Sweet Corn

One of my favourite summer crops. Quite ornamental to grow in your flower border if space is limited?

Baby Corn

Baby Corn 15 seeds 
This is a special variety of sweetcorn, bred for Baby Corn production, the plants tend to produce many more ears per plant than normal sweet corn varieties. However, many common corn varieties will also produce quality baby corn. Harvest the ears when they are best for baby corn which is about bite size: 5cm to 10cm long and 1cm to 2cm in diameter at the base, or butt end. To meet this criteria, harvest ears 1 to 3 days after silks become visible. Harvest baby corn every 2–3 days. At this early stage of ear development, the ear can grow very quickly, becoming too large in only 4–5 days! Don't forget that if you leave them they will grow into full size sweetcorn but probably not the best you could grow!

Corn Red Husk Spectrum


Novelty Corn 16 seeds

An unusual slim 4" mini popcorn with a high percentage of red stalks and husks. Has a strong stem 8-9 feet tall and stands well until late in the season. Perfect size for autumn decorations and craft projects this unique, miniature Indian corn variety has red and white husks and stalks, the kernels are shades of red, brown, gold, cream and everything in between.

Sweet Corn Bloody Butcher


Red Sweet Corn  15 seeds

Sweet Corn Bloody Butcher is truly a fabulous heirloom corn with blood-red kernels in gorgeous wine-red husks. This is a long season corn, and bears 8-12 inch ears on tall 10 foot stalks. The immature ears can be eaten like sweet corn, but the mature corn can be ground for an exquisite red corn flour or used for decoration. It has quite good drought tolerance but will need to be raised early in pots before planting out in late May/June to give them a head start on the weather.

Sweet Corn Double Red


Red Sweet Corn 16 seeds

A new exciting Sweet Corn from the USA with brilliantly coloured kernels in shades of red/white and purple.  Suitable for cooler climates like the UK it has high yields from stocky short plants.  The bonus is the beautiful ornamental red stalks, red husks and even the male flowers are red tinted. A delicious early sweet corn that is excellent for eating fresh from the cob, but also good for drying and grinding to make traditional corn flour.

I was first alerted to this new corn by a customer, Duncan Meyers who had one growing amongst his Bloody Butcher plants that led to finding a true seed source.

Sweet Corn F1 Golden Eagle


Hybrid Sweet Corn 50 seeds

Sweetcorn F1 Golden Eagle is a new early to mid-season multi-sweet variety. Produces medium sized cobs, typically 20cm in length. Very sweet flavour and tender texture to the grains on medium height plants.

Sweet Corn F1 Incredible

Sweet Corn  30 seeds  
Sweet Corn F1 Incredible - a main season variety with high quality long cobs of an excellent sweet flavour. 16 to 18 rows per cob and these are high yielding plants and considered one of the worlds best gourmet sweet corns.

Sweet Corn F1 Summer Glow


Bicolour Super Sweet variety 35 seeds

A mid-season Super Sweet variety that produces medium sized, bi-coloured white/yellow cobs that are typically 22cm in length. Approximately 16-18 rows of yellow and white grains per cob. Very sweet flavour. Medium height plants.

Sweet Corn F1 Swift


Hybrid Sweet Corn  35 seeds  

A new extra tender early maturing variety with a dwarf habit and improved vigour in cold soil regions. Super sweet type, superior in both taste and texture with 2-3 times the sugar. Produces 2-3 cobs per plant.

Sweet Corn F1 White Lady

White Extra Sweet Corn  20 seeds  
Supersweet sweetcorn F1 White Lady is a medium height white sweetcorn which produces excellent quality 8" cobs with 16-18 rows of extra tender and sweet, pure-white kernels, filling it right up to the tip. Just as tasty as any yellow supersweet variety.

Sweet Corn Hopi Blue


Indian Blue Corn  15 seeds 

Sweet Corn Hopi Blue is an unusual sweet corn developed by the Hopi Indians renowned for its sweet and distinctive blue cornmeal. Excellent for eating fresh while the kernels are tender just as they start to turn from white to blue, but used dry for blue corn chips, blue flour etc. Also used for decoration. Bushy 5 foot plants produce 7 inch ears and are quite nutritious. What upsets me most is that they are really delicious but all of our own trial crops have to be turned into seed for resale and my wife won't let me eat them!!

Sweet Corn Mexican White

Giant Sweet Corn   15 seeds 
A huge edible American sweetcorn variety to 16ft tall with massive 2ft cobs. Sweet Corn Mexican White grows really fast which the kids will love and easy to germinate. Start off in pots in the warm then plant out after any frost danger has passed. Although very strong plants they may need staking in a windy position.

Sweet Corn Miniature Blue

Miniature Blue Pop Corn 15 seeds
Exotic midnight blue kernels cover the small 2-4 inch ears of this unique variety. Sweet Corn Miniature Blue produces several ears that are ideal for ornamental and craft use as well as an exotic popping corn. A real must for those growing ornamentals.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving