Hardy Exotics D-L


All of this section should be hardy outside in most areas of the UK

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Dasylirion wheeleri

Desert Spoon 10 seeds җ җ
Dasylirion is a desert plant for dry positions. This tough plant is a native from Arizona growing slowly to form a dense rosette of silver-blue foliage 4-5 feet tall and wide. The leathery leaves have teeth along the margins, and a spoon-shaped base that gives the plant its name. Dasylirion wheeleri thrives in full sun and reflected heat, and even tolerates some shade and humidity if drainage is adequate, and hardy to -10°C. Often used as an effective impenetrable, hedging barrier.


Decaisnea fargesii

Blue Sausage Fruit 10 seeds җ җ җ
A very unusual deciduous woodland shrub from Himalaya bearing bright blue beans in the Autumn with typical pea family pinnate leaves.Decaisnea fargesii is very unusual and fully hardy apart from late spring frosts.
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Delphinium Dreaming Spires

Delphinium Aprx 50 seeds җ җ җ
Wonderful, high quality, 5ft spikes of large, tightly packed florets in a range of beautiful shades with and without contrasting central bees. Delphinium Dreaming Spires is stunning in a mixed tropical or cottage garden border.

Dicentra spectabilis

Bleeding Heart 10 seeds җ җ җ

Dicentra spectabilis or bleeding heart (now called Lamprocapnos spectabilis) is a rhizomatous perennial herbaceous plant native to eastern Asia. It produces wonderfully delicate flowers from long arching stems making a wonderful addition to any mixed border and fairly easy to grow.

Dicentra is a natural woodland plant so it will need some protection from intense sun although in the north of England full sun, will probably be fine. The plants die back in mid summer emerging early in the spring to put on a fantastic show.


Dierama pulcherrimum Angel Mix

Angel's Fishing Rod - 10 Seeds җ җ
This delightful perennial resembles a fishing rod, long, aching spikes rise above the grass-like leaves, each one drooping under the weight of pendular bells. Our selection of Dierama pulcherrimum Angel Mix includes pink, lilac and lavender shades. To get the full benefit of this trouble free plant, grow it in a sheltered spot in full sun.
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Digitalis F1 Camelot

Foxglove 25 pelleted seeds җ җ җ
The first ever F1 Hybrid foxglove seed which will flower the first year from an early sowing. Digitalis F1 Camelot is a mix of cream, lavender, rose and white flower spikes in a uniform compact habit 2’ to 3'.

Digitalis Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Foxglove Aprx 25 seeds
For the chocolate lovers out there, Digitalis Milk Chocolate is an excellent perennial foxglove with dense spires of pale chocolate red flowers. Narrow, glossy green leaves on sturdy stems. This delightful hardy species (Digitalis parvifolia) originates from Spain and Portugal.

Erysimum allionii

Siberian Wallflower 25 seeds җ җ җ
Erysimum allionii, sometimes included in the Cheiranthus family they are fully hardy, showy erect biennials or short-lived perennials cultivated for their terminal racemes of scented orange-yellow flowers. Seed needs to be sown late summer for plants to be transplanted outside before the winter or sown in the autumn under glass for planting out in the spring. These plants will tolerate tough dry conditions but best in full sun.

Erysimum Gold Cup

Siberian Wallflower 25 seeds җ җ җ
Erysimum Gold Cup a modern variety of the siberian wallflower produces a mass of golden yellow flowers on compact 12" tall plants and does not need any cold treatment for the flowers to be produced.

Eupatorium cannabinum

Hemp Agrimony Aprx 25 seeds җ җ җ

Eupatorium cannabinum more usually known by its common name Hemp Agrimony is a hardy perennial with scented pink flowers from July to September. It attracts bees and butterflies into the garden and has some useful medicinal properties.

Euphorbia characias wulfenii

Wulfenii's Euphorbia 10 seeds җ җ

Euphorbia characias wulfenii - a 1 metre tall, drought resistant, robust Euphorbia with beautiful clusters of yellow-green blossoms above delicate blue green foliage. (A.G.M.) Hardy to about -10C. 10 seeds
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Exochorda macrantha

The Bride (10 seeds Pr Pkt) җ җ җ
Exochorda macrantha ‘The Bride’ from China and Asia, lives up to its name and captures the sense of the season in a very special way. When clusters of showy white flowers smother the tips of its branches in late spring and early summer, this deciduous shrub resembles all the freshness and beauty of a blushing bride. It is fully frost hardy and not prone to pests or diseases and loves a full sun position or light dappled shade in any reasonable fertile soil. It tops out at about 4ft but is quite wide with long arching flowering shoots.


Fargesia yunnanensis

Clumping Bamboo 10 seeds җ җ

This beautiful and vigorous bamboo is native to the mountain forests of south-western Sichuan and Yunnan province of China. Its robust, clustering culms can reach a height of 7m to 10m and a diameter of up to 6 cm. The leaves are long, narrow and deep green. A fabulous and easy ornamental for cool and warm temperate regions. It is unharmed by moderate frost down to -8°C but not much lower so best in milder districts of the UK. The young shooths are edible and of excellent quality.
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Fatsia japonica

Fatsia Japonica 15 seeds җ җ җ
Usually seen as a House Plant, Fatsia japonica is an ornamental large leaved sub tropical foliage plant and hardy to about -15C. Easily grown from seed to produce a reasonably sized plant in the second year. Prefers the shelter of a warm wall to be seen at it's  best.

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Fremontodendron californica

Fremontia 10 seeds җ
Fremontodendron californica or Californian Lilac. A lovely hardy shrub down to about -10°C with large waxy 3” saucer shaped buttercup yellow flowers. Requires a well drained soil and a hot position.


Geranium Hardy Mixed

Hybrid Cranesbill Mixed Colours 15 seeds җ җ җ
Geranium Hardy Mixed - an excellent mixture of many varieties and species of the hardy geranium essential in any cottage garden. A good way of filling a sunny border quickly and you can always thin out the colours you don't want once established.

Geum Blazing Sunset

Geum 15 Seeds җ җ җ
A striking new perennial variety but from an early sowing it also acts like an annual. Geum Blazing Sunset is prolific, early flowering, with fully double scarlet flowers up to 50% larger than other varieties, over a long period. Fantastic in the border and cottage garden, and a dazzling cut flower. Fleuroselect Quality Award.

Geum Sunrise

Geum 15 Seeds җ җ җ
A striking new perennial variety but from an early sowing it also acts like an annual. Geum Sunrise is Prolific, early flowering, with fully double yellow flowers over a long period. Fantastic in the border and cottage garden, and a dazzling cut flower.
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Gunnera manicata

Giant Rhubarb 20 seeds җ җ
Without doubt Gunnera manicata must be one of the most majestic hardy plants, with giant leaves on stems reaching 9ft to 10ft making a stunning feature in any water garden with enough space to accommodate it. Can be contained if planted in a muck bucket or other large container and given lots of water.


Gypsophila paniculata Snowflake

Perennial Baby's Breath aprx 300 seeds җ җ җ

Frothy clouds of pure white single and double flowers held above slender, grey-green foliage. This excellent perennial does well in a sunny spot with light, well-drained soil. Needs a bit of support with pea sticks before the flowers appear. A favourite cut flower for arrangements to 60cm. Hardy.

Helleborus orientalis Ballards Hybrids

Lentern Rose 15 seeds җ җ җ
An attractive woodland winter flowering perennial these fabulous hybrid hellebores have large waxy flowers three inches or more across and extravagantly marked with spotted maroon and red in various shades including black. Helleborus orientalis Ballards Hybrids can serve as good green fillers in a partly shaded border or wild garden during the summer months.

Helleborus orientalis Double Hybrids

Double flowered Lentern Rose 10 seeds җ җ җ
Helleborus orientalis  - an attractive woodland winter flowering perennial and this strain of hybrid hellebores produces large waxy double flowers almost like roses all extravagantly marked with spotted maroon and red in various shades . Hellebores can serve as good green fillers in a partly shaded border or wild garden during the summer months. They also flower at a time of year when most perennials are still hibernating.

Helleborus orientalis purpurascens

Dark Maroon Lentern Rose 10 seeds җ җ җ
A dark maroon strain of Helleborus orientalis and woodland winter flowering perennials Hellebores can also serve as good green fillers in a partly shaded border or wild garden during the summer months.

Helleborus orientalis Rita's Black

Maroon/Black flowered Lentern Rose 10 seeds җ җ җ
An unusual and striking dark maroon to black strain of Helleborus orientalis. Hellebores can also serve as good green fillers in a partly shaded border or wild garden during the summer months.

Hemerocallis Novelties Mixed

Day Lilies 10 seeds җ җ җ

Hand pollinated seed from the finest collection of modern coloured hybrids. Apart from providing a wonderful display of flowers mid summer on very hardy perennial plants you can also eat the flowers. Hemerocallis flowers add a really unusual exotic touch to any salad and the slightly crunchy, peppery sweet flavour is quite unique. I love eating them straight off the plants when my wife is not looking (I am told it ruins the garden flower display!)
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Hesperaloe parviflora

Red Yucca 10 Seeds җ җ җ
Hesperaloe parviflora is an excellent and rarely seen clumping succulent with arching leaves and tall spikes to 5ft of red to pink sprays covered in inverted bell shape flowers. Not a true Yucca but very similar in habit, very popular in Arizona and a native plant of Texas withstanding dry conditions and cold tolerant to about -15c. Excellent for edging dry areas blooming from early spring to late summer and attractive to butterflies (humming birds too but we don't get many of those here!)

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Hibiscus coccineus

Swamp Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ
Now here is an interesting one for you to try out in a tropical border. Hibiscus coccineus is a large flowered Hibiscus able to take between -5°C to -10°C. It comes from the swamps of Florida, but it survived our frost pocket  at -12°C although not growing to flowering size until the following year. I now over winter them indoors and then use the plants for tropical bedding rewarding me with huge red flowers on 6ft plants worthy of any tropical island. Pretty delicate light green hemp type foliage.

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Hibiscus Disco Belle Mixed Colours

Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ җ
Another outstanding seed grown hardy Hibiscus.  Hibiscus Disco Belle  has blossoms up to 9” in diameter in white, deep red and pink mostly with red centres June-Oct. Strong, very upright habit growing to 3ft when established and frost hardy to -10°C. These hibiscus die back to the ground each year and the old growth is best pruned as new shoots emerge from the base in spring.
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Hibiscus Galaxy

Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds җ җ
An outstanding seed grown Hibiscus, Hibiscus Galaxy is a very large flowering mixture of Rose Mallow with exceptional colour display. Blossoms up to 10” in diameter of clear colours from white to deep red and all shades in between mostly with red centres June-Oct. Strong, very upright habit growing to 4ft and frost hardy to -10°C when established, we were totally overawed by them in our seed trials.
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Hibiscus syriacus

Rose of Sharon  20 seeds җ җ җ
Hibiscus syriacus is a hardy deciduous shrub to 10 feet tall (3 m) that can be trained to have a single trunk. Alternate, coarsely toothed, smooth leaves, often with 3 lobes, up to 3 inches long. 3" flowers cover the shrub in late summer creating a fantastic display of colour. Slow growing and expensive to buy as plants. The colours will vary from white, red or blue in our Jungle Seed Mix.
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Hollyhock Happy Lights

Hollyhock Aprx 50 Seeds җ җ җ
Hollyhock Happy Lights - an improved selection of single flowered Hollyhock. Very vigorous with a wide colour range from white to purple and from red to yellow with many in between shades. Medium height to 5ft. Cottage garden favourites that make a bold statement especially mixed with tall exotics.

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Hollyhock Summer Carnival

Hollyhock Aprx 100 Seeds җ җ җ
Hollyhock Summer Carnival - a superb selection will flower the first year from seed, given an early sowing, with fully double flowers in an excellent colour mix. Deep crimson, light pink, rose, red, yellow and white. Long lasting perennial strain flowering well in following years.

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Hosta New American Hybrids

Rose of Sharon - 20 seeds җ җ җ
We use Hostas in our own mixed borders that complement other exotics. Why not grow these expensive plants from seed, it is fairly easy and has the added advantage you will get a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Fully hardy the seeds can take 10-30 days to germinate. Naturally all of these hostas will thrive in shade to partial sun.

Knautia macedonica Red Knight

Scarlet Scabious Aprx 25 Seeds җ җ җ
One of the finest perennials for a sunny border, Knautia macedonica Red Knight plants are tough long lived perennials that add vibrant colour to the garden. Red Knight, a dwarf variety to 2ft has deep scarlet blooms on strong stems resembling pincushions flowering throughout the summer and into autumn. These plants are easy to grow, undemanding and tolerate poor soils.
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Kniphofia Flamenco

Red hot pokers 20 seeds җ җ җ
Superb plants from the hills of tropical South Africa, Kniphofia Flamenco can look stunning in a well grown clump. Different hybrids flower at varying times of the year to give a continual display. We offer a packet of mixed hybrids to try if you do not already have these in your garden. Needs a sunny well drained position to flower well. Look in your RHS A-Z encyclopaedia to see the full range of colours and forms available.
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Lathyrus latifolius Mixed

Hardy Sweet Pea Mixed Colours 10 Seeds җ җ җ
This is a very much neglected but worthwhile hardy garden perennial climbing plant.Lathyrus latifolius quickly reach a height of 6-8 feet and can be trained over an archway, against trellis, fence or sunny wall. Our seed selection contains flowers in shades of deep rose pink, white and purple rose and are excellent for cutting. Perfume is very light though compared with annual sweet peas. We grow a few of these plants up metal obelisks each year with flowers produced all summer long.

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior

English Lavender Aprx 25 Seeds җ җ

Lavender is used in many gardens both for flower and foliage and we offer 2 key varieties to enhance your planting.

Lavender 'Hidcote Superior' is an improved version of the very popular cultivar 'Hidcote'. The improvements include enhanced uniformity, consistent quality and improved flower power. This cultivar of English Lavender remains compact and is very suitable for container production or in border plantings. Hidcote Superior naturally blooms from June to September, bearing numerous deep violet blue flowering spikes and is one of the hardiest Lavenders.


Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon

French Lavender Aprx 25 seeds җ
Lavandula stoechas is a 2-3 foot Lavender with narrow gray-green leaves topped with rose-purple flowers all summer. They are easy to grow and are among the most beautiful of all lavenders but not so hardy as the English types originating from sunny Mediterranean coasts. This will need a microclimate position in a free draining sandy soil to survive our winters.

Lavatera arborea variegata

Tree Mallow 20 seeds җ җ
Lavatera arborea variegata is a short lived perennial and sometimes flowers the first year from seed but it's the variegated leaves that really stand out especially in winter. The woody stems can reach small tree like proportions to 6ft or more supporting the unusual large mottled and splashed white variegated leaves. During summer and autumn clusters of 2" pink to red flowers appear adding to the attraction. Plant in a warm sunny position with a well drained soil. Very fast growing attaining 6ft tall and 3ft across in the first year from seed! We find it hardy to about -8C
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Leycesteria formosa

Pheasant Berry Pkt җ җ
Leycesteria formosa is a semi suckering upright shrub to 6ft with long hollow attractive green/blue stems with cane like growth supporting lime green leaves and very unusual clusters of white flowers set in purple bracts. The 4” terminal clusters are produced from late summer and into autumn, followed by small red purple berries.

Lilium Asiatic

Hybrid Asiatic Lily 20 seeds җ җ җ
The Asiatic Lilies are the hardiest of all the lily hybrids fairly easy for beginners they multiply fast and are the first to flower each season. They come in a wide range of colours -- white, yellow, orange, red and pink. Flowers are mostly upward facing and although generally unscented, a light scent can be discerned on warm, still days. Flowering possible in the second year from seed.

Lily Trumpet & Aurelian Hybrids Mixed

Hybrid Trumpet Lily 20 seeds җ җ җ
An excellent colour mix of Lily Aurelian hybrids, also known as Giant Trumpet Lilies they are large deliciously fragrant trumpet-shaped lilies that bloom on top of long stems reaching 3ft and taller. If planted deeply enough they will re-flower the following year. They make fragrant cutflowers from June until September. Flowering possible in the second year from seed.

Lychnis chalcedonica scarlet

Jerusalem cross Aprx 400 seeds
A cottage garden favourite Lychnis chalcedonica an herbaceous perennial produces upright stems of bright red flowers over apple green foliage in summer. Perfectly hardy and adds a bright splash of colour to the perennial border.

Lychnis chalcedonica Snow White

White Jerusalem Cross Aprx 100 seeds
A snow white form of Lychnis chalcedonica producing upright stems of white flowers over apple green foliage in summer. Perfectly hardy and useful for "white" border themes or as a contrast.


Symbol Codes

Germination -- Easy Moderate and Challenging

Backlog for Fresh Seed Flavour

Hardiness - To -5°C җ To -10°C җҗ Fully Hardy җҗҗ

Needs Shady Position Sunny Position Water Loving