Parsley Champion Moss Curled

Parsley Aprx 500 seeds  җ җ
A selected strain of Parsley with tightly curled dark green leaves used for garnishing. Parsley Champion Moss Curled can be grown on a windowsill or planted out alongside lettuce and other salad crops. To harvest keep up a regular picking routine which will encourage fresh new growth.

Parsnip Javelin


Parsnip  Aprx 200 pelleted seeds җ җ җ

Parsnip Javelin - a very high quality parsnip, with white smooth tapering roots of excellent uniformity. Try sowing 3'' apart for mini parsnips with an excellent flavour.

Pea Tom Thumb

Dwarf Pea   Aprx 50 seeds җ җ җ
Pea Tom Thumb is a rare heirloom pea that was introduced back in the 1850s. As the name indicates, this very hardy frost tolerant pea has an extreme dwarf growth habit to only 8" but produces an abundance of full-sized pea pods in limited space. Ideal for Patio pots and great fun for Children.

Radish French breakfast


Radish  Aprx 500 seeds

Radish French breakfast is a fast growing oval shaped radish with a white tip. Vigorous and quick to produce a crop

Radish Pink Beauty

Pink Round Radish Aprx 500 seeds 
Radish Pink Beauty - a tasty round bright pink radish with a sweet crisp flesh and Slow to bolt.

Strawberry Temptation

Runner Free Strawberries!  15 seeds җ җ
Seed raised Strawberries have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly as these are mainly runner free. Strawberry Temptation has large, luscious, fruit produced early in the season on first year, virtually runner free plants. They crop almost continuously from mid-summer through to the first frosts. An ideal Patio or hanging basket plant. For the earliest crops an autumn sowing is advisable, but a marketable crop can be grown from a mid-winter sowing.

Sweet Pepper Lilac Bell


Lilac Bell Pepper  10 seeds


Sweet Pepper Tequila is a unique lavender coloured sweet pepper that matures from green to lavender to purple to pale orange then dark red. The large 3-4 lobed fruits are 4.5" by 3.5" and what a fantastic colour to add to your salad plate if harvested at the lavender stage!

Tomato F1 Totem

Outdoor Bush Tomato 10 seeds
Tomato Totem - a determinate (Bush) type dwarf 12" high plants producing high yields of large cherry tomatoes. Great in salads or eating fresh. Perfect for indoor or patio containers. Requires no staking.

Tomato Micro Tom

Small Bush Tomato 10 seeds
Tomato Micro Tom is a revolutionary bush variety that can even be produced in small 7-9cm pots, and produces a crop of around 40-plus cherry tomatoes per plant. Useful as a window sill plant, or for patio containers where space is limited.

Tomato Tumbling

A basket, cascading cherry tomato either red, yellow or striped 10 seeds
Tomato Tumbling Tom is a cascading determinate type, highly productive and suitable for outdoor basket and container work. Sweet flavoured cherry red or yellow fruits which look very attractive on the plants and in salads. We also offer Tumbling Jester a similar striped variety.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving