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Artichoke to Swiss Chard its your choice.

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Artichoke Violet de Provence

Artichoke  Aprx 50 seeds җ җ
This delicious medium sized artichoke develops rich/violet purple headed globes on thistle like plants that prefers a rich heavy soil. Artichoke Violet de Provence plants produce for at least three years. Sow from March to August and harvest between May and July. This is one of the most traditional of Italian vegetables.


Asparagus Crimson Pacific

Purple Asparagus 5 Seeds җ җ җ
Asparagus Crimson Pacific is an open pollinated variety producing a good crop of purple spears. A leading variety giving a high yield with a very even grade-out. Excellent, sweet flavour and must be worth a try. Cropping will take 1 year longer than purchasing and planting crowns.

Asparagus Millennium F1

Green Asparagus 5 Seeds җ җ җ
Asparagus Millennium is a class leading hybrid variety developed for green spear production Produces a high yield of straight spears with tight heads. A late cropping variety allowing harvesting right into July with excellent vigour and good flavour.
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Aubergine Dusky

Egg Plant  Aprx 20 seeds 
Aubergine Dusky is an early maturing hybrid with a 30% to 50% higher yield than normal varieties. Fruits are near black in colour with a mild flavour. A 60 day transplanting to maturity time frame can be expected given warm conditions. Harvest them at 6” long for tender, succulent flavour. Yields are also improved with this variety through a good resistance to disease. Needs to be sown under glass in January to February and eventually planted in pots in the greenhouse or in a sheltered sunny position out side in early June. Height 30”.

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Aubergine Fairy Tale

Egg Plant  20 seeds 
Aubergine Fairy Tale was a 2005 AAS winner, this is a compact growing variety, great for containers, with highly attractive lavender flowers. Height and width 18”. Early to mature, approximately 50 days from transplanting, it produces many slim, lavender-purple fruits with white stripes and a bitter-free flavour. Best harvested when the fruit is about 4” long. Needs to be sown under glass in January to February and eventually planted in pots in the greenhouse or in a sheltered sunny position out side in early June.


Aubergine Fengyuan Purple

Egg Plant  Aprx 20 seeds 
This slender Asian eggplant is one of the longest available. Aubergine Fengyuan Purple has beautiful purple skin and so thin that peeling is unnecessary and the creamy white flesh is reliably mild with no bitterness. Plants produce an abundance of fruit that can grow well over a foot long. Easy to grow and wonderful for grilling or adding to stir fries.


Aubergine Rosita

Pink Egg Plant  Aprx 20 seeds 
Aubergine Rosita a large Aubergine is an unusual lovely pink-lavender colour. It also has some of the whitest, mildest flesh of any eggplant available. Large fruits have a teardrop shape and become 8 to 9 inches long and about 4 inches across. Developed in Puerto Rico in the 1940's.


Aubergine Striped Toga

Novelty Aubergine 10 seeds £1.95
Aubergine Striped Toga has stunning 3" oval, bright orange with green stripes, strong to mild flavour but also keeps well as an excellent ornamental.
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Celery Celebrity

Self Branching Celery   Aprx 500 seeds  җ
Celery Celebrity is slightly quicker to mature than some varieties and very little stringiness. Planting closer together will encourage paler green or white stems.

Celery Mammoth Pink

Pink Trench Celery   Aprx 100 seeds  җ

Developed for the vegetable exhibitor, this will produce fine specimens of solid celery with pink hues. An excellent flavoured large trench celery.

Coccinia grandis,

Ivy Gourd  (5 seeds Pr Pkt)
Ivy Gourd or Dondakaya is a widely consumed vegetable in India, rich in beta-carotene, and available in India through out the year, large numbers are now imported daily to the UK.  The small, stubby, green coloured vegetables which grow on aggressive perennial vines are used to prepare delicious stuffed curries, stews, pickles, salads and stir fries. can be harvested at the green unripe stage or when red. The young shoots and leaves of Coccinia grandis can also be eaten as greens and the fruits can be eaten raw. Worth a try as an annual crop in a warm sheltered spot in the UK.
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Okra Burgundy

Burgundy Ladies Fingers  10 seeds
Okra Burgundy - vigorous 1 metre tall plants with burgundy-tinged stems and foliage, soft yellow 4" flowers followed by 4-6 inch long burgundy pods. Makes a bold statement in any arrangements or tropical border and quite an unusual selection.

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Okra Cajun Delight

Ladies Fingers  10 seeds  
Okra Cajun Delight is an unusual vegetable to try growing in the greenhouse border. A member of the Hibiscus family with long green fruits used in stews or cooked as a different vegetable - one of my favourites!


Okra Jambalay F1

Hybrid Ladies Fingers  10 seeds  

An early high-yielding dark green variety with uniform pods with 5 points. Large, robust flowers are also edible, and may be stuffed or used as a garnish. Makes a great ornamental in containers.
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Oryza sativa

Japanese Rice - Koshihikari Aprx 40 seeds
Grow your own Paddy field? Oryza sativa is the premium rice of Japan, distinguished by its aroma, sweet flavour and sticky texture. Also, dried stalks are beautiful displayed in flower arrangements. Harvest time about 5 months and contrary to expectations it does not need to be waterlogged to grow well, just regular watering and heat! Worth a try for the novelty factor? Maturity: Approx. 160 days

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Physalis ixocarpa Cisineros

Tomatillo  10 seeds
Physalis ixocarpa or Tomatillo, a native of Mexico, is a relative of the tomato, eggplant and pepper. As a traditional part of Mexican cooking, tomatillos are found in stews, moles and salsas. They are seldom used whole, and are often pureed. Its texture is firmer than a tomato and it tastes like a tangy lemon. On the outside, the 2” sized vegetable is bright green. On the inside, it’s considerably lighter. Its seeds are fine and edible. Growing tomatillos is like growing tomatoes, only easier. The tomatillos grow inside a papery husk. The husk helps to protect the fruit should a light frost occur. When the fruit has grown to nearly fill its husk, it’s ready to harvest. Make sure they’re picked before the fruit turns yellow, otherwise the fruit’s tangy flavour will be lost.

Cisineros is an incredibly large tomatillo that is easily twice the size of most tomatillos. Apple-green fruits which have a papery husk that splits open as the tomatillos mature and turn yellow-green. Use in the bright green stage for a tart flavour, or allow to ripen further for a sweeter taste. Huge size makes this tomatillo really special. Crops in 75 days from planting

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Physalis ixocarpa Purple

Purple Tomatillo (10 seeds Pr Pkt)
A uniquely coloured tomatillo that is enjoyed for the sweet yet tart flavour it gives Mexican dishes. These small fruit form inside papery husks and begin as pale green, then ripen to a rich, deep purple. Vigorous and productive plants.

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Physalis peruviana

Giant Cape Gooseberry or Poha Berry or Inca Berry  Aprx 200 seeds 
This giant cultivated form of Physalis peruviana is native to Brazil but long ago became naturalized in the highlands of Peru and Chile and became identified with the region. Best grown as an annual crop in the UK sown in Feb/Mar but it is perennial by nature and not frost tolerant. Plants grow 2 to 3ft with bell-shaped, nodding yellow flowers forming in the leaf axils. After the flower falls, the calyx expands, forming a straw-coloured husk surrounding the fruit, which take 70 to 80 days to mature. The tangy, tasty fruit is a berry with smooth, waxy, orange-yellow skin and juicy pulp containing numerous very small yellowish seeds. The plants need regular watering, in a well drained soil in a hot sunny position planted outside in June, or pot grown in the greenhouse. Do not fertilise as they do best in poor soil. The tasty fruit is often dipped in melted chocolate as a special treat!

Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual

Rhubarb Aprx 50 seeds  җ җ җ
Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual is a popular mid season variety with long juicy stems of bright red and very sweet flavour, very easy and quick to grow from seed. Started in heat in late winter it can even be harvested lightly the following year.
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Sicana odorifera

Cassabanana  10 seeds 
Sicana odorifera - a perennial tropical vine from the cucumber family, producing 1-2 ft long brownish fruits, which are yellow inside and eaten raw or used in preserves. The fruit also has a sweet scent like a ripe melon. Grow as a fast growing novelty annual. In tropical regions it will cover and often smother 50ft tall trees and is often grown as an ornamental as well as for fruit. Flowers are aromatic yellow to 2".


Solanum burbankii

Wonderberry  Aprx 25 seeds 
Solanum burbankii is an annual hybrid berry developed as a cross from Huckleberry but with a much sweeter flavour and larger up to 1/2" diameter. Grow like a tomato in rows planted outside after all frosts have passed. The berries are produced very early even on 6" plants but take a while to ripen. The green berries are slightly poisonous and should only be harvested when black and non shiny. Eaten raw there is next to no flavour but when cooked it develops into a taste superior to blueberries. Best for pies, jam and jellies.


Solanum torvum

Makhua Puang from Thailand 10 seeds

Solanum torvum the Thai Eggplant or aubergine is known in Thailand as Makhua Puang botanical name Solanum torvum. The fruits are in fact the small green pea sized berries which grow in large clusters. These berries turn yellow when fully ripe but are harvested for use when they are still green and is one of the main ingredients in Thai Green Curry. Makhua Puang are full of flavour but slightly bitter to taste so are not usually eaten on their own.

Enjoy the authentic taste and texture of pea aubergines in curries, stir fries or soups. This versatile ingredient can also be crushed and used to create delicious relishes or dips.


Strawberry F1 Delician

New Delicious Hybrid Strawberry from Seed 15 seeds җ җ

This latest introduction Strawberry Delician is an Oriental hybrid developed for its unique aromatic flavour. Medium size fruit and few runners on an upright growth habit make it a neat plant for gardeners to manage.


Strawberry F1 Florian

Hybrid Pink Flowered Strawberry from Seed  15 seeds җ җ
Strawberry Florian An excellent new hybrid strawberry from seed with striking apple blossom pink flowers that produces a heavy crop of good sized juicy red fruits. Ideal for growing under glass, but as fruits hang from the main plant as well as its runners, it is also good for sunny patios in baskets and containers.
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Strawberry Temptation

Runner Free Strawberries!  15 seeds җ җ
Seed raised Strawberries have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly as these are mainly runner free. Strawberry Temptation has large, luscious, fruit produced early in the season on first year, virtually runner free plants. They crop almost continuously from mid-summer through to the first frosts. An ideal Patio or hanging basket plant. For the earliest crops an autumn sowing is advisable, but a marketable crop can be grown from a mid-winter sowing.

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Swiss Chard Bright Lights - Beta vulgaris

Swiss Chard or Rhubarb Chard  20 seeds җ җ
Swiss Chard Bright Lights is strictly a vegetable but with colour and form that looks striking in a mixed Tropical Border. Bright Lights includes a stunning colour range of Gold, Red, Pink and White. Excellent as a lettuce substitute if you pick the emerging young leaves, with the benefit of a crop source that lasts all summer and into the winter.

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Swiss Chard Galaxy Red - Beta vulgaris

Swiss Chard or Rhubarb Chard  20 seeds җ җ
Strictly a vegetable but with colour and form that looks striking in a mixed Tropical Border. We now offer both the Red form and the Yellow after finding an improved seed source. These plants are sometimes used for tropical effect within Wisley’s summer bedding.
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Swiss Chard Yellow - Beta vulgaris

Swiss Chard or Rhubarb Chard  20 seeds җ җ
A bright yellow form of this versatile vegetable but with colour and form that looks striking in a mixed Tropical Border.


Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving