Basket Plants

Our selection of plants to grow from seed for bedding out but particularly useful for tubs, planters and hanging baskets.

Alternanthera Purple Knight

Purple Joy Weed 10 seeds
Alternanthera Purple Knight or Joy Weed is a trailing type foliage with deep burgundy stems. Foliage may appear purple, or burgundy depending on the soil or season. Vigorous mounding and trailing habit. Excellent contrast foliage for containers or bedding. This plant has been shown in the past on the BBC Gardeners World program where they were taking cuttings from overwintered plants.

Anagallis monellii

Blue Pimpernel Aprx 50 seeds
Anagallis monellii or Pimpernel is from the Mediterranean and actually a tender perennial but best grown as an annual in the UK. The compact 8" plants produce abundant 1" intense blue flowers from late Spring until first frosts making an excellent hanging basket plant.

Bacopa cordata Blutopia Blue

Hanging Basket "Blue Showers" 10 pelleted seeds
Bacopa cordata makes an ideal container plants growing to only 5-15cm tall but trails up to half a metre, Bacopa cordata ‘Bluetopia Blue’  is a truly delightful plant in bright blue which is spectacular when planted on its own or with other plants in hanging baskets or containers. Sold as a multi-seeded pellet for easy sowing into modules to aid easy planting.

Bacopa cordata Pinktopia Pink


New for 2021!

Hanging Basket "Pink Showers" 10 pelleted seeds

Bacopa cordata makes an ideal container plants growing to only 5-15cm tall but trails up to half a metre, Bacopa cordata Pinktopia  is a truly delightful plant in bright pink which is spectacular when planted on its own or with other plants in hanging baskets or containers. Sold as a multi-seeded pellet for easy sowing into modules to aid easy planting.

Bacopa cordata Snowtopia White

Hanging Basket "White Showers" 10 pelleted seeds
Bacopa cordata makes an ideal container plants growing to only 5-15cm tall but trails up to half a metre, Bacopa cordata ‘Snowtopia White’  is a truly delightful plant in snow-white which is spectacular when planted on its own or with other plants in hanging baskets or containers. Sold as a multi-seeded pellet for easy sowing into modules to aid easy planting.

Begonia Dragon Wings

Pot or bedding Begonia 10 pelleted seeds 

Begonia Dragon Wings is an amazing red annual Begonia producing lush, vigorous growth and stunning flowers right up until the first frosts.  Use Dragon Wing Begonias as the focus of stunning mixed or solo containers, hanging baskets or bedding. They produce loose clusters of Red bell-like blooms on 15" plants with glossy, dark green, wing-shaped leaves. These large bold plants thrive in partial to full shade or filtered sun. Despite the 2011 poor summer these plants grown from seed produced a fantastic display for us right through  to November!

Begonia F1 Illumination Mixed


New for 2021!

Basket Begonia Aprx 30 seeds

Probably the best trailing Begonia. True cascading habit with an abundance of 5cm double and semi double flowers that spill over in a spectacular display of colour. The pelleted seed is easy to sow with suggested two seeds per sowing cell.

Bidens Golden Eye

Tickweed Aprx 50 seeds
Bidens Golden Eye is an essential item for hanging baskets if you want a yellow theme, Bidens Golden Eye is a vigorous trailing plant produces bright yellow flowers all summer over attractively cut foliage. Grows to about 25cm.

Brachycome Bravo Mixed

Swan River Daisy Aprx 150 seeds
Brachycome Bravo Mixed or Swan River Daisy is an elegant little annual to 20cm. The flowers are aster like and our mix has six shades including blue, violet, white and magenta. Ideal for baskets and containers.

Celosia Super Dwarf Kimono Mixed

Plumed Celosia Aprx 50 seeds 
A dwarf mix of plumed Celosia ideal for pot growing. A cheerful mixture of reds, pinks, salmon, orange, yellow and cream.

Chiastophyllum Solar Yellow

Turtlehead aprox 25 seeds җ җ

Chiastophyllum Solar Yellow is a hardy, arching evergreen perennial with large fleshy ovate leaves often used in rockeries or containers. In spring an intense flush of yellow weeping flowers are produced creating a real splash of welcome colour. Best in well drained compost and partial sun.

Selected for its colourful foliage, 'Solar Yellow' is a cultivar of Chiastophyllum oppositifolium, a hardy succulent perennial from the Caucasus. It spreads slowly to form a mound of fleshy oval blue-green leaves 15cm to 20cm tall. Hardy to -20C

Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust

Cut leaved Dusty Miller Aprx 100 seeds
Cineraria Maritima Silver Dust is an old favourite for border edging, tubs, containers and hanging baskets with bright silver foliage all summer. "Silver Dust" is ideal for smaller containers or hanging baskets with deep cut silver foliage and a dwarf habit. For the best plants a really early spring sowing in heat under glass is essential as from my experience they are initially slow to develop.

Dichondra Silver Falls

Dichondra 10 seeds
Dichondra Silver Falls, a trailing foliage plant with a number of useful features to make it ideal as a basket plant: cascading, silver foliage, very drought and heat tolerant and recovers well after wilting. Grows to about 3ft in length, quite striking as a ground cover plant or in containers.

Geranium F1 Tornado Mixed

Trailing Geranium 10 seeds
At last a trailing geranium from seed not at a ridiculous price! Geranium F1 Tornado is a unique introduction in trailing Geranium from seed with a more prostrate habit and better branching than existing varieties. An essential item for hanging baskets and containers. Colours are white, red, fuchsia and rose with some bicolors.

Impatiens Safari Mixed F2

Busy Lizzie  Aprx 50 Seeds
Impatiens Safari Mixed produces robust, free flowering plants in brilliant colours so, if you like your pots and pouches bright and cheerful, this is the one for you. It also makes excellent edging for beds and borders. The colours include reds, pinks, purples and white. (30cm/12ins). A good choice for F1 seed performance at a lower price!

Laurentia F1 Avant Garde Blue

Blue Star Creeper 10 seeds 
Laurentia axillaris Blue Stars, a new and exciting, versatile plant for containers, baskets and bedding. Attractive foliage and masses of 5-petalled sky blue star-shaped flowers. Actually a half hardy perennial but best treated as an annual, 15cm.

Lobelia Pendula Sapphire

Pelleted Trailing Lobelia Aprx 75 seeds
 Lobelia Pendula Sapphire is a compact, trailing, low-growing annual. It has small, dark-green leaves and a dense covering of violet-blue flowers with a white eye in summer and autumn. Always a favourite for baskets or tubs. A truly rich and shining blue, rarely fading in the brightest of sunshine but instead producing a cascade of flowers over a long period and easy sowing from pelleted seed.

Lobelia Regatta Mixed

Trailing Lobelia Aprx 1000+ seeds per packet
The Lobelia Regatta series of flowers up to 1 month earlier than existing trailing types. The very free flowering plants are covered in masses of flowers from a very early stage. We offer this superb hanging basket variety in a mixed selection of deep midnight blue, a sapphire blue with a white throat, rose with a white throat, shades of white, light blue and lilac.

Lobelia String of Pearls Mixed

Bedding Lobelia Aprx 1000+ seeds per packet
Try the well established String of Pearls variety in mixed colours that I have been growing for about 30 years!

Nasturtium Alaska

Variegated Nasturtium 20 seeds
Nasturtium Alaska has unusual cream and green foliage setting off the bright colours of this popular Nasturtium. The 2 1/2" blooms come in a colour range of cherry, crimson, orange, salmon and yellow are produced on dwarf 10" plants. Ideal for bedding, baskets or tubs.

Nemesia Masquerade

Nemesia Aprx 100 seeds
Nemesia Masquerade is a very unusual eye-catching plant, ideally suited for baskets and containers. It produces masses of bi-colour exotic looking white and yellow 1" flowers with a fabulous coconut scent on 12" tall plants.

Petunia F1 Double Glorius Mixed


Pirouette and Cascade Series 25 seeds 

The finest strain of all double Petunias on the market for growing in pots or baskets. Contains a bright mix of solids and bicolours, including red, white, salmon, rose pink, burgundy and purple. Huge fully double fragrant flowers up to 4" across with good weather tolerance.

Petunia Trailing F1 Easy Wave Mixed


Surfina Type Trailing Petunias 10 seeds 

A very uniform trailing Petunia series to 3ft that looks great in baskets and containers. Plants grow a little more mounded than the original Wave, with a more controlled spread. This vibrant mix with a good range of colours has all the qualities of cutting-raised plants at a fraction of the cost. Like most Petunias these varieties are prolific bloomers, producing flowers from June to October.

Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Purple Bells  10 seeds
Rhodochiton atrosanguineum or purple bells is an exciting tender perennial climber for baskets or a shady trellis. To 10' producing masses of bell-shaped maroon-purple pendent flowers. The 2" heart-shaped leaves edged in purple add to the attraction of this lovely vine. It blooms best in bright shade throughout the summer. Treat as an annual or protect from frost in winter to keep for another year.

Sanvitalia procumbens

Mexican creeping zinnia Aprx 200 seeds
Sanvitalia procumbens is a prostrate annual plant with trailing stems producing single bright yellow daisy-like flowers with black centres. Ideal for hanging baskets especially for a yellow or gold theme.

Strawberry Temptation

Runner Free Strawberries!  15 seeds җ җ
Seed raised Strawberries have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly as these are mainly runner free. Strawberry Temptation has large, luscious, fruit produced early in the season on first year, virtually runner free plants. They crop almost continuously from mid-summer through to the first frosts. An ideal Patio or hanging basket plant. For the earliest crops an autumn sowing is advisable, but a marketable crop can be grown from a mid-winter sowing.

Sweet Pea Cupid Mixed

Dwarf Bush Sweet Pea 25 seeds җ
Sweet Pea Cupid Mixed, a compact basket variety of Sweet Pea. A dwarf bush type that is ideal for tubs and hanging baskets. A new mixture containing plain and picotee colours in shades of white, purple, pink and carmine, all beautifully perfumed. 45cm

Talinum Limon

Jewels of Opar 10 seeds
Talinum Limon or Jewels of Opar is a native from  Central America and a member of the portulaca family. Much admired for its bright green foliage it is a vigorous plant quick and easy to grow. It looks great as an accent plant in a mixed container. The lime green foliage is quite stunning and as a bonus it produces arching panicles of hot pink star shaped flowers of a long period that are useful for cutting. Grow in filtered light to produce the best foliage colour.

Thunbergia Alata African Sunset

Black Eyed Susan  10 seeds 
Thunbergia Alata African Sunset is an exciting new F1 vigorous selection of the popular Black Eyed Susan trailing annual for baskets or bedding. Colours range from deep brick red to cream with pink, orange and yellow shades in between some with picotee edges or striped.

Thunbergia Alata Mixed

Mixed Black Eyed Susan  20 seeds 
Thunbergia Alata, an excellent mix Black Eyed Susan in shades of orange, yellow and creamy white all with dark eyes.

Tomato Tumbling

A basket, cascading cherry tomato either red, yellow or striped 10 seeds
Tomato Tumbling Tom is a cascading determinate type, highly productive and suitable for outdoor basket and container work. Sweet flavoured cherry red or yellow fruits which look very attractive on the plants and in salads. We also offer Tumbling Jester a similar striped variety.

Tweedia caerulea

Southern Star  10 seeds җ
Tweedia caerulea or Oxypetalum caeruleum is from Central and South America, a twining semi-shrub, possibly 5’ or more tall if given support, less if free-standing. Both the stems and the narrowly heart shaped leaves are softly hairy and greyish green in colour. In summer it bears loose clusters of 1” star shaped, sky blue blossoms along the stems. A good plant for containers but best grown as an annual in the UK. Hardy to around -5°C.

Wahlenbergia Melton Bluebird

Giant Bell Flower Aprx 100 seeds
Wahlenbergia Melton Bluebird is a delightful annual from South Africa for bedding, basket and container work. The 3 to 4 cm blooms of soft pale blue contrast well with fresh delicate foliage, flowers all Summer long. 30cm.



Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

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