Africa to the Caribbean, cultivated for its food crop and as a green manure. Now widely cultivated in tropical regions throughout the world. The peas can be eaten fresh like garden peas or dried like lentils.

The plant is a short lived perennial shrub growing to 2 or 3 metres, living for about five years in tropical conditions. The fruits are pea like pods, containing four to five seeds. Best grown as a greenhouse or polytunnel as an annual crop in the UK with heat early in the year to encourage growth. Alternatively grow in pots under glass and transplant outside in a warm sheltered position in full sun after all frosts have finished.

Pea Alderman


Heritage Main/Late Crop Pea Aprx 300 seeds җ

Pea Alderman is a heritage tall maincrop or late pea that is very popular as few varieties crop so well and are so easy to grow. The long, thick pods often contain 11 large peas of excellent flavour. Height 5ft to 6ft tall so you will need some strong supporting canes/twigs or netting frame. Recommended for deep freezing and exhibition use this variety produces a heavy crop of large pods on very robust plants giving a useful prolonged picking season.

Pea Asparagus

Asparagus Pea  Aprx 50 seeds
Pea Asparagus is not a true pea, but a vetch, forming low, bushy plants. The attractive red flowers are followed by small winged pods which should be picked when only 1” to 3” long, before they become fibrous. Saute whole in butter and they taste very much like asparagus - delicious!

Pea Bean Dried


Heritage Climbing French Bean.  Aprx 50 Seeds

Climbing Bean Habit

Another heirloom Bean, the Pea Bean has a striking brown and white colour pattern like the Orca Bean. This is a bean that has a long 400 year history in the UK, and although it was almost lost to cultivation for a long period, surviving only in out of the way places and gardens it is now becoming available again. It is a climbing French Bean that can be harvested as green beans when very young and tender like French beans, or they can be left on the plant until the pods and beans are dry. These can then be shelled to reveal the quite fascinating beans that can be kept dried.

Pea Golden Sweet

Bright Yellow Mangetout Pea 50 Seeds  җ
Pea Golden Sweet  is a desirable and delicious mangetout heritage pea with yellow pods. These can be harvested young when they are bright yellow and eaten raw or steamed or left to produce sweet full grown peas. Best as mangetout though and mid season with strong vines that are abundant producers to 6ft tall with some support. Worth trying growing up a tripod in the flower garden as the half open flowers start cream then to pink and finally a blue purple colour. The foliage is also very attractive with yellow streaks and purple markings and of course the abundant bright yellow pea pods just add to the show!

Pea Oregon Sugar Pod


Sugar Snap Pea Aprx 250 seeds җ җ

Pea Oregon Sugar Pod is a very popular fine quality ‘Sugar Snap ’ pea, that produces heavy yields of crisp sweet fleshy 2.5" pods, which can be eaten raw, steamed or in stir fries. Stringless when immature. A fairly compact bushy plant to 90cm that should not require much support and bred for flavour! Suitable for freezing.

Pea Norli


Mangetout   Approx 200 seeds җ

Pea Norli - a French Mangetout type with dark green pods of a good flavour. Improved sugar type and the flat pods are eaten whole while young. Resistant to fusarium wilt.

Pea Rondo


Main Crop Pea  Aprx 300 seeds җ

An excellent, main crop, wrinkled variety, producing high quality, double pods. Pea Rondo is one of the best cropping varieties, with rich green, straight, long pods containing on average 10 deliciously plump peas. Resistant to Fusarium wilt and suitable for freezing.

Pea Purple Podded


Maincrop Pea   Aprx 50 seeds  җ

Pea Purple Podded  is an interesting 4ft to 5ft main crop heritage variety with bright purple pods and ornamental pink flowers. The peas are green but the pods as Mangetout are delicious and even retain their purple colour when cooked. In our trials the plants were quite heavy cropping over an extended period.

Pea Shiraz


Mangetout Pea   Aprx 100 seeds җ

This attractive bi coloured purple/pink flowered, purple podded Mangetout Pea 'Shiraz' produces striking flat, purple pods that are best harvested young. They can be eaten raw, steamed or used in stir fries. The colour will fade to dark green though when the pods are cooked - like purple podded french beans but some colour is retained if lightly steamed or stir fried. Height to about 3ft or more with a spread of 1ft and the plants are very attractive with purple flowers and purple pods.

Pea Special Collection


Special Pea Mix Aprx 200 seeds

For anyone with limited space with perhaps only room for one row of peas, and would like to try our unusual range, we have put together this special mix of Main Crop, Early Crop, Yellow Podded, Purple Podded and Mangetout types. Not only will this give you a colourful crop but also a crop extending right through the summer from early to late. The Packet includes the following varieties

Pea Alderman Main Crop - 50 seeds
Pea Golden Sweet Yellow Pod - 25 seeds
Pea Twinkle Early Crop - 50 seeds
Pea Purple Podded - 25 seeds
Pea Norli Mangetout - 50 seeds

Pea Tom Thumb

Dwarf Pea   Aprx 50 seeds җ җ җ
Pea Tom Thumb is a rare heirloom pea that was introduced back in the 1850s. As the name indicates, this very hardy frost tolerant pea has an extreme dwarf growth habit to only 8" but produces an abundance of full-sized pea pods in limited space. Ideal for Patio pots and great fun for Children.

Pea Twinkle

First Early Pea   Aprx 300 seeds җ җ
Pea Twinkle is a modern first early variety that consistently delivers high yields of medium coloured peas, with a great flavour. A normal leafed double podded variety, with 7-8 peas per pod. Resistant to wilt and moderate resistance to Downy Mildew. Height 45-55cm



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving