Mini Vegetables

I have placed here our personal selection of mini vegetables suitable for small gardens or container growing.

Even if you do not have a lot of room there are always some varieties of vegetables that you could try growing; in a small dedicated patch; or perhaps amongst your flower borders; grown in containers or even hanging baskets!

Generally so called "Mini Vegetables" are either smaller varieties that can be grown a lot closer together or they are varieties suitable for harvesting when young as "Baby Veg" Have a look at my suggestions below and you choose whatever grabs your interest?

Aubergine F1 Pinstripe

Egg Plant  15 seeds 
A striking plant with striped purple and white fruits weighing around 3oz (80g). Compact branching plants with silver grey foliage which is spineless in most conditions. Suited for containers and open ground in a warm sunny location. Fruits may be picked at a young stage for baby fruits which can be eaten whole or left to mature to larger fruits as required. Pinstripe crops over a very long period.

Aubergine Ivory F1

Easter Egg Plant 10 seeds
Aubergine Ivory  is one of the best white type egg plants with oval shaped, very sweet flavoured fruits that are also good for short season locations and ready in 72 days. Ideal for pots and containers.

Aubergine Striped Toga

Novelty Aubergine 10 seeds £1.95
Aubergine Striped Toga has stunning 3" oval, bright orange with green stripes, strong to mild flavour but also keeps well as an excellent ornamental.

AubergineF1 Bonica

Egg Plant  Aprx 20 seeds 
Aubergine F1 Bonica is an early maturing hybrid that performs well in difficult growing seasons. Fruits are near black in colour with a mild flavour. A 60 day transplanting to maturity time frame can be expected given warm conditions. Harvest them at 5” long for tender, succulent flavour. Yields are also improved with this variety through a good resistance to disease. Needs to be sown under glass in January to February and eventually planted in pots in the greenhouse or in a sheltered sunny position out side in early June. Height 30”.

Basil Genovese Type


Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilcum)

200 seeds of Genovese Sweet pr Pkt

100 seeds of Basil Red pr Pkt

One of the most useful herbs and a key ingredient for many Italian and Indian dishes and great when fresh in salads. Basil lives up to it's Indian origins and is best suited to the warmer areas of the UK although with correct positioning, it will thrive as a container plant outside in less protected areas. We offer Sweet Basil Genovese sweet which is slightly taller and more robust than the normal green bush form, and a red variety.

Bean Dwarf French Purple Queen

Purple Dwarf French Bean  Aprx 75 seeds
Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen produces long slightly curved dark purple pods that turn dark green when cooked. Excellent flavour and string-less but best picked when pods are young. Some disease resistance

Bean Runner Hestia


Scarlet and White Flowered Dwarf Runner Bean  Aprx 30 Seeds

Runner Bean Hestia has all the benefits of modern, stringless beans but on dwarf bushy plants, the pods are held above the ground to avoid disease and remain clean, perfect when no support is available. Suitable for container culture, roof top gardening, small gardens or growing in the flower border where the attractive bicoloured red and white flowers add to the attraction.

Beetroot Cylindra


Slicing Beetroot  Aprx 200 seeds җ

Beetroot Cylindra is a superb variety that produces delicious, high quality, dark crimson, cylindrical roots which have a long storage period. Late ripening, slow to bolt, and shows good disease resistance. Excellent for easy slicing because of the shape and useful as a “Mini Veg

Beetroot F1 Pablo

Versatile Early to Maincrop Beetroot Aprx 200 sds җ
Beetroot Pablo is a high quality beetroot, with a smooth skin and deep red internal colouring that stands and stores well without going woody. Also a good choice for ‘baby beet’ production and suitable for early, maincrop and late production. Delicious in summer salads or use the young leaves as an alternative to spinach.

Cabbage Katarina F1


Mini Cabbage Aprx 40 seeds җ

This new AAS winner has a perfect smaller head size (4”) and shape to be grown successfully in containers on patios, decks or in-ground beds, possibly in an ornamental edible border.  It matures as much as 1-3 weeks earlier than the other cabbage comparison varieties so harvest and enjoy early in the year. Once the main head was removed, the plant continued to grow smaller side heads as well. It is particularly attractive as the taste is less bitter and sweeter than conventional varieties.

Calabrese F1 Kabuki

Calabrese Aprx 50 seeds
A versatile variety maturing after 65-70 days. Grows to half the height of normal calabrese crops making it ideal for production under fleece or in smaller spaces. Very domed heads with tight beads. Its open habit also helps reduce incidence of botrytis and mildew. Calabrese F1 Kabuki is also suitable for baby head production.

Carrot Amsterdam Forcing


Early forcing Carrot Aprx 1000 seeds җ

Carrot Amsterdam Forcing is a cylindrical type, early-maturing with slim blunt ended roots. A heavy yielder it is very well suited to early glasshouse growing or in deep containers for "Baby Carrot" production.

Carrot Paris Market Atlas

Baby Round Carrots Aprx 1000 seeds җ
Carrot Paris Market Atlas is an improved high quality version of the popular Paris Market type. An early variety with superb almost round roots with an excellent colour. Ideal for shallow soils or container growing.

Cauliflower F1 Freedom

Cauliflower Aprx 40 Seeds җ
Cauliflower F1 Freedom is a CMS bred version of the popular variety Cauliflower F1 Fremont. This is one of the best varieties currently available for UK production. Suitable for all work including standard and mini vegetable production. Approximately 70-80 days from transplant to harvest.

Courgette Eight Ball

Ball shaped Courgette or Zuchini 10 seeds
Courgette Eight Ball is a hybrid courgette variety producing dark green, uniform, round fruits. More even cropping with higher yields than open pollinated round varieties. Its bush habit makes it suitable for smaller areas or container growing.

Courgette F1 Midnight


Spineless Zucchini 10 seeds

A high yielding modern hybrid with dark green, glossy fruits produced on a very compact plant. Completely spineless making it easy to pick and excellent for growing in large pots.

Courgette F1 Royal Flush


Baby Courgette  10 seeds

Bush type non running courgette specially bred to produce masses of dark green ‘baby’ fruits over a long period. Can be also left to produce larger fruits but best harvested small. Ideal for pots and containers. Like all courgettes they can be harvested with the flower still attached or the large flowers can be harvested separately.

Cucumber La Diva


Mini Cucumber 10 seeds 

Cucumber La Diva produces mini cucumbers about 6'' long which are bitter free and seedless. The flesh is tender crisp and sweet and the plants, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, have a good disease resistance.

Leek Zermatt


Hybrid Leek Aprx 100 seeds җ җ

Leek Zermatt is an excellent variety for "Baby Leeks" which provide a mild-tasting alternative to spring onions - sow the seeds direct in their main growing positions in the spring (there's no need to thin or transplant them) and harvest the leeks through the summer. However this early variety will mature to full size if left.

Lettuce Little Gem

Cos Lettuce Aprx 400 seeds җ
One of the earliest varieties to mature. Lettuce Little Gem produces small compact plants which are packed with a crisp sweet heart and little outside leaf. Very useful for cloches and small gardens.

Mini Vegetable Collection


A pack of 12 mixed mini vegetables suitable for pots and containers, the contents are packaged and labelled separately with specific sowing instructions.

These seeds are suitable for anyone with a patio, balcony. or roof garden for growing in pots and containers. A useful pack for the budget conscious at less than 59p per item. The mix has been carefully chosen by us for ease of growth and hardiness for direct sowing outside apart from the Tomato that will need a head start indoors. The packet contains:-

  • Tomato Tumbling Tom
  • Radish Pink Beauty
  • Carrot Paris Market Atlas
  • Beetroot F1 Pablo
  • Dwarf French Bean Orinoco
  • Dwarf French Bean Stanley
  • Onion White Lisbon
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Courgette Royal Flush
  • Lettuce Little Gem
  • Cabbage F1 Gonzales

Onion Ramrod


Spring Onion or Salad Onion Aprx 500 Seeds җ җ

Onion Ramrod - a recent British-bred salad onion with erect foliage and a mild flavour. A very versatile variety for spring and autumn production and its winter hardiness makes it a good variety for autumn sowing.

Onion White Lisbon


Spring Onion Aprx 500 Seeds җ

I don't think that Salads are the same without spring onions, and Onion White Lisbon is one of the most popular of all. Long white stems, bright green tops and it's mild flavour makes it perfect for salads and stir-fries. Quick cropping but sow every two weeks from March to July for continued harvesting.

Pak Choi F1 Red Lady

Red Chinese Cabbage  Aprx 200 seeds
Pak Choi F1 Red Lady is a red leaved hybrid pak choi which adds colour to Winter salads if grown under glass. It has dark purple red upper leaves with contrasting green stem and undersides and a mild flavour. Vigorous upright plant habit and easy to cut, it can also be grown to maturity to make attractive purple red heads for bunching or bags.

Pak Choi Joi Choi F1 (Brassica rapa chinensis)

Chinese Cabbage  Aprx 200 seeds

Pak Choi deliciously spicy, pure white celery-like stalks are topped by green leaves. Each plant will have 10-14 stalks 8” to 10” long. Excellent raw or cooked.  Pak Choi can be grown all year round, however, it grows best in the spring and the autumn and must be grown in fertile moist soil. Sow outside March - August, for continuous summer salads. If you want to grow some onto maturity, use thinnings for salads, until the plants have been thinned to about 9" and you will produce some nice plants for cooking ie: stir-fry or steaming. Sow under protection Feb - early April for spring crop and August - early October for autumn/winter crop.