Root Vegetables

Healthy Root Crops Beetroot and Carrots to Swedes

Beetroot Albina Ice

White Beetroot  Aprx 200 seeds җ
A truly white beetroot that does not bleed when cut. Excellent flavour and texture  The wavy topped leaves can also be used like spinach.

Beetroot Burpees Golden

Golden Beet  Aprx 100 seeds җ
Beetroot Burpees Golden plants produce a good yield of large bright golden beetroots. Best when harvested when small, but they will not become fibrous when large. They were a colour breakthrough when Burpee introduced them, excellent for those who want a beetroot with a sweeter, milder flavour, and for others who love the inviting gold colour. Smaller roots to 2" across. The light green leaves can also be steamed or used raw in mixed salads.

Beetroot Chioggia


Striped Beetroot  Aprx 200 seeds  җ

This globed shaped Italian beetroot has dark green leaves and deep red stems. When the beetroot is sliced unusual red and white rings are exposed, adding an attractive element to salads. It has a sweet taste and useful for salads or as a hot vegetable. Jamie Oliver has been seen using Beetroot Chioggia on a number of his TV programs.

Beetroot Cylindra


Slicing Beetroot  Aprx 200 seeds җ

Beetroot Cylindra is a superb variety that produces delicious, high quality, dark crimson, cylindrical roots which have a long storage period. Late ripening, slow to bolt, and shows good disease resistance. Excellent for easy slicing because of the shape and useful as a “Mini Veg

Beetroot Detroit 2 Bolivar


Red Beetroot  Aprx 200 seeds җ

Detroit 2 is a good quality, smooth skinned globe beet with strong skin and flesh colour. High yielding variety with very low nitrate content, for open field production during Summer and Autumn.

Beetroot F1 Boldor


Golden Beetroot Aprx 200 seeds

Attractive copper skinned, globe shaped roots with beautiful orange coloured flesh that remains just as bright after cooking. Beetroot 'Boldor' has a delicious sweet flavour and adds colour to meals whether, boiled or pickled. The young leaves can be eaten too, either raw, steamed or stir fried. This improved golden beet has superior seedling emergence, strong vigour and excellent uniformity.

Beetroot F1 Pablo

Versatile Early to Maincrop Beetroot Aprx 200 sds җ
Beetroot Pablo is a high quality beetroot, with a smooth skin and deep red internal colouring that stands and stores well without going woody. Also a good choice for ‘baby beet’ production and suitable for early, maincrop and late production. Delicious in summer salads or use the young leaves as an alternative to spinach.

Beetroot Mammoth Long


Exhibition Beetroot  Aprx 50 seeds җ

Very long smooth good quality roots. Dark red flesh with a sweet flavour. This Beetroot has won many prizes on the show bench for a number of years.

Carrot Amsterdam Forcing


Early forcing Carrot Aprx 1000 seeds җ

Carrot Amsterdam Forcing is a cylindrical type, early-maturing with slim blunt ended roots. A heavy yielder it is very well suited to early glasshouse growing or in deep containers for "Baby Carrot" production.

Carrot Atomic Red

Red Carrot  Aprx 1000 seeds  җ
Carrot Atomic Red main-crop variety is a beautiful scarlet colour that gets brighter when cooked. It gets its hue from a high content of the healthy antioxidant Lypocene, a precursor to beta carotene credited for helping prevent several types of cancer.

Carrot Autumn King 2

Late Crop Autumn Carrot  Aprx 1000 seeds җ җ
Carrot Autumn King 2 produces one of the largest of carrots and last to mature, however we grow these sown thinly in a wide 6” row and use the younger plants early on and through the season. This way we do not need to thin the carrots other than by regular cropping. This is a very healthy and vigorous carrot with the potential to be the highest yielding of all Autumn carrots. Can also be left in the ground without splitting through the winter.

Carrot Eskimo


Late Autumn & Winter Carrot Aprx 500 seeds җ җ

A late maincrop type with very strong roots, giving excellent resistance to breakage and splitting. Good colour and excellent flavour. Strong tops for lifting. Intermediate resistance to cavity spot and very good resistance to frost damage down to -7C.

Carrot Flyaway

Main Crop Autumn Carrot  Aprx 500 seeds җ җ
Carrot Flyaway, a Nantes type carrot that is less susceptible to damaging attack by carrot fly than most other varieties. Good sweet flavour and excellent when harvested young. For any carrot though remember to remove any thinnings away from the plants as the smell attracts the carrot fly and compounds the problem!

Carrot Paris Market Atlas

Baby Round Carrots Aprx 1000 seeds җ
Carrot Paris Market Atlas is an improved high quality version of the popular Paris Market type. An early variety with superb almost round roots with an excellent colour. Ideal for shallow soils or container growing.

Carrot Purple Haze F1

Purple Carrot  Aprx 300 seeds  җ
Carrot Purple Haze is an award winning purple carrot. The 10” to 12” smooth purple carrots taper to a point and reveal a bright orange centre when cut. Colourful and sweetly flavoured raw, their colour though will become diffused when cooked. Apparently this carrot was named after a Jimmy Hendrix song!

Carrot Purple Sun


Purple Core Carrot  Aprx 300 seeds  җ

Purple Sun, unlike other purple carrots has a striking strong purple colour from skin right through to the core. Antrhrocyanin is a flavanoid considered to have health benefits in humans, and Purple Sun is full of it, so it not only looks stunning but is also good for you.

Carrot Rainbow

Rainbow Coloured Carrots  Aprx 300 seeds җ
Carrot Rainbow strain produces a colourful mix of red, white, yellow and orange carrots, each with a distinctive flavour. Rich in vitamins and minerals, nutritious and sweet . Another excellent but practical novelty. Rainbow is not a mix of varieties! It’s the first-ever Carrot to naturally produce every shade from white to red.

Carrot Resistafly

All season crop carrot  Aprx 500 seeds җ җ
Carrot Resistafly ,is a Nantes type with good tolerance of Carrot Root Fly. Top quality cylindrical roots with good colour and skin quality suitable for a quick early crop or mid summer sowing.  For any carrot though remember to remove any thinnings away from the plants as the smell attracts the carrot fly and compounds the problem, also later sowings make the carrots more susceptible to carrot root fly damage.

Carrot Rubyprince F1


Crimson Carrot  Aprx 250 seeds  җ

Carrot Rubyprince F1 produces crisp tasty crimson carrots. Crimson on the outside and the same inside, full of lycopene. Very attractive added raw to salads. Best sown late spring - early summer and harvested as a maincrop carrot.

Carrot Samurai

Red/Pink Carrot   Aprx 500 seeds җ
Carrot Samurai - an ideal summer harvest carrot which produces long roots that taper to a point. They have a noticeable redder skin and sweet, pink-tinged flesh. A real novelty that will add colour to the table.

Carrot Solar Yellow

Yellow Carrot   Aprx 500 seeds җ
A lovely sunny yellow carrot with a very sweet flavour and juicy crispness of this danvers-type. It matures from 6 to 7" long and is a great addition to rainbow carrot mixes.

Carrot Special Colour Collection

Special Jungle Coloured Carrot Mix  Aprx 1250 seeds җ

We have put together five of what we consider to be the best selection of coloured carrots as a special pack for anyone wishing to try more than one variety. Each packet contains 250 seeds of each variety and separately labelled.

Carrot Atomic Red
Carrot Cosmic Purple
Carrot White Satin
Carrot Yellowstone
                                            Carrot Flyaway

Carrot White Satin


White Carrot   Aprx 500 seeds җ җ

Indulge in Carrot White Satin and discover pure luxury in a carrot! Its lustrous, pristine white roots grow to 8 inches and are a delight to eat. They're crunchy and juicy, with a flavour that's sweet, mild, and silky smooth. White Satin adds a touch of opulence to the carrot patch and glamour to the plate.

Carrot Yellowstone F1

Bright Yellow Carrot   Aprx 500 seeds җ
The first yellow, F1 Hybrid Carrot, Yellowstone has rich, canary yellow, smooth skin along with a succulent, sweet crunchy taste. Excellent for adding another colour to the dinner plate.

Cyperus esculentus


Tiger Nut or Yellow Nutsedge 20 small tubers

Tiger Nuts or Yellow Nutsedge was very popular years ago as it is not a true nut and therefore not associated with Nut aalergies. It is now becoming populatr again and classed as a superfood being full of fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium. Plus its low in calories and Gluten free. Best started in a greenhouse and planted out after frosts have finished or kept in pots and kept well watered (its a sedge!) One plant can produce hundreds of tiger nuts if left to harvest in late autumn.